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#104 : Portrait de famille

Sarah et Joe sont confrontés à une rude épreuve lorsqu'ils découvrent que leur fille Paige a des problèmes de santé. Kitty, quant à elle, est tiraillée entre deux hommes.

Justin trouve un nouvel emploi, Kevin est jaloux en voyant Scotty avec un autre homme, et Nora soupçonne Saul d'avoir des sentiments pour Holly.


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Family Portrait

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Portrait de famille

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Sarah Walker (Rachel Griffiths) et Joe Whedon (John Pyper-Ferguson)

Sarah Walker (Rachel Griffiths) et Joe Whedon (John Pyper-Ferguson)

Kitty Walker (Calista Flockhart)

Kitty Walker (Calista Flockhart)

Kitty Walker (Calista Flockhart) donne un cannelé à Cooper Whedon (Maxwell Perry Cotton)

Kitty Walker (Calista Flockhart) donne un cannelé à Cooper Whedon (Maxwell Perry Cotton)

Nora Walker (Sally Field) et Kevin Walker (Matthew Rhys)

Nora Walker (Sally Field) et Kevin Walker (Matthew Rhys)

Les joueurs de golf se saluent

Les joueurs de golf se saluent

Nora Walker (Sally Field) et Kevin Walker (Matthew Rhys)

Nora Walker (Sally Field) et Kevin Walker (Matthew Rhys)


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Nora prend la décision de mettre une photo de toute sa famille dans son entrée. Malheureusement, à l'époque Kitty habitait à New York, elle n'est donc pas dessus. Kitty prend conscience qu'elle veut être plus présente pour ses proches, et décide donc de proposer à Sarah de garder ses enfants.

Au club de golf des Walker, un pot est organisé en hommage à William, mais Nora ne veut pas y aller car elle est seule, sans partenaire. Tout le monde propose Kevin pour l'y accompagner, mais celui-ci à d'autres projets. En effet, il veut sortir avec Scotty. Mais pour sa mère, il ira.

Thomas trouve du travail pour Justin en tant que garçon d'hôtel. Mais dès le premier jour, il arrive stone. Il se confie alors à Tyler, mais celle-ci s'avère être le patron.

Warren et Kitty se dispute l'interview d'un homme politique. Kitty gagne mais doit lire alors un livre de cinq cents pages. Malgré le travail, elle accepte d'honorer sa parole et garde ses neveus, nièces pour sa soeur.

Alors que Kitty garde Paige, elle se rend compte que certaines choses ne sont normales. En effet, la petite fille boit beaucoup, va souvent au toillettes et dort très mal. Sarah l'emmène à l'hôpital où la fillette est diagnostiquée comme diabètique.

Au golf, dès que Nora voit le portrait de son mari accroché, elle demande à kevin d'aller au cinéma voir le film qu'il avait prévu. Là-bas, il croise Scotty avec son copain.

Du côté de Justin, Tyler lui avoue qu'ils étaient au lycée ensemble, et décide de lui offrir une deuxième chance.

Kitty laisse finalement l'interview à Warren, après tout le travil qu'il a abattu pour l'aider à la préparer. Nora retire la photo de l'entrée et toute la famille sa réunit dans le jardin pour refaire la photo, avec Kitty cette fois, qui a bien compris que la famille doit avoir une place plus importante dans sa vie maintenant.


Previously on Brothers and Sisters.

Scotty, are you a client?

Well, I think I'm far more than witness. But all he ever wants to talk about is the case.

You were the one who virtually refused to be in my life for three years, and I don't know what it's about.

Alcohol's my gateway to pills. The problem is people are my gateway to alcohol.

I think you should move in, too. Kidding!

Oh! God!

Well, they all think that I don't know that my husband had an affair with that woman Holly over there, with a cunning little cottage built for two to go with it.


Tommy, Kevin, Justin et Sarah look at the picture. Kitty is not in the photo.

Kevin : What on Earth would possess her to put up this picture?

Tommy : Maybe Kitty won't notice.

Sarah : What ?

Kevin : Tommy, Look at it. How could she not notice?

Sarah : She's the only one not in the picture, Tommy. She's going to notice.

Justin : Why wasn't she there that day?

Sarah : Oh, she couldn't get away from New York. She had that speech about women and power.

Kevin : Oh, please. The speech had nothing to do with it. It was the Kitty-Mommy Cold War back then.

Sarah : Oh, yeah.

Kevin : This is just one of the little aftereffects. I looked so good that day. That guy had stopped cutting my hair.

Tommy : Mom and Dad look so happy.

Justin : Yo, Julia is a babe.

Cooper : Mommy, save me!

Sarah : Slow down!

Gabe : I'm so gonna kill you, Dude.

Sarah : Gabe, please don't chase your little brother.

Gabe : But he spit in my mouth.

Sarah : I don't care. Slow down, Gabe.

Tommy : Wow, Sarah. Tough stepmom.

Cooper : Mommy, help me!

Sarah : Oh, God.

Kevin : They're just too young to appreciate the pleasures of spitting in someone's mouth.You'd know

Justin : What ??


Joe et Sarah talk to Paige.

