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#103 : Affaires d'Etat

Les infidélités de William sont amèrement révélées à tous, et Nora montre qu'elle n'est pas aussi naïve que sa famille l'a toujours pensé.

Pendant ce temps, les frères et soeurs doivent porter le fardeau de leurs propres secrets.


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Titre VO
Affairs of State

Titre VF
Affaires d'Etat

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Sarah Walker (Rachel Griffiths) et Tommy Walker (Balthazar Getty)

Sarah Walker (Rachel Griffiths) et Tommy Walker (Balthazar Getty)

Kitty Walker (Calista Flockhart)

Kitty Walker (Calista Flockhart)

Jack Bishop (David Burke) et Warren Salter (Josh Hopkins)

Jack Bishop (David Burke) et Warren Salter (Josh Hopkins)

Kitty Walker (Calista Flockhart)

Kitty Walker (Calista Flockhart)


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Alors qu'elle signe les papiers légaux, après la mort de son mari, Nora découvre qu'elle possède une maison à Silver Lake. Elle décide alors d'aller la visiter, même si son frère insiste pour qu'elle n'y aille pas. Voyant que sa soeur est déterminée, Saul décide alors de l'accompagner. Nora est surprise par la beauté de la maison. Elle fait aussi la connaissance de Holly, l'actuelle locataire. Les deux femmes sympathisent.

Lors de son émission télévisée, Kitty se voit proposer un pari par Warren. L'enjeu est un dîner tous les deux en tête à tête. Kitty perd et déjeune alors avec lui. Ils boivent beaucoup d'alcool et finissent la soirée dans le même lit.

Justin apprend que sa mère à rencontrer Holly, il décide donc de se confier à Kitty au sujet de la liaison secrète de leur père. Bientôt Sarah et Kevin sont aussi mis au parfum.

Depuis la mort de son grand-père, Paige ne veut plus se baigner dans la piscine. Nora décide donc d'organiser une grande fête autour de celle-ci, pour lui redonner l'envie de nager. Jonathan arrive au même moment pour faire une surprise à Kitty qui n'est pas ravie de le voir. Warren est là aussi. Kitty se retrouve à jongler entre les deux.

Lors de la fête, Holly arrive à la surprise de tout le monde. Ils sont encore plus surpris quand ils apprennent que c'est Nora qui l'a invité. Les enfants Walker se demandent alors s'ils doivent dire la vérité à leur mère.
Scotty aussi est de la fête, Sarah l'a invité après l'avoir rencontré dans le bureau de Kevin. Kevin et lui passe une bonne soirée en la compagnie l'un de l'autre.

Au cours du repas, Nora annonce qu'elle est au courant que Holly était la maîtresse de William. Celle-ci gênée, part en courant. Nora révèle à Kitty qu'elle était au courant de leur liaison depuis quinze ans, et que William n'a jamais tenu sa promesse de ne jamais la revoir. Kitty décide de dire à Jonathan qu'elle a couché avec Warren, et il rompt sur le champs.

Le lendemain, Saul essaie de convaincre Nora qu'il voulait la protéger en ne lui parlant pas de Holly. Nora lui fait promettre de ne plus rien lui cacher. Nora décide finalement de vendre la maison à un bas prix à Holly pour qu'elle ne perde pas son logement.


Previously on Brothers and Sisters

Justin : I saw you at my dad's office the day before he died

Holly : Yes.

Justin : I saw you again at the funeral. Who else knows about you and my father?

Holly : Saul.

Saul : Your Dad sold a million dollars of his own stock in the company. He made the pension fund pay him fifteen million dollars for it.

Sarah : He inflated the value of the stock.

Kevin : We're talking serious embezzlement and Dad was responsible. Sarah, you're president now. What do you wanna do?

Scotty : I usually steer clear of your kind. I like a man who's not afraid of a little highliner. Well, you know, a lot.

Jack : Kitty, Warren Salter.

Warren : Nice to meet you.

Kitty : Hi, nice to meet you.

Man : See how great you two are together already?

Kitty : Jonathan!

Jonathan : Stay in New York. Start a family with me!


Kitty, Warren and Jack before the show.

Lyla : Warren! God! Stop touching your frigging hair!

Warren : It's not right. I think I'm gonna cut it. 

Kitty : Why are you so obsessed with your hair?

Warren : My research. The more I speak out against the war, the more America needs me to look like a soldier. 

Kitty : Oh, just like a Democrat. Live by the polls, die by the polls.

Warren : Yeah, like you haven't changed your look since the numbers came in!

Kitty : What have I changed?

Warren : Your lipstick.

Jack : That's it! That's what's different about you. I was trying to figure it out. It's the lipstick! A shade lighter. I knew it. OK, folks, see you out there on the air.

Warren : So, what do you say we go out to dinner? Hmm? Belle Soleil? Last week, they sat me between Larry King and Fergie.

