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#106 : Pour les enfants

Nora demande que la famille entière se rende à un banquet de charité qu'elle a organisé. Tommy et Julia essaient de concevoir un enfant mais Tommy finit par apprendre qu'il est stérile.

Kevin essaie de convaincre Scotty de l'accompagner au banquet en tant que petit ami. Les problèmes d'Ojaïe Food refont surface.


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Titre VO
For the children

Titre VF
Pour les enfants

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Amber Trachtenberg (Keri Lynn Pratt) et Kevin Walker (Matthew Rhys)

Amber Trachtenberg (Keri Lynn Pratt) et Kevin Walker (Matthew Rhys)

Amber Trachtenberg (Keri Lynn Pratt) et Kevin Walker (Matthew Rhys)

Amber Trachtenberg (Keri Lynn Pratt) et Kevin Walker (Matthew Rhys)

Kitty Walker (Calista Flockhart) danse avec Warren Salter (Josh Hopkins)

Kitty Walker (Calista Flockhart) danse avec Warren Salter (Josh Hopkins)

Nora Walker (Sally Field), Harry Packard (Robert Foxworth) et Margaret Packard (Meredith Baxter)

Nora Walker (Sally Field), Harry Packard (Robert Foxworth) et Margaret Packard (Meredith Baxter)

Tyler Altamirano (Marika Dominczyk) et Justin Walker (Dave Annable)

Tyler Altamirano (Marika Dominczyk) et Justin Walker (Dave Annable)

Tyler Altamirano (Marika Dominczyk) et Justin Walker (Dave Annable) dansent

Tyler Altamirano (Marika Dominczyk) et Justin Walker (Dave Annable) dansent

Sarah Walker (Rachel Griffiths) et Joe Whedon (John Pyper-Ferguson)

Sarah Walker (Rachel Griffiths) et Joe Whedon (John Pyper-Ferguson)

Sarah Walker (Rachel Griffiths) discute avec sa maman Nora Walker (Sally Field)

Sarah Walker (Rachel Griffiths) discute avec sa maman Nora Walker (Sally Field)

Sarah Walker (Rachel Griffiths), les larmes aux yeux

Sarah Walker (Rachel Griffiths), les larmes aux yeux

Sarah Walker (Rachel Griffiths) et Nora Walker (Sally Field) sont dehors, Saul Holden (Ron Rifkin) embrasse le front de Nora

Sarah Walker (Rachel Griffiths) et Nora Walker (Sally Field) sont dehors, Saul Holden (Ron Rifkin) embrasse le front de Nora

Kevin Walker (Matthew Rhys) et Scotty Wandell (Luke Macfarlane)

Kevin Walker (Matthew Rhys) et Scotty Wandell (Luke Macfarlane)

Scotty Wandell (Luke Macfarlane) et Kevin Walker (Matthew Rhys)

Scotty Wandell (Luke Macfarlane) et Kevin Walker (Matthew Rhys)

Sarah Walker (Rachel Griffiths) et Kitty Walker (Calista Flockhart) rigolent avec une autre femme

Sarah Walker (Rachel Griffiths) et Kitty Walker (Calista Flockhart) rigolent avec une autre femme

Kitty Walker (Calista Flockhart) et Sarah Walker (Rachel Griffiths)

Kitty Walker (Calista Flockhart) et Sarah Walker (Rachel Griffiths)

Nora Walker (Sally Field) vient voir Tommy Walker (Balthazar Getty) à sa table

Nora Walker (Sally Field) vient voir Tommy Walker (Balthazar Getty) à sa table

Nora Walker (Sally Field) et Kitty Walker (Calista Flockhart)

Nora Walker (Sally Field) et Kitty Walker (Calista Flockhart)


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Toute la famille se réunit pour se mettre d'accord pour ne pas aller à une soirée de charité car cela les ennuient et quand plus cela reviendra chère. La missionaire est choisi, c'est Sarah qui l'annoncera à Nora. Mais Nora arrive à avoir le dernier mot et Sarah n'ose plus rien dire.

Thomas et Julia essaient d'avoir un enfants, sans y arriver. Il va donc faire des tests chez le médecin qui lui annonce qu'il est stérile.

Lors de l'organisation pour la soirée, Harry, le mari d'une de ses meilleures amies, fait des avances à Nora qui s'en trouve choquée. Il lui explique qu'il avait compris qu'elle lui envoyer des signes.

Pour la soirée, Kitty invite Warren mais refuse car il sort avec une autre. Kevin invite Scotty qui refuse car il est serveur à la soirée. Justin invite Tyler qui accepte. Saul invite Holly.
Kitty voit Warren arriver avec Amber, à la soirée. En effat, Nora l'a invité pour qu'il soit maître de cérémonie. Julia avoue à la famille qu'elle espère être enceinte pour Noël. Cela met Thomas mal à l'aise, il sort donc de table. Lorsque Julia le rejoint, il lui avoue être stérile. Elle lui avoue qu'elle veut un enfant et sera heureuse quelque soit la manière d'y arriver.

Harry continue à être entreprenant avec Nora. Sa femme s'en apercoit et accuse Nora de draguer son mari. Nora n'a pas le temps de s'expliquer. Margaret et Nora trouve alors Julia et Thomas dans les vestiaires dans une situation compromettante.
Kevin embrasse Scotty dans la cuisine, il est alors renvoyé. Kevin le menace alors d'un procès. Le patron accepte alors de seulement lui donner un avertissement.

Nora tombe alors sur Holly aux toilettes, et elles se disputent. A table, Sarah avoue à Nora que l'entreprise à des difficultés et lui reproche de ne pas la remercier de tous les efforts qu'elle fait. Nora la rassure alors.