Joe : See, Paige, we're about 60% water. So you want to stay hydrated.

Sarah : Joe, could you please give me a hand with Cooper? He's going crazy. He's gonna break something.

Joe : He's outside. Gabe's got it under control. Come on, Sarah. I just have him for a week.

Sarah : What's up, Little Chicken?

Paige : I got thirsty.

Joe : She overdid it playing with the guys.

Sarah : Yeah, well, they can be very trying, can't they when they've got it all under control?


Kitty arrive to Nora's house.

Nora : You don't think that's a good spot for it?

Kevin : There is no good spot for it, Mom. Kitty's not in it.

Nora : Well, she's not gonna care. She was in New York. She was probably busy that weekend. It's a really good picture.

Kitty : I'm back. Oh, God. Hi.

Kevin : Hi.

Kitty : God, I hate that market. It looks like everybody just came...from hair and makeup. What's wrong?

Kevin : Nothing.

Nora : Nothing.

Kitty : Justin! There's groceries in the car. The ice cream will melt.


Tommy talks to Justin about work.

Justin : Hey, you want a scotch?

Tommy : No, I need to talk to you.

Justin : Yeah, I can listen while pouring.

Tommy : You can barely listen while hearing. Hey. I got a job for you.

Justin : Who are you, Dad now?

Tommy : My friend's the manager of the Sunset Holloway Grand Downtown. There's a bellman job available.

Justin : What, the guys at the door? They're hustlers.

Tommy : You know how some people run out of chances in life and you can smell it on them?

Justin :Oh, you are Dad now. At least we know.

Tommy : Just take the job.


In the kitchen.

Kitty : Oh, you know who I saw at the market? I saw that woman, that crazy woman. What was her name, Sloane Donaldson?

Julia : Oh, that loud golf lady?

Nora : I have been dodging her call for a month.

Kitty : Oh, yeah. She is, like, desperate for you to respond to some golf invite.

Nora : Yes.

Sarah : Not that dreadful husband-and-wife golf tournament?

Nora : Yes.

Sarah : Oh, it's such a pageant.

Nora : Yes, yes. They want me to go because they want to honor your father.

Julia : For his golf game?

Nora : No, not for his golf game. For the man who he apparently was, but I don't have anybody to play with.

Kitty : Oh. Kevin plays.

Kevin : What? N-no, Kevin doesn't.

Sarah : Yes, Kevin does play. He played on the high school golf team.

Kitty : That's right.

Kevin : Yeah, only cause I had a crush on Matthew Brown. I joined everything he joined, even Future Farmers of America. Yeah, he grew a prize-winning pumpkin.

Kitty : Oh, I bet he did.

Nora : Look, missing it is not the worst thing in the world. That Donaldson woman is so boozy, and her husband cheats. At golf, at golf. It's probably better just to let it go. I'm letting it go.

Kevin : I totally agree. Gone.

Kitty : But, Dad is being honored, Kevin.

Nora : You know, I'm not gonna ask your brother to go there. He hates that place.

Kevin : Yeah. They're all such homophobes.

Nora : I did read in the club bulletin, they're starting a Thursday league for Lesbians and I thought that was...

Kevin : Wow. Am I the only one that finds that somehow more troubling?

Kitty : You know what, Kevin? You're Mom's lawyer. She's your client. They're honoring Dad. You have to play.

Sarah : Yeah, you have to play, Kevin.

Saul : Hi, everybody.

Kitty : Hi.

Saul : I have a Volnay and a Cote de Rhone.

Everybody : Whoo!

Saul : How about that? That's pretty good.

Sarah : Crack it open.

Kevin : Uncle Saul, you play golf, right?

Saul : Golf? I hate golf. Tennis, I'm there.

Nora : All right. I'm not going. It's settled.

Kevin : Good. I totally agree. Settled.

Saul : Sister, we have work to do in there.

Nora : Gotta sign some papers, Julia.

Julia : Sure.

Kitty : Are you really gonna let her forego this?

Kevin : Kitty, first of all, I have a tentative date set for that day, OK?

Kitty : Oh, you do not.

Kevin : Yes, I do.

Sarah : You do? You do? Who with?

Kevin : What?

Sarah : Who with? Come on.

Kevin : Look, in light of recent tragic events, I don't think Mom should be expected to turn up at the Sierra Vista Country Club and pay homage to a man that lied to her for 30 years.

Kitty : But she just said that she wanted to go.

Kevin : No, she didn't, and she also said I don't have to.

Sarah : Yeah, that's her way of asking, dumb-ass. Paige.

Kitty : Oh boy. I can see it now. Ooh, ooh, yeah.

Kevin : Is that me playing golf or having sex?


Saul and Nora talk about Holly's house.

Nora :All right. So, the house we paid for is now Holly's?

Saul : Once you finish signing.

Nora : If I were her, I would sell it and move somewhere cheap and sleazy. Preferably on the other side of the world.

Saul : She is not a terrible person, Nora.

Nora : What are you saying? Let me tell you something, Saul, my darling, I have managed to get through my entire lifetime without ever touching anyone else's husband. It's not that hard to do.