Kitty : Warren, I'm not having dinner with you or Fergie anywhere, ever. 

Warren : Hmm. Well, I'll take that as a no. For now.

Lyla : Why don't you two just hump and get it over with?

Kitty : Hump? Lyla, the last time somebody humped in America, it was 1983 in a Porky's movie.  Oh, God! Is this Jack's drink?

Lyla : Uh huh. Straight vodka.

Kitty : Are you telling me that Jack, the host of our show, is blotto?

Lyla : Believe me, Honey. You wouldn't want him any other way. 

Man : Exit, stage right.

Jack : Talk of Japan's impending partial pull-out of coalition forces from Iraq has Americans asking,

"When are our brave men and women coming home?" Kitty, give us a timeline.

Warren : The reason that she's hesitating, Jack, is that there is no timeline.  No, this administration believes in pulling out about as much as a high school sophomore.

Kitty : Oh! Warren, please.

Warren : They promise they will, but when the time comes, 


Nora, Kevin and Saul are watching Kitty’s show. Nora sign a paper to sell William’s stuff to have money. She discovers a house and she wants to see it.

Nora : Oh my God! He is saying everything to her I want to say, and in front of four hundred million people!

Kevin : Mom, it's not the World Cup. 

Saul : You're enjoying this too much, Nora. It's unseemly.

Nora : Why can't you ever meet anyone like that?

Kevin : Like Warren Salter? First of all, he's straight.

Nora : Like that ever stopped you before. Where do I sign on this one? I don't see

Kevin : Here. Right here, where it's flagged. Sarah's already signed off as president.

Nora : Why are we selling all of this?

Saul : We're consolidating leftover properties. The company can use as much money as we can raise right now.  So we sell. It would take 37 hours to walk you through it. 

Nora : What about this one? Luckenville Lane?  That's in Silver Lake, isn't it? Right off of Sunset?

Saul : Yeah, right. It's a house. 

Nora : I own a house?  What does a house have to do with fruit? 

Saul : It's part of an acquisition.  We bought out a distributor twenty years ago.  One of their assets was this tiny little house, and it doesn't produce much income, so it's time to sell, that's all. 

Nora : Well, I love that neighborhood.  Now, it has all those wonderful Spanish homes, and who knows, maybe I won't want to be stuck in this great big old house forever. 

Saul : Nora, it's a nothing place with a tenant and some bushes.  It wouldn't suit you, sweetheart.

Nora : I'll be the the judge of that. Let's go look at it. Let's go tomorrow, OK?  Oh, he is so handsome!


Sarah and Joe are talking about Paige’s fear to go to the pool.

Sarah : Honey, can I cancel the Pasadena Rec Center? 

Joe : Why?

Sarah : Paige isn't swimming anymore. It's $150 a month. 

Joe : Sarah, I'm the one with the kids all day.  It's a place for us to go.  I mean, I work out and Coop gets daycare. 

Sarah : Oh. 

Joe : Well, Paige not swimming, that's temporary. 

Sarah : How do you know it's temporary? 

Joe : Ah., the pool, your dad.  She saw him. She was there when he died. 

Sarah : Oh

Joe : So, Kitty's got the hots for a Liberal, huh? 


Kiity and Warren are debating of Canada‘s engagement Vietnam.

Kitty : Well, it's a dark hour. Agreed.  But, it's also a time when we know who our friends are. Now,  where is Canada in all of this? 

Warren : You're mad at Canada now?

Kitty : Well, they sent troops to both world wars, to Vietnam.

Warren : I don't think Canada sent any troops to Vietnam. 

Kitty : Well, I'm pretty certain that they did.

Warren : Pretty certain? 

Kitty : Extremely certain. In fact, I am filled with certitude that Canada sent troops to Vietnam. 

Warren : Well, would you be prepared to wager, say, I don't know, dinner? 

Jack : Oh, oh. OK, OK, folks. Things are getting a little steamy in the studio.

Kitty : You're on.

Warren : OK, Jack. Do you have the answer? 

Jack : Kitty, um, while there may have been a few Canadian nationals that fought with Uncle Sam, on the lives of both my parents who are alive and well in the good city of Montreal, Canada did not send any troops to Vietnam. Canada did not send any troops to Vietnam.


Jonathan phones to Kitty.

Kitty : Tell me you didn't see it.

Jonathan : See what? 

Kitty : Nothing. Honey, it's like four o'clock in the morning in New York.

Jonathan : Ah, I can't sleep. So, a date, huh? 

Kitty : Ah, you did see it. Jonathan, it's

Jonathan : You made a date with a guy on national television. 

Kitty : It's not national, we're not in all markets yet,  and it's not a date. It's anything but a date. I would rather have dinner with Pol Pot and have my head chopped off at the end than break bread with that him.

Jonathan : My friends saw, Kitty. I got calls, emails. 

Kitty : It was just a bet. 