Saul : I see, and that's the only sin, adultery, huh? That's the only thing that matters? She's an entire human being, Nora. There's more to her than this one mistake she made.

Nora : I can't stand you defending that woman.

Saul : The only woman I'm defending is you.

Nora : From whom?

Saul : Yourself and your own self-righteousness. Life is lonely, Nora. It's long and lonely, and there are so many genuine evils in this world. I would think that you would at least let someone off the hook for falling in love with the wrong person. If I don't give that wine some air, it won't be worth drinking. So, if you'll excuse me.


Kitty and Joe talk about Sarah.

Jonathan : Hello.

Kitty : Hi. Am I interrupting something?

Jonathan : Kind of. I'm on a date.

Kitty : Oh, okay. Um, well, I'll call you later.

Jonathan : No. Wait, wait, Kitty. It's a terrible date. I'm glad you called. I was praying for a reason to leave the table.

Kitty : Well, here I am.

Jonathan : So what's the skinny?

Kitty : Well, you went back to New York two weeks ago, and I'm missing you badly. Am I allowed to say that even though I cheated on you and I made the biggest mistake of my life?

Jonathan : I guess so.

Kitty : You know how sorry I am about --

Jonathan : No more apologies.

Kitty : All right. Well, don't sleep with her.

Jonathan : You can't ask me to do that.

Kitty : Can we talk next week?

Jonathan : Whenever you want.

Kitty : Bye.

Jonathan : Bye.

Kitty : Hey.

Joe : Hey.

Kitty : Cooper down?

Joe : Oh, no. Paige. Uh, she stayed up way too late last night.

Kitty : I don't know how you guys do it. Two kids, all day, every day. Gabe on the weekends.

Joe : Well, most of the time, I'm grateful for it. You know, I do better when I'm busy. But, uh, Sarah

Kitty : Oh, please. She's my sister.

Joe : Mm-hmm. She's busy with work. We don't see each other much and, um, and I just. I get the feeling.

Kitty : What?

Joe : Uh, that there's something that she's not telling me.

Kitty : Oh, well, you know, Sarah's like that. She always retreats into her work. She's just like our dad that way. But, well, she's not like our Dad in the other way... In case you're wondering. I'm sure it's just a busy time. It'll get better.

Joe : Yeah, I'm sure.


Kitty arrive and she seesthe photo.

Kevin : Did you tell him about the job?

Justin : Yes, he told me about the golden career opportunity. Holding the door for geezers and whores. Speaking of which, golf tournament. You taking Mom?

Kevin : Why is it always me? Why don't you take her?

Kitty : Hey, what's the powwow about? Oh, wow. I guess I didn't notice that. When was that taken?

Kevin : A while ago.

Nora : Dinner's ready.

Justin : Oh, uh, dinner.

Kevin : Yeah.

Sarah : Gabe. Come on, Gabe. We're sitting down. Okay, little man, you're over here with Mommy. It's your favorite, chicken.

Cooper : Yay!

Kitty : Mom.

Nora : Yeah?

Kitty : Why did you hang up that picture? I'm not in it.

Nora : It's a beautiful picture, Kitty. It was a beautiful day.

Kitty : I wasn't there.

Nora : Kitty, you weren't there for a lot of things. Come on, everybody. Let's sit.


Kitty comes to Sarah's house.

Sarah : Oh, it's you.

Kitty : Yeah, I thought I'd stop by.

Sarah : I'm shocked and awed. Come in.

Kitty : Canneles.

Sarah : Can-what? Your feelings aside, I just don't get why she would hang it.

Kitty : The picture? I don't know.

Sarah : So what is this impromptu visit about?

Kitty : Sarah, I just wanna be here more, and I finally get to. After all these years, I finally get to be Cool Aunt Kitty. Hey, Cooper.

Sarah : Yay! Guess who's here. Look.

Cooper : Hi, Aunt Kitty.

Kitty : Does Paige like canneles?

Sarah : I don't think Paige has ever had canneles. Neither has her mother, for that matter.

Kitty : I used to have them every Sunday. At Cafe Lalo in New York.

Sarah : Mmm.

Kitty : And then I would have the frozen berries.

Sarah : Why didn't I trade lives with you when I had the chance?

Kitty : Sarah, I know, Diana Vakili was very good with a ouija board but I don't think she really had the power to make us trade lives.

Sarah : You might be right, but she was tied into something, though. She was a very powerful girl.

Kitty : Cooper, this one's for you.

Cooper : I hate those. I want a toastie treat.

Sarah : I promised him a toastie treat if he ate something real.

Kitty : That's OK. I love children and their impulses. Where's Paige?

Sarah : Paige is still in bed. Joe's getting her up, Cool Aunt Kitty.

Kitty : You know, if you guys ever need a babysitter...

Sarah : Do you know a good one?

Kitty : Me. Seriously. If you ever need a night out...

Sarah : No. Our kids are Democrats.

Kitty : I know that.

Sarah : You know, if I ever get a life, I might take you up on that. Could you watch him for a sec?

Kitty : Of course. That's the whole point.

Sarah : Joe, is Paige up? I have to get going.

Kitty : Come on, Cooper, give it a try. Cooper, please, no. Come on. These are really expensive. Eat.