Jonathan : In the five years we've known each other, you've never gotten a single factoid wrong,  including somehow being aware that the bluehen chicken is the state bird of

Kitty : Of Delaware, I know. 

Jonathan : So, what's going on? 

Kitty : I just got it wrong. I screwed up, and  I lost a bet. Sorry. 

Jonathan : Get some sleep. 


Nora and Saul are visiting Holly’s house.

Nora : I expected it to be kinda dilipidated and run-down, you know, being a long-term rental, but you have kept it up beautifully. It's absolutely charming. May I take a peek in the kitchen? 

Holly : My house is your house. 

Saul : Is everything OK? 

Holly : It's fine. I'm fine. There's nothing of William's here.

Nora : It's just wonderful! Look at this view! Oh, you have made just a lovely home for yourself

Holly : Holly.

Nora : Holly. 

Holly : Decorating is one of my passions.

Nora : Obviously. How long have you lived here?

Holly : Fifteen years, roughly.

Nora : Fifteen years. Well, you have taken such care with everything, almost as if it were your own. Oh, I love this movie. My husband and I just saw it again just a few months ago at the Classic Cinema series at the library. I love old movies.

Holly : Actually, I'm in it.

Nora : You're an actress?

Holly : Yeah. 

Nora : What part did you play? 

Holly : It was just a small part, you'd  I played the senator's wife in the banquet scene. 

Nora :How exciting for you! Saul, we have a star in our midst! How can we sell the house? 

Holly : I didn't realize. 

Saul : It's not definite. We have to take an inventory of William's assets, so we

Nora : William was my husband and he recently passed away, so there are unknown assets. 

Holly : I'm so sorry.

Nora : Thank you so much for the tour. It was really lovely meeting you.

Holly : Likewise. 

Nora : We'll go now, so you can get on with your life. But, I may call and bother you, for decorating tips.

Holly : I'd love that.

Nora : Bye.

Holly : Bye-bye. 

Saul : Bye.

Holly : Bye.


Kiity talks to Nora about Paige. She decides to make a party.

Kitty : For the billionth time, Mother, it is not a date. 

Nora : Listen, I don't care who dates him. It could be you, it could be Kevin, but someone in this family should be dating that man. 

Kitty : What is this, Fiddler on The Roof? 

Justin : All right, I just mowed the lawn and I was stung by a bee, but calm down, I'm fine.

Nora : Good. 

Justin : Ah, Dude, where's the Orange Juice? Nice! 

Kitty : Oh, Dude. You stink. Take a shower. 

Nora : Jump in the pool. No one has been in that pool in the longest time. 

Kitty : Mom, nobody's going to go in that pool. I talked to Sarah, Paige isn't going to go into any pool.

Nora : OH! Why didn't anybody tell me about Paige?

Kitty : What we don't tell you, Mom, could fill the Library of Congress.

Nora : Well, it's very simple. We'll give a party, a great big party. When she sees everyone else in the water, then she'll be just fine. It's like the time you were afraid to get in the shower. 

Kitty : Mom, no more, like when I s. You make up these memories all day long. It drives me crazy. 

Nora : We'll have hot dogs and drinks and new pool toys and tiki torches.

Justin : Yeah, cause tiki torches are gonna get Paige to swim in the pool her grandpa died in.

Nora : Will you let me handle it? And, my darling, would you please drop these off at your uncle's office on your way home?

Kitty : That's a lot of papework. 

Nora : It's not me. It's the company's. Saul is consolidating. And tell your uncle I might wanna keep that little house. I love Silver Lake, and who knows? 

Justin : Silver Lake? 

Nora : Yes, there's a struggling actress living there. I met her. It'd be cruel to just throw her out. I mean, from the looks of things, she hasn't worked since the early 80s. 

Justin : Ah, you met her? When? 

Nora : Yesterday, Saul took me. I thought about giving the little house to you, Kitty, but then there's so many interesting people in the neighborhood, I thought you wouldn't feel at home. Hey! 

Kitty : Good one. Justin! 

Justin : Look, I gotta get going. 

Kitty : Justin! What's going on?

Justin : Ah, look, I gotta shower and I gotta get this stuff to Uncle Saul's, so just please leave me alone.

Kitty : Justin! Hey, come on! What's the matter? You're shaking!

Justin : So? 

Kitty : Are you on?

Justin : No. I'm taking a break from that stuff. 

Kitty : Justin, come on! Just tell me what's going on!

Justin : You really wanna know what's going on? You know that house Mom doesn't want to sell?

Kitty : Yeah?

Justin : The woman that lives there.

Kitty : You're having a thing with her? 

Justin : No! Dad did. He had an affair with her.

Kitty : You are on something.

Justin : Look, I'm not on something. I talked to her. Uncle Saul knows. It went on forever, I mean. Kitty, she came to Dad's funeral. 

Kitty : And Mom owns her house? 

Justin : Ah, it, it's so twisted you don't even wanna know, oh just let me go before I go someplace else, OK?

Kitty : OK, go. Hey, Justin. Don't, Don't tell anybody else. 

Justin : Look, I didn't even wanna tell you.


Kevin is to Ojai in Sarah’s office and Tommy arrives to talk to Sarah about two of their employees.

Kevin : So, you gonna take this office once I get Dad's papers and stuff? 

Sarah : No, I'm fine down the hall. 

Kevin : Oh, so, Tommy's gonna take it? 

Sarah : I don't know. You'll have to ask Tommy. 

Kevin : God, you two, you're lick rock them sock them robots. 

Sarah : You should just be thankful you don't have to work with someone whose diapers you used to

Kevin : Eat. 

Sarah : I only did that once.

Kevin : Twice! 

Tommy : You fired the Roweka Brothers? 2

Sarah : Ah, wh--? What?

Kevin : Good morning.

Tommy : You fired Roger and Kenny Roweka? 

Sarah : Yeah. I let Jose fire them, yes.

Tommy : Why? Why would you?

Sarah : Because they sit around the motor pool all day, playing concentration, getting in the way.

Tommy : Sarah, the Rowekas are the cousins of the Petersons, OK? The people on Riverside who print all our packaging and marketing material. We keep them on as a favor to Dick Peterson. Everybody knows they don't do anything. 

Kevin : Maybe I could get this office, then I could just watch you two everyday!

Sarah : So, why did Jose ask me?

Tommy : Because he knew you'd say yes. Look, Dad and I have been telling Jose for years not to fire them. It was an unspoken deal. 

Sarah : OK, I'm sorry about the Roweka Brothers. 

Tommy : Call them, tell them you made a mistake. 

Sarah : No, we cannot afford to pay people to do nothing, not now, not ever! Kevin, tell him.

Kevin : Sorry, it's between you two. 

Tommy : You're gonna get a call, Sarah, trust me. You're gonna get a call. We're gonna lose the Petersons and they save us a helluva lot more money than the Rowekas cost. 

Sarah : Thanks for backing me up there, Girlfriend.

Kevin : Sorry, I wasn't feeling it.

Sarah : You weren't feeling it?

Kevin : No, I wasn't.

Sarah : Oh, oh, you will feel it.


Justin is in Saul’s office to talk to Holly.

Saul : Justin, sweetheart!

Justin : You took Mom over to that woman's house?

Saul : Justin, calm down, will you? You honestly believe that I took her there willingly? She insisted. What kind of person do you think I am? 

Justin : I don't know. What kind are you?

Saul : She's my sister.  I am dying inside, a wreck. 

Justin : You know what? Serves you right. 

Saul : She didn't sign this.

Justin : Exactly! Because she totally digs Holly now.  I mean, how are you gonna fix this? I don't know what I'm doing and Kitty's freaking out!

Saul : Kitty? What do you mean, Kitty? You told Kitty?

Justin : Yeah, you know what? I thought it was time to share the joy.

Saul : Justin, Justin. I wish you hadn't done that. 

Justin : Don't worry, she's not going to tell anyone. It'd be like tearing down Mt. Rushmore for her.


Warren and Kitty are in a restaurant.

Kitty : This is a nightmare. 

Warren : You oughta be careful of the gin martini, you know. 

Kitty : Well, I need something to tolerate this place. It's filled with hookers. 

Warren : They're not hookers. They're third wives. And why are you so miserable?

Kitty : Look at this. Twenty year-old girls out with men three times their age, being furiously exploited for a veal chop and a little red wine.

Warren : Are you one of those women who hate men?

Kitty : No.

Warren : Sex?

Kitty : No. But, I hate how men are driven by sex. 

Warren : Well, get used to it, because the sex drive in men is a fiery deity. It is ancient and it ain't going away. I don't know who did what to you, but until you accept that sex is behind everything we do, say and think, you're going to be very, very bitter. 

Kitty : You know what, Warren? I'm already there and your little Satanic sermon, it isn't helping! Sorry.  Its just that I've found out today that my recently deceased father was a cheater. And its thrown me for a,  its thrown me.

Warren : Want to talk about it? 

Kitty : With you? And hear more about your little fiery deity? 

Warren : You don't have to. I was just offering. 

Kitty : I had a boyfriend who cheated on me once, in college. His name was Alex Sapien. And when Tonya Cavanaugh told me what he'd done, I went, I found him and I told him what I thought. I said "the world is too fragile for people to be untrue. There's too much at stake, and life's too short for lies. And you're the worst kind of person in the world, because you wasted my heart, my time". 

Warren : And what did he say?

Kitty : It doesn't matter what he said. What matters is that I'm sitting here thinking the same thing about my dad. And I know its so silly, because I'm a grown woman and I know that that's what men do, but he was my dad, and he's dead and I can't kill him. And I can't ask him why.