Kevin accepts to go to the tournament with Nora.

Nora : I honestly don't see what the big deal is, but if it's so offensive to her, I'll take it down.

Kevin : Well, you're not taking it down, are you? I am. I find it extraordinary you put it up in the first place.

Nora : Oh, look what's playing at the El Portal Theatre.

Kevin : "Psycho"?

Nora : "Two for the road." You ever seen it? Albert Finney, Audrey Hepburn Oh it's so like your father and me and our trips. They go through this tunnel and come out, and the years have gone by.

Kevin : Mom, about the golf tournament...

Nora : Yes, what?

Kevin : You're not upset we're not going, are you?

Nora : That dreadful thing? I called and cancelled.

Kevin : Really? Good. Well, then I'll firm up my plans for tomorrow.

Nora : Now a toast to your father. It's a little sad to miss that, but it's all right.

Kevin : We should go.

Nora : Kevin, no. No, you don't want to go. You call, firm up your plans.

Kevin : No. The toast to Dad Let's do it.

Nora : Really?

Kevin : Yeah, really.

Nora : Really?

Kevin : Yes, really.

Nora : All right, I'll, I'll call and un-cancel. Kev, you are such a doll. Oh. Okay, we're going.


Justin meet Tyler, his boss.

Justin : Whoa. Good thing I had my pants on.

Tyler : Yeah, otherwise I might have totally lost control.

Justin : I, uh, I'm Justin. It's my first day.

Tyler : I never would've guessed.

Justin : Uh, so what's the deal with this dude Tyler I'm supposed to talk to? Is he cool or a total hard-ass?

Tyler : Total hard-ass.

Justin : Great. Can he tell if you're stoned?

Tyler : I think you just told her.

Justin : Keep your pants on out there, Stonehenge. Oh. Oh.


Tv show with Jack, Warren et Kitty.

Kitty : All I'm saying is I want to know who's gonna break the stalemate.

Jack : Me, because we've run out of time. For all of us here at "Red, White & Blue", I'm Jack Bishop. Thanks and good night.

Man : And we're out.

Jack : All right. Does anyone want to get a drink?

Kitty : Uh, no, thanks.

Warren : No, thanks.

Kitty's boss : Hey, Guys, hold up. I just got a call. David Silver is leaving the Democratic Party and running for president as an Independent. He wants to announce his candidacy on Wednesday's show.

Kitty : That's amazing.

Kitty's boss : It is, but there's a catch. He doesn't want to be tag-teamed. He wants a straight half-hour with one of you two.

Warren : I'm the one who's gonna be the most confrontational.

Kitty : Well, that's not true.

Warren : I've been on the show longer.

Kitty : I did an hour with Jim Jeffords in 2001 when he left the Republican Party. I know these issues up and down. I just want to have a chance to do what I do, do my thing, on this show, without him yelling at me.

Kitty's boss : OK, we'll flip for it.

Kitty : Oh, no.

Kitty's boss : It's fair and square. Heads or tails?

Kitty : No, I am not going to let my participation be determined by a random and childish act like flipping a coin. Tails!

Kitty's boss : Heads.

Warren : Huh.

Kitty : Fine. But can you just ask him one thing for me? OK, just ask him how he's gonna make sure that his candidacy doesn't devolve into a cult of personality because lack of affiliation with a party is great on paper, but I'm no believer in the Great Man's school of history. So, I just want to know, not as a pundit, but as a voter, as an American, I want to know who he has ready to hold him accountable when his status as a maverick is just a little more attractive to him than his logical consistency.

Kitty's boss : Tails.

Warren : Hmm. Yeah, that's OK. I will, uh, I'll yell from home.

Kitty's boss : All right, it's less than 48 hours away. You want some research assistants put on this?

Kitty : No. No. That's OK. I can handle it.

Kitty's boss : Here.

Kitty : What is this?

Kitty's boss : His policy manifesto. 500 pages plus.

Kitty : OK. Looks like I'm gonna pull an all-nighter. See ya. Hey, Sarah.

Sarah : Hey, got a second?

Kitty : Uh, yeah. What's up?

Sarah : I want to take you up on your offer to sit the kids.

Kitty : Oh. Yeah.

Sarah : Joe had a music lesson cancelled tomorrow night, so I made reservations at Pastis.

Kitty : Perfect. I'd love to babysit.

Sarah : Tomorrow night's okay? You're not too busy?

Kitty : Oh, no. It's fine. I'm not busy at all.

Sarah : Okay. Hey, I gotta run.

Kitty : Okay. See ya.

Sarah : Hey, Sis.

Kitty : Yeah?

Sarah : Thanks for this.

Kitty : Sure. Bye.

Sarah : Bye.

Kitty : Oh, man.


Kitty is to Sarah's with Cooper and Paige.

Paige: Out of the way.

Cooper : I can't see.

Paige : I can't see while you're standing in front of the TV. Oh. Wait, I can't see.

Kitty : Hey, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper. Cooper, n-no. Get down. Cooper, get off the table. You need to get down and sit next to your sister, or you're gonna have to go to bed, honey.

Cooper : Would you like two tickets to the gun show? Can I have another polar fudgie?