Warren : Kitty? 

Kitty : Oh, what? Am I sexy when I cry? What stupid thing are you gonna say?

Warren : I was just gonna say that we don't love the people we love because they're perfect. We love the people we love because they are. Even after they're gone. Finish up your drink and I'll take you home. 

Warren : God, you are so hot!

Kitty : Warren, just please, just... 

Warren : Shut up?

Kitty : Yeah. 


Kitty talks to Sarah about her night with Warren.

Kitty : I either have to quit my job or I have to die. 

Sarah : Relax. 

Kitty : No, Sarah, I can't. You have no idea. This guy is a man-whore and he is so self-satisfied, I know that he's already gone to "The Nation" and told everybody there that he nailed me. Oh my God! My life as I know it is over. 

Sarah : Yes, I'm still on hold. I thought that you hated the guy. So, why'd you sleep with him? 

Kitty : I didn't, it was the gin. The gin, the gin slept with him. 

Sarah : We had the gin talk five years ago.

Sarah and Kitty : It's the "devil's drink

Sarah : No more gin for you, not ever. 

Kitty : God, oh God, oh God, I could die, I could die.

Sarah : Hello? Yes? I've been on hold for Mr. Peterson for 25 minutes, could you ?? 

Tommy : Hi Kit. I've got Dick Peterson on hold. 

Sarah : Dick Peterson has me on hold.

Tommy : Um, yeah, I know.

Sarah : So, what's going on? 

Tommy : He's suing us.

Sarah : He's suing us? What for?

Tommy : He says he and Dad had a binding verbal agreement about the Roweka Brothers.Way to go, Sarah. You got laid last night.

Kitty : How did you know that?

Tommy : Cause it's a work day, and you're here, and it's the only time you two talk like this. Good for you. 

Sarah : I want to kill him. 

Kitty : Boy, you guys are really making it work, huh? 

Sarah : You gonna tell Jonathan? 

Kitty : Oh my God! Oh my God, Jonathan! 

Sarah : I don't get it. Kitty, my little Republican sister, she doesn't have one-night stands, gin or no gin, unless she has a very good reason. 

Kitty : He caught me in a weak moment. 

Sarah : Hmm?

Kitty : Sarah, there's a house in Silver Lake.

Sarah : What? You always wanted to do it in a house in Silver Lake?

Kitty : Sarah  Dad, um... 

Sarah : What about Dad? 


Sarah and Kevin are talking about William’s unfair when Scotty arrives to Kevin’s office. Sarah invites Scotty to Nora’s party.

Kevin : Of course he had an affair. His whole generation saw that as quid pro quo. What, I pay the bills, I get a little something on the side, everyone's happy. You really saying you are surprised? 

Sarah : No, I'm not surprised. I'm, interested, I guess. 

Kevin : To tell you the truth, I'm a lot more shocked at Kitty's behavior. 

Sarah : Don't you dare tell her I told you!

Kevin : What, Sarah, you can trust me! 

Sarah : Yeah, 'til I can't. 

Kevin : What's up?

Woman : Scotty Wandell is here. 

Kevin : OK, give me 30 seconds and send him in. Time to think. 

Sarah : Oh, yeah? There's no such thing as a binding verbal agreement, is there?

Kevin : Ah, if the arrangement Dad had with these people was ongoing for more than a year, even if it was just a verbal agreement, then yeah, it could be forced in a lawsuit, which could get expensive.

Sarah : What should I do?

Kevin : I don't know. Rehire them, make it right.

Sarah : What's the point of having a lawyer if they can't help you?

Scotty : Tell me about it. Hey, you're

Sarah : "Great Shoes," or Sarah, Kevin's sister.

Kevin : Yeah.! 

Scotty : Scotty. Nice to meet you. For a second I thought maybe you were his peer.

Kevin : Only to senior prom. 

Scotty : Your older brother's a peach.

Kevin : Younger. 

Sarah : Thanks for the compliment.

Kevin : It's not a compliment to you, it's an insult to me. 

Scotty : Hardly! I like older guys.

Sarah : So, Scotty. Are you a client?

Scotty : I'm a witness. Well, I think I'm far more than a witness, but all he ever wants to talk about is the case.

Kevin : Ah, we're on the clock here, so, ah 

Sarah : OK.

Kevin : Yeah.

Sarah : Scotty, how would you like to come to a party tonight's at my mother's?

Kevin : No! Sarah!

Sarah : It's a pool party. My whole family will be there.

Scotty : I'd love to! Should I bring a suit? 

Sarah : What's your email address?

Scotty : Ah, [email protected] 

Sarah : Great! Well, we'll see you tonight 

Kevin : Take a seat. Bitch!

Sarah : No, but payback is.


Kitty arrives to her mother’s house and she sees Jonathan.

Kitty : Oh, Nora. Oh, Nora, what have you done?

Man : Oh, excuse me, but do you think people want the tacquitos as they walk in?

Kitty : No, no, what I think that you should do is make this as casual as possible so it doesn't end up looking like some sort of, Mexican bar Mitzvah. OK? Hello? Warren, yeah, I'm sorry that I left without saying goodbye, it's just that

Warren : I was hoping for a morning, you know, a moment, so that the, ah, the situation could be assessed.

Kitty : Oh, no, there's no situation. Don't worry. 

Warren : If there was a sense that I had taken advantage of you in any way.

Kitty : No, no, no, no, no. Nobody took advantage because what happened last night was nothing.OK?

Jonathan : OK.

Kitty : Jonathan?

Warren : Jonathan?

Kitty : Jonathan! Oh God. 

Jonathan : Oh God. It's the phone thing. It was too insufficient, whole country between us, getting in the way.

Kitty : No, It's hard, the phones, the time zones and the bad timing.

Jonathan : Yeah, right, so after we talked last night, thought "Screw it, God make airplanes for a reason, I wanna connect with my girl." You're getting good on the show. 

Kitty : Am I? 

Jonathan : I was wrong not to support you when you thinking of doing this, and you were right. It was unfair of me to make it an either/or proposition; the job or me, L.A. or New York.

Kitty : Are you going to ask me to marry you again? Because

Jonathan : No. I was about to say I love you. I'm ready to move out here, make a life.

Kitty : Wow! Well, lucky me! I get the guy!


Sarah and Paige are around the pool.

Sarah : Go on in, Honey. 

Joe : She's going, Sarah. Just give her a second.

Sarah : You know, Grandma threw this whole party just so you and Coop could go swimming.

Paige : But I don't wanna.

Joe : You don't wanna go in, you don't have to go in. 

Sarah : Yeah. It's fine, honey. She's going in.


Justin and Kevin see Holly.

Justin : All right, the only reason I'm not drinking tonight is alcohol's my gateway to pills. My problem is people are my gateway to alcohol. 

Kevin : Word. 

Justin : Oh, crap.

Kevin : What? What is it? What? Oh my. That's her, isn't it? That's her, she's the one, that's Dad's... 

Justin : How do you know?


Holly thanks Nora for the party’s invitation.

Nora : Holly! You came! I can't believe it! I invited her for you! I'm so glad you got my message. 

Holly : Thanks. Thanks for inviting me.

Nora : You look lovely. So, did you have a hard time finding the place? 


Justin and Kitty are in a bedroom.

Justin : You force me to tell you and you tell me not to tell like I'm three years old!

Kitty : Justin, Sarah and I were having a very important talk. It was too much for me!

Justin : Too much, Kitty? You want to know what's too much ? She's here! Mom invited her here! 

Kitty : What do you mean she's here?

Justin : I mean, she's out there drinking mojitos and wearing big jewelry!

Kitty : Oh my God, and Mom asked her to come?

Justin : Yeah, so she could, like, hook her up with Uncle Saul!

Kitty : Oh my God, before or after he has a heart attack?

Justin : He certainly deserves to. So, what are you gonna do about Jonathan?

Kitty : What do you mean? 

Justin : Are you gonna tell him? 

Kitty : About Dad?

Justin : No, about you and cheese-fest from your show. 

Jonathan : Kitty?

Kitty : Ah! One sec. How do you know about cheese-fest? 

Justin : Kevin told me. We were having a very important talk. 

Jonathan : Kitty

Kitty : Hi.

Justin : Hi. Hey! I'll, ah, see you guys downstairs.

Kitty : Hmm, fun party, huh? 

Jonathan : Yeah.

Kitty : Yeah.


Saul and Holly talk about Nora.

Saul : Tell me, Holly, what on earth were you thinking showing up here like this? Why didn't you call me last night? This place is like a mad house.

Holly : She invited me here for some reason. Let's go with it. 

Nora : Look! The two of you together. Saul, you need a drink. Here you go, Holls. Here you are! 

Holly : Thanks.

Nora : And, please, I hope you have bug spray on.There are pests.

Holly : What an extraordinary place this is. It's so full of life, so hmm, so lovely. So alive!

Nora : Yes, it's definitely alive. 


Warren arrives to the party.

Kitty : You're right, you know, we could do a thing, you know, sometimes, oh, meet in the middle of the country, say Chicago, so neither one of us has to fly back and forth. Warren! 

Warren : Hey, look, I

Kitty : So, you know, I think that's probably the only way we're gonna make it work, right?  

Jonathan : Kitty, ah 

Kitty : Oh. Right. Hi, Warren. Come on in, I guess. 

Warren : Thanks. 

Kitty : My Mom must have invited you, right? 

Warren : Yup, yeah. 

Jonathan : Jon Vaughan, Hi. Kitty's fiancé. 

Warren : Warren Salter, Kitty's nemesis. 