Kitty : No, Cooper. I told you, one polar fudgie.

Cooper : You said two.

Kitty : I said one.

Cooper : You said two.

Kitty : I said one. And you know what? That, that you just said, that is a big, fat lie. And you and I cannot have a relationship based on lies. Now listen to me about that, because I know.

Cooper : You said two.

Paige : Can you pause it? I have to pee.

Kitty : Hey, I showed you. Look, you just hit this button right here.

Paige : But it's not working.

Kitty : Oh. Hey, didn't you just go to the bathroom like five minutes ago?

Paige : I'm sorry.

Kitty : It's OK. Don't be sorry. Go on. You know what, Cooper? You are like your own little French Revolution.

Cooper : You said two.

Kitty : I'm just gonna...Hey. What are you doing here?

Warren : I thought you might need a study partner.

Kitty : Oh, a study partner, like in high school?

Warren : No, a study partner like in professional journalists. Who can't help but say yes to babysitting even on the night before a gigantic interview. Brought a list of questions. And, um, compiled some background information in case, you know, you want some, extra.

Kitty : Right, but can you work one of these?

Warren : Yeah, I think so.

Kitty : Okay. Well, then, you're hired. Oh, Cooper, where did you get that?

Cooper : I hate you.

Kitty : Hmm.


Kevin and Nora in the tournament.

Mr Donaldson : Well, we finally did it. A Win!

Mrs Donaldson : But a good game played by all.

Nora : I guess that was the last Donaldson/Walker match. I'm sure William is smiling at your victory. After all these years.

Mr Donaldson : Well, I would hope you got a kick outta this tourney, Nora, dear, seeing it's in honor of Poor Bill.

Nora : I'm very gateful. The turnout is fabulous.

Mrs Donaldson : Golf is a healing endeavor, Nora. That's the great lesson here, a good game of golf can solve all the world's problems.

Kevin : It's certainly helped in Iraq.

Mr Donaldson : You know, Kevin, you got a tight swing.

Kevin : Oh, so I'm told, Syd, so I'm told.

Mr Donaldson : Yeah, but you gotta loosen up a little bit. You'll see a big improvement.

Kevin : And speaking of loosening up, you and Sloane will have to tell me where you got your matching flasks.

Mrs Donaldson : See you inside.

Mr Donaldson :See you inside.

Nora : See you inside. Yeah.

Kevin : I'd like to roast them over a spit with apples in their yaps.

Nora : It's almost over. You've been so great, Kevin. You're such a darling. I swear, this thing would've killed me. One drink, one toast, and we're leaving. No, let's go. We're leaving.

Kevin : What? Whoa, whoa, whoa, what about the toast?

Nora : No, this is too much. I'm not up for this. I'm not going in there.

Kevin : Mom, this is why we came.

Nora : I know, but I was wrong. I'm not going in there. Please. Please, Kevin, let's just go home, OK?

Kevin : OK, OK. Let's, Let's call it a day.

Nora : OK. Of course, we could go see "Two For the Road."

Kevin : Yeah, yeah. Yeah, we could.

Nora : We could grab dinner. We could catch the 9:00. It would really redeem everything. You look like you could use some cheering up.

Kevin : OK. Let's, yeah. Let's do it. "Two For the Road."

Nora : OK. OK. "Two For the Road." Oh, you haven't seen it, so I'm not gonna tell anything...


Justin and Tyler.

Tyler : Scrub harder, Boy.

Justin : Hey, Boss. I, uh, I thought our first meeting went great downstairs.

Tyler : Oh, it went very well. I love it when new staff show up stoned on their first day. It really sets a tone. We used to know each other. San Marino High.

Justin : Wait a second, we had classes together?

Tyler : "Choices and Challenges" and "Ancient History."

Justin : Both of which brought me great wisdom, seeing as I'm your bellboy now.

Tyler : And I'm your boss. It's a great country.

Justin : Yeah.

Tyler : So...What happened?

Justin : Uh, you know, I just went through some stuff.

Tyler : These need to go up to 406.

Justin : Uh, 406.


Warren and Kitty.

Warren : Hey. They're asleep?

Kitty : Yeah. I feel like I just ran a marathon...in ski boots.

Warren : Your prep for this interview looks fantastic.

Kitty : Well, thank you.

Warren : You look beautiful tonight.

Kitty : Oh, Warren. No, stop.

Warren : Look, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, you do, OK? And it's fun seeing you with kids.

Kitty : Oh, Warren, you know what? You lied.

Warren : About what? I didn't lie.

Kitty : Yes, you did. Yes, you did. This is just like high school. You came over here claiming to be my study partner, and you really just wanted to...say that. I want to say a lot more than that. Well, you can't. I'm sorry, but... You know, what we did, it was a mistake. And... I really want to make it work with Jonathan, and... And... I'm not gonna just stop something that's old just for the possibility of something that's new. It's just not the kind of person I am.

Warren : When I'm with you, I don't know what kind of person I am. And I find that...kind of interesting.

Paige : Aunt Kitty.

Kitty : Hey! Hey, honey. What's up?

Paige : Can I have a glass of water?

Kitty : Wow, you are really a thirsty girl lately, aren't you?

Paige : I'm 60% water.

Kitty : Em...right. Warren, I really appreciate your help. I mean it.

Warren : You got it.

Kitty : Can you let yourself out?

Warren : Sure, yeah, I can do that.

Kitty : OK. Let's go.


Kevin meet Scotty to the cinema.

Nora : I don't know, your brothers and sisters, they hate culture. I don't understand it.

Kevin : They don't hate culture, they're just real people...with better things to do.

Nora : We'll travel through the years. Collecting precious memories

Kevin : Would you excuse me for a second?

Nora :Selecting souvenirs

Scotty : Mr. Walker. Of course you'd come to see Two For the Road, you tough attorney-at-law.

Kevin : Look, I'm so sorry. I-I know I was supposed to call you. My, my mom kinda hijacked my day.

Scotty : Oh, that's OK. I find ways to keep busy. There's the gym, gainful employment, suitors.

Randy : I got the tickets.

Scotty : Randy, this is the lawyer I mentioned. Kevin Walker, Randy Stewart.

Kevin : Hi.

Randy : Hi. I've heard a lot about you.

Kevin : Oh, really? Well, he, he's not a very accurate witness, so if they're bad things, know that he exaggerates.

Randy : Well, they haven't been bad at all. He said you were very honorable.

Kevin : Wow. Well, you know, that's just my suits. They, uh, they, they give the impression of, um, they make me seem like someone I'm not.

Nora : Scotty!

Scotty : Oh, Mrs. Walker. Hi. Uh, this is my friend, Randy.

Nora : Hi. Oh, we should sit together.

Kevin : No. No. No. No. Well, you know, I mean, I'm, I'm sure we won't get four seats together. So, um, we, come on. Let's go. Nice to meet you, Randy.


Sarah talks to Kitty.

Joe : We'll wait in the car.

Kitty : Good night.

Sarah : I'll be there in a sec.

Kitty : Did you guys have a good time?

Sarah : Yeah. Yeah, you know, we did our usual "Sarah and Joe" thing. It was fine.

Kitty : Hey, um--

Sarah : What? What? I gotta go.

Kitty : I think something is up with Paige.

Sarah : What's that supposed to mean?

Kitty : She just seems to be really thirsty, she's peeing a lot and sleeping a lot.

Sarah : Look, I know my daughter pretty well. I'm with her every day, and I don't really appreciate being accused of

Kitty : Sarah, I am, I'm just trying to help.

Sarah : No one asked for your help. And by the way, the next time you have something to say about me, like how I retreat into my work like dad, or whatever the hell it was you said to Joe, could you please say it to my face? 'Cause I would really appreciate it. Thanks for babysitting.


Kevin is in Saul's office.

Saul : Kevin, I have one last document for your mother to sign regarding the sale of the house. They just faxed it to me from the title company. So, if you could pass by and have her sign it.

Kevin : Yeah, of course. Wouldn't be a day in my life without some errand involving Mom.

Saul : Well, welcome to my life for the past, uh...forever.

Kevin : Have you given any more thought to getting a criminal lawyer?

Saul : You're talking about the pension fund, huh? That lovely situation your father left us with, among other things.

Kevin : Yeah, yeah. The clock is kinda ticking.

Saul : I was promised six months.

Kevin : I know, and a lot of good people, you know, beg for more time in these situations. They end up burying themselves. We go to the authorities now

Saul : It would destroy your mother.

Kevin : OK. It could destroy you if we wait any longer.

Saul : Believe me, Kevin, I know. Two weeks ago, she found about your father and Holly. If she learns that your father put the company and the future of her family, her children and grandchildren, in that kind of jeopardy. No, I can't let that happen.


Justin works.

Man : You sounded so ignorant, Sherry.

Woman : I'm sorry.

Man : Promise me that when we go back down to have dinner with the guys tonight that you'll keep your mouth shut. I cannot afford to look bad this evening.

Woman : I said I'm sorry.

Man : Hey, Smiley, why don't you do your job and mind your own business?


Sarah sees that Paige is sleeping since few hours.

Joe : we're not talking anymore? That's what the deal is?

Sarah : No. I've been talking ever since I came home, and listening. Your afternoon lesson was terrific.

Joe : That is not what I mean.

Sarah : No, you mean are we gonna talk about what it is that I'm angry about, and the answer to that is no. Talk to Kitty.

Joe : Sarah, you know how I feel about your family. The gossip traffic, it moves so damn fast, I stay on the sidewalk just to keep from getting killed.

Sarah : Then why did you talk to her about me, about us?

Joe : Because I'm at the point right now, Sarah I'm willing to try anything to find a way in.

Sarah : I am the way in to me, Joe, not through my hypercritical, expert-in-all-things-marital, little perfect sister.

Joe : But you don't talk to me about anything.

Sarah : Because I can't. Because, because what's happening at the company, the mess that my dear, departed father left me to clean up is so filthy, so rotten, that if I tell you, you could go to jail.

Joe : Your dad did something illegal?

Sarah : Very.

Cooper : What's for dinner?

Sarah : Your grandmother's crazy spaghetti.