Kitty : Does anybody need a drink? I do.


Sarah and Tommy are talking about Ojai.

Sarah : Just tell me what to do about these Roweka people and I'll do it. 

Tommy : Oh, I don't know, Sarah. You're probably right.

Sarah : Well, obviously I'm not right if it means going to court over these idiots! 

Tommy : You think so?

Sarah : OK, if they wanna play Concentration all day, fine! They can play Concentration, you can, too, I don't care! But, we can't afford to start over again with the packaging. 

Tommy : If somebody wasn't threatening to sue us, would you be having this conversation right now?

Sarah : Well, no, because there wouldn't be a problem.

Tommy : Yes, there would be! Us! 

Sarah : Honey, could you.

Tommy : Look, I'll take care of this. I mean, I'm so sick of the way you don't respect me! You never have and I know that, but at least when you worked at Northland, I didn't have it shoved in my face every single day!

Sarah : Tom, I'm just trying to save the company!

Tommy : Yeah, exactly! "I'm" just trying. Not "we.


Scotty brings cupcakes to Kevin.

Scotty : Red velvet cupcakes.

Kevin : Oh, wow, that's, that's really nice of you. Thank you, Scotty.

Scotty : My own recipe.

Kevin : Look, I just wanna be real clear with you, OK? My sister invited you here to get back at me.

Scotty : For what? Being so cute?

Kevin : Yeah, yeah, that and-and refusing to be her tool. You see, she's fighting with my brother and I wouldn't be tricked into taking sides.

Scotty : Oh, so you don't want me here?

Kevin : It's, It's wildly unprofessional, OK? You know, the witness at the pool party. It's not how you win cases.

Scotty : Well, I'm more than just the witness at a pool party. I'm Scotty Wandell from Oxford, Mississippi. Son of Wally and Bertha.

Kevin : There's a Wally Wandell?

Scotty : Yes.

Kevin : Wow.

Warren and Kitty talk to the night after the restaurant.

Warren : Whatever you think of me.

Kitty : I don't think anything of you, Warren. It's-It's just that this is just the worst possible time to

Warren : I know you think I'm just some sort of sexual cynic with-with good hair, but you're at least 10% wrong.

Kitty : No, I don't. I don't. You're not that bad, Warren. It's just that. Oh, hi. Please, can I have a mojito?

Warren : Two. I thought that there was something, last night.

Kitty : Warren, there is so much going on in this house right now that I can't do this. Yes, we slept together. It is what it is. 

Warren : No, you're wrong. About me, anyway. You don't know me, Kitty, but you're the first woman I've met in years who sends me spinning. I see you and I drop ten stories inside, everytime.

Kitty : Oh, Warren, you know what? We're not in the last ten minutes of a Julia Roberts movie. Let's just talk at work, and tonight, let's just relax. Hi.

Jonathan : Hey. You guys fighting about borders again? Warren, I'm gonna take my girl from you. I haven't seen her in a few weeks.


Scotty and Kevin watch the family’s pictures and they talk about faithful.

Scotty : And that's your dad.

Kevin : Of course. Yup the Unknowable King.

Scotty : A leader of men?

Kevin : No, not really. As it turns out, just a man. And one who has, after his passing, been causing us all a great deal of trouble.

Scotty : May I ask?

Kevin : No you may not, you're just the witness, but it’s what men do right? And speaking as a gay one I've never been able to master the art of being faithful.

Scotty : Oh. That. That's too bad. But then you can't be faithful to anything until you know why you should.


Tommy and Paige dip in the pool.

Tommy : I don't know, Paige. What do you think? Grandpa died in this pool.

Paige : Yeah.

Tommy : And you think if you go in, you'll die, too?

Paige : No, it just makes me sad.

Tommy : I haven't been in a pool since it happened, either, you know? Just like you. Honey, can you hold this? 

Julia : Sure.

Tommy : And this.

Paige : What are you doing?

Tommy : You just helped me figure something out. I'll see you later. 

Paige : How is it?

Tommy : Come in and find out. You ready? 


Nora, Holly and Saul talk in the garden.

Nora : You know, my kids are teaching me this thing now with the TV where you can record anything, and I put Holly's name in and she was on Charlie's Angels, at four o'clock this morning. 

Saul : That's stunning, Nora.

Nora : Oh, that must have been so much fun! So, you were never married or anything?

Holly : No

Nora : Seeing anyone special?

Saul : Maybe the woman doesn't want to be peppered. 

Nora : Oh, Saul, Saul, Saul. 

Saul : You're peppering her with questions! 

Nora : We're buddies already. I mean, she's been living in a house of ours all these years. 

Holly : There is a decorator in Malibu, but I think he only likes me because of my eye. 

Nora : Oh, Oh, Oh. She does have beautiful eyes, doesn't she? I'll be back. 


Kevin, Kitty, Sarah and Scotty are in the kitchen.