Cooper : Blech.

Sarah : I know. I have chicken tenders. Where's your sister?

Cooper : Asleep.

Joe : She was tired when she came home from school. She took a nap.

Sarah : Since when?

Joe : 3:30.

Sarah : It's almost 6:00.

Joe : She's tired. I figured, you know, let her sleep.

Sarah : Paige. Paige!


Nora and Kevin in the kitchen.

Nora : If you didn't want to go the golf tournament, Kevin, you shouldn't have offered.

Kevin : Did I really have a choice?

Nora : Yes, of course you did.

Kevin : Well, I didn't feel like I did, and that's the point, Mom. I never do. Do you think I like being your plus one? Do you think it makes me feel good the rest of the family has a life, and I have nothing?

Nora : Nothing? What, you have a mother who loves you.

Kevin : Yes, I have a mother who loves me. I also have a mother who's terrified of being alone and thinks it's her gay son's job to fill some void that even Dad knew better than to try and fill.

Nora : I don't want to do this, Kevin.

Kevin : Well, look, I'm sorry, Mom, but I had a date with Scotty last night, and what's where I should've been, not out on the town with my friggin' mom.

Kitty : What are you guys up to? They can hear you all the way down the block.

Kevin : You know, it's manipulation, Mom. It's manipulation, pure and simple. You've done it Uncle Saul's whole life, and now you're doing it to me.

Kitty : Uncle Saul? What does he have to do with it?

Kevin : What? Nothing. I, nothing. I was just with him this morning to get the title form.

Nora : He talked to you about that woman, didn't he? He talked to you about Holly.

Kevin : No, he talked about you. You know, he spends so much time weighing and considering different ways in which you might get hurt by this action or that information.

Nora : He has feelings for that woman. I knew it. I knew it!

Kevin : He said nothing about a woman! Sweet God, would you let me finish? You know, he spends his whole life, his whole life in terms of you, and I do, too. And I just wish you would be a little more sensitive to that.

Nora : Sensitive? What sensitive? Kitty, am I insensitive?

Kitty : Mom, I have to go to the studio. I have a very important interview.

Nora : What, I'm insensitive?

Kitty : Mom, you hung up a family picture without me in it! Don't ask me if I think you're insensitive.

Nora : You know what? I am not gonna be ganged up on here.This is so, so totally unfair. Totally, totally unfair. I lost my husband once, and then I lost him again to that woman. I put that picture up because I was trying to hold on to what I remember as one good day, just one. And, oh, I'm so sorry you weren't there. But it was your decision to run off to New York.

Kitty : Do you really think it was my decision to move to New York? You drove me away.

Kevin : I'll get it. Hello. Whoa. Whoa, Sa- Sarah. Calm down. What are you saying? She's what? Yeah, yeah, of course.Yeah, of course. Yeah. We'll be right there. Okay, bye. Bye. Uh, Joe and Sarah just took Paige to the hospital. She's been asleep for a few hours. She's not waking up.


Tyler and Justin.

Tyler : Justin.

Justin : Tyler, I have a room etiquette question for you.

Tyler : Get up.

Justin : When they say, "Come in," and they're doing it on the floor like crazed weasels, is it proper etiquette to pour the hibiscus tea for them?

Tyler : You do whatever they ask.

Justin : Yeah, sorry. There's only so much slumming I'm willing to do.

Tyler : Slumming would be a step up for you. You're on the floor in a hotel hallway wasted out of your mind. Jeff is gonna take you to the break room. When you're good enough to drive, go home.

Justin : Why not fire me? I mean, why why keep me around?

Tyler : I don't know. Maybe because I know who you used to be in high school, Justin. You were the boy with the sweetest smile. You made the future look easy. And I want to give him a second chance.


Joe and Sarah with Paige in the hospital.

Woman : Well, she had a rough go of it, but she's gonna be just fine. Her blood glucose is back down to 170, which is still a bit high, but it should be normal soon.

Sarah : I just feel so dumb. I didn't see it. She was with me, right in front of me, and I

Woman : Hey, we caught it. That's the important thing. Diabetes is a disease she can live with and live fully.

Sarah : I know. Thank you.

Woman : I would like to keep her here for a few nights, though, just so she can get used to the needles and the whole thing. It can be a little daunting, and I don't want to send you guys home feeling unprepared.

Joe : As long as it takes.

Woman : I want you to know something, though. I see a lot of kids come through here but I don't see a lot of kids come through here with that many people in the waiting room.

Sarah : We're kind of a tribe.

Woman : Yes, you certainly are.

Sarah : I love her so much.

Joe : I do, too.

Sarah : And I love you.

Joe : I love you, too.

Saul : I don't understand what's happening to this town. It took me an hour and 15 minutes to get down here.

Kevin : That's 'cause the shortcuts don't work anymore. You used to be able to cross town in like a half-hour.

Tommy : The shortcuts still work.

Justin : Hey! I just got the message. Is she OK?

Kevin : She's gonna be fine. They're just talking with the doctor.

Justin : OK.

Tommy : Why aren't you at work?

Justin : 'Cause I just got the call from Joe about Paige. Back off, man. Anyway, I got off early for like, you know, Good behavior.

Tommy : So you not being there has nothing to do with the fact...

Justin : Get off me.

Tommy : that you're totally high right now?

Justin : What are you talking about, man?

Tommy : Look, everybody else might sit around and feel bad for you, but I won't.

Justin : Look, I didn't ask for your sympathy, and I certainly didn't ask for your help.

Tommy : When are you gonna grow up?

Justin : Back off! You're a piece of work, just like Dad.

Tommy : Get off of me.

Kevin : OK.

Tommy : I'm not like him. Dad never stopped caring about what you did with your life. I do. I stop right now. I stop today.


Kitty and Nora in the hospital's chapel.

Kitty : Hi.

Nora : I've never come into one of these places before. The hospital chapel it always seemed so generic and lame. But, oh, all the emergency rooms I've been into with you kids. Tommy and his broken arm and his broken ankle, you and your asthma. It was so scary. Do you remember Kevin and Sarah and the superglue mess?

Kitty : Yeah.

Nora : Justin Oh...Justin. I'm so worried about us.

Kitty : About you and me?

Nora : All of us, the family. I don't know how we're gonna get through this. So much is changing since your father died. It feels like everything we swallowed down or papered over or just chose to ignore and put off fixing is coming out to haunt us. Kitty, did I drive you away?

Kitty : Mom

Nora : Did I really? Because I swear, I'll never forgive myself.

Kitty : We did it together. Whatever it was that happened between us, we did it together. I went out to crazy New York and I found myself or the beginning of a self. Maybe it was supposed to happen.

Nora : Yeah?

Kitty : Yeah.

Nora : Kitty, I don't need you to agree with me. I don't need you to do anything. I just need you. I was wrong to hang that picture. I am so sorry.

Kitty : Ah, it's all right.

Nora : No, it's not all right. I was trying to hang on to some image I had of your father instead of reaching out to you.

Saul : Paige is awake.

Nora : Come on.


Paige is wake up.

Saul : This is the best bottle of cheap wine I could find.

Kevin : Why not a really big, celebratory killer of a bottle?

Saul : Because sometimes, with wine, you want to celebrate a small victory. If you can find a modest surprise from a sturdy grape that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, you, my dear, are in sync with the rest of the world. Understand?

Tommy : I never understand you, Saul. But I like your wine.

Saul : Cheers.

Everybody : Cheers.


Kitty phones to Jonathan and Sarah talks with her.

Kitty : Ah, you know, he's actually being a lot more artful than I thought he would be. Wow. What a relief. Jonathan, I have to go. You know what? I'll call you tomorrow, and we'll plan a weekend somewhere, OK? Bye.

Kitty : Hey.

Sarah : Hey.

Kitty : What are you doing here?

Sarah : Oh, Joe stayed overnight at the hospital. I figured Cooper and I could use a sleepover.

Kitty : Hmm, yeah. How's Paige doing?

Sarah : She's asleep. She's stable, which is more than I can say for her mother. Oh... You were right about Paige. I'm sorry.

Kitty : Well, you were right about me. I never should have said anything to Joe.

Sarah : Oh, it's over, Kitty.

Kitty : No, no, I-I, you know, I just, sometimes, I get jealous.

Sarah : Of me?

Kitty : Mm-hmm.

Sarah : Get serious.

Kitty : It's true. I do. I'd trade lives with you in a second.

Sarah : I'm really gonna need you, Kitty. All of the doctors' appointments and work is

Kitty : Sarah. Hey, Sarah, I'm there.

Sarah : Oh, I just, I just realized, your show. Were they OK with you ?

Kitty : Oh, please. Yeah. You know, I didn't miss anything. I-I was right where I was supposed to be.

Sarah : Oh, you're the best. Oh.


Nora and Saul.

Nora : Saul.

Saul : You've got that look,that "Nora has a plan" look.

Nora : No. After a night like tonight, I have no plans, only questions.

Saul : What? What, what kind of questions?

Nora : Do you have feelings for Holly?

Saul : Feelings on a grand scale? No. Human sympathy, the beginning of a friendship? Yeah, maybe.

Nora : Well, if you ever decide or admit or discover there's more than that, you have my blessing, OK?

Saul : Sister? I appreciate your blessing, deeply. But I didn't ask for it.

Nora : I know.

Saul : And I don't need it.

Nora : That's fair. That's completely fair.


Justin and Tommy.

Justin : Hey, Bro. Can I talk to you for a sec?

Tommy : No.

Justin : Come on, man. Just let me talk.

Tommy : I meant what I said at the hospital, Justin. I'm done.


They take a new photo with everybody.

Kevin : What you need there is a big, ugly thing with macrame and twine, like a wall sculpture from the 60s.

Nora : From the flea market. We'll go together.

Kevin : Yeah, we'll call the guy I like and his boyfriend. They can meet us there.

Sarah : Ah, you took down the abomination. What are you gonna put there instead?

Kitty : Oh, it doesn't need anything. It's perfect just the way it is, emptiness.

Nora : Emptiness? No, no, no, no, no. There will be no emptiness in my house.

Sarah : So what are you gonna put there, Mom?


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