Kevin : Who's gonna tell Mom? 

Kitty : Well, I don't see why everybody's in such a big rush to tell her. Why don't we just keep it a secret forever? 

Sarah : There's Daddy's Little Girl! 

Kitty : What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Nora : What's going on in here? This is a party. While you guys are in here ruining your appetites,  the rest of us are out there waiting patiently. Why don't we all go outside and sit down so these wonderful can do their job? I apologize for my children. Come on! Come on, come on, move it! 


The dinner.

Nora : I do think they will eventually be put on trial. I mean, how long can you continue to break the law? 

Scotty : Could someone pass the mango peach salsa? 

Warren : Nora? 

Nora : Yes. Would you care for some more lamb? 

Warren : No, thank you. What's going on? 

Nora : What do you mean? 

Warren : Why isn't anyone but us talking? 

Nora : Oh. Well, they all think that I don't know that my husband had an affair with that woman, Holly, over there along with a cunning little cottage built for two to go with it. Yes, Warren, you see, they all think that I'm living in the dark and they're all terrified that I'm gonna figure it all out tonight, and in their panic and obliviousness and their eagerness to handle me, they've lost their very basic ability to conduct themselves in a social circumstance. It's very sad, but there it is. Would someone please pass the mango peach salsa to Scotty? 

Scotty : Thank you. 


Holly and Saul are in her house.

Holly : I mean, what has my life been? Hmm? I have waited and I have waited and now, this man.  

Saul : Holly, come on. Calm down. This.  

Holly : No! You know, the thing is, I don't blame him. I blame myself. 

Saul : We can't help who we love. 

Holly : Yeah, but we can help who we are. We can decide to become ourselves. What I saw tonight seeing myself in Nora's eyes is not. It is time that I become a person. I won't be invisible any longer. 


Kitty talks with her mother about Nora’s live with William.

Kitty : Well, that was an interesting  hour and ten minutes of unmitigated torture and toquitoes. 

Nora : I'm sorry. 

Kitty : Oh, no, Mom, don't be sorry. It was necessary.

Nora : Yeah. 

Kitty : How long have you known? 

Nora : Fifteen years. 

Kitty : Oh, God, Mom.

Nora : I caught him in a lie one day and it all came out. He said he would stop, he said it was, over already for God's sakes. And then he went and he bought her a house. That's the part that drives me crazy.  He said he would stop and he went on betraying, he said he would stop and he went on doing it. If I'd known.

Kitty : He did love you, though. He did. 

Nora : But, he didn't give up anything to do it. What kind of love is that? The minute I saw that deed, I knew that it had never ended. I wanted her to feel as small and stupid as I did. I'm so ashamed of myself!  But, God! It felt good! Kitty, you have to tell Jonathan you slept with Warren. 

Kitty : Who told you? 


Joe and Sarah are in their kitchen.

Joe : You all right? 

Sarah : Not really. 

Joe : So, do you wanna talk about it? 

Sarah : No. I just hope when you look at me, you see someone that's more like my mother than my father. 

Joe : I don't see either. I see the woman I love. 

Sarah : The woman you love is a mess. 

Joe : The legend has fallen. Your secret ends. 

Sarah : Not such a secret. 

Joe : Not such a mess. 


Jonathan talks with Kitty about Kitty’s unfair.

Jonathan : Hi. 

Kitty : Hi. I need to tell you something. 

Jonathan : You slept with him? 

Kitty : Yeah. But I was drunk and it was a mistake, and ... 

Jonathan : Kitty

Kitty : I had just found out about my father's infidelity, and I

Jonathan : Kitty, stop. There's no excuse that matters. None. 

Kitty : Jonathan, please tell me that I have another chance with you. The "us" that I saw today was so much better than the "me" that I was last night, and I just lost you forever, didn't I? 

Jonathan : I think so, yeah. 


Nora comes in Saul’s office.

Nora : Saul? 

Saul : I was trying to spare you more pain. 

Nora : I know that. I know. I signed the deed. Sell it to her, for a reasonable price. She should have at least that. 

Saul : Nora, you understand what I, I was trying to protect

Nora : I'm not mad. Honestly, I'm not. The truth of the matter is, I'm not surprised. Saul, you lost your way a long time ago, I know that. Saul! You're my big brother. There's nothing on earth you could do to make me not love you. Promise me one thing, though. Promise me there's nothing else you're not telling me. 

Saul : I promise. 



Kitty, Warren and Jack debates in the show.

Warren: The problem with this administration, Jack, is that there is no end to the intrigue. 

Jack : It does make it entertaining, though. 

Kitty : Well, except that politics is not entertainment. 

Warren: Can I make my point?

Kitty : Yes, Warren. By all means. 

Warren : There isn't a single controversy or scandal that they haven't put to rest that hasn't resurfaced looking ten times worse! They think that they can hide things and they can't! 



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