Holly dit alors à Saul de rejoindre sa famille, et alors il l'embrasse. A la fin de la soirée, tous les couples dansent sur le trottoir, histoire de prolonger la soirée.



Previously on Brothers and Sisters

I'm Amber. I'm your new intern.

You slept with her.

The $12 million? Put in back in the fund by the end of the year.

Where are we gonna find $12 million?

We find out where Dad put it.

Somebody has to know where that money is.

I can refer you to a forensic accountant.

If you want to leave, Nora...

Why? Just because my brother is over there with the woman who was sleeping with my husband?

For a long time, I didn't know about you and William, so many secrets he only shared with you.

Hey, boss.

We used to know each other. San Marino High.

I like you, and I feel completely and totally out of my league.

And the hardest thing is knowing when to give up.


He's gone.


Tommy and Julia are in their bedroom and they want to have a baby..

Julia : It's tantric. It's exactly like it is yoga.

Tommy : Please don't talk. Don't move. If you move, something really bad could happen.

Julia : Like what?

Tommy : Don't talk! Just hold it. Oh my God! I'm gonna pull a hamstring. This is the most uncomfortable position ever!

Julia : I promised one of my TTC friends I'd try it.

Tommy : You have to move...!

Julia : Shhh.

Tommy : God!

Julia : OK!

Tommy : Oh, Julia, there's gotta be an easier way to make a baby! God! What's TTC, anyway?

Julia : "Trying To Conceive." It's online.

Tommy : And this is what you talk about in your chatrooms? With strangers? Do I need to put a block on the computer?

Julia : You ready for round two?

Tommy : Actually, no. We don't have any time, we gotta go. We've gotta get over to Sarah's.

Julia : Uh-huh. You're not going anywhere.


The Walkers don't want to go to the benefit. They want to say it to Nora.

Kevin : Dude, thanks for coming.

Julia : Sorry! Sorry we're late everyone.

Sarah : OK, come on. We don't have much time to take control of the situation. And we have to stick together. That's the most important thing.

Justin : We should go on a road trip and, like, vanish into the desert.

Kevin : Yeah, for a year, which is how long it'll take for Mom to stop being mad at us.

Sarah : No, we have to stop this now or it will go on for the rest of our lives.

Kitty : What is the big deal? This is a benefit for the Pasadena Children's Hospital, for God's sakes.

Tommy : That's not the problem. It's Mom.

Sarah : And the night is staggeringly long!

Justin : We have to be this nauseatingly perfect smiling family until, like, four in the morning. It's awful. You're lucky you haven't been to one of these.

Julia : Just talk to her, guys. Tell her you don't wanna go this year.

Joe : I agree. What's the worst that can happen?

Kevin : Do you know what a War Crimes Tribunal looks like?

Justin : I had to go to war to get out of it! She practically called the White House to get me back for the night.

Tommy : Look, Sarah's right. We stick together, we're fine, but if anybody cracks, we're sunk.

Kevin : You know, I was kinda looking forward to it this year, you know? The theme is "Back to Broadway" and who doesn't love a musical?

Tommy : You are gay!

Kevin : What? So?

Sarah : Listen, no one is going to this thing. The company has to foot the bill and we can't afford it. We just can't be throwing money around right now. OK, so, I'm gonna tell Mom. All you guys have to do is hold your ground. The tyranny of Nora's Big Night is over!

Everybody : Cheers!


Sarah and Kitty talk after the dinner.

Kitty : What do you think the chances are that I'm gonna end up living with Mom and 18 orange cats for the rest of my life?

Sarah : 3 to 1.

Kitty : Hmm. So, this, ah thing that you are talking about, about how the company is paying for the benefit and not

Sarah : Yeah. Look, times are tough. We've had to make some big decisions, sell off a few divisions.

Kitty : A few divisons? Wow! Well, that would be tough times.

Sarah : Yeah, it was all stuff Dad was preparing to do, he just never got around to it.

Kitty : Well, is the company gonna be OK?

Sarah : It won't be the company we grew up with, but it will be fine. Listen, I need to be the one to tell Mom, OK? When I do, she'll understand why it's best if we don't go to this ridiculous fundraiser thing this year.

Kitty :These...financial problems that you're talking about. Did Did they have anything to do with Dad?

Sarah : They're not his fault, if that what you mean.

Kitty :OK, well, I gotta go. Let me know how it goes with Mom. Good night.

Sarah : Night, Baby.

Kitty :Thanks for the pizza.

Joe : You're welcome. Drive safe.

Kitty : Good night. Thanks.

Sarah : Oh!

Joe : You should've told her.

Sarah : Yeah. « Hey, Sis... You know, your father, who you worshipped and adored and still preach about on national television? Well, not only was he an adulterer, he was also an embezzler who stole million of dollars from his employees who worked tirelessly to make him rich in the first place. » Something like that?

Joe : Yeah.


Réunion for the benefit to Nora's house.

Woman : We're running out of time!

Woman : Ah, finding a replacement Master of Ceremonies 48 hours before the event, that's gonna be impossible.

Nora : I have a secret weapon I can tap: a celebrity who's on TV.

Harry : Your entire brood is coming this year, huh?

Nora : Kitty no longer has 3000 miles as an excuse. For the first time, all five of my children will be there.

Harry : That's why we do it. For the kids. Right?

Nora : Would anyone else like some coffee? I'm in desperate need of caffeine. Harry, your assistance is required in the kitchen.

Harry : You're doing well, aren't you? I heard you've already started dating.

Nora : What was that? Was that supposed to be charming, huh? Was I supposed to melt when you put your hand on my thigh like that? Or just enjoy it so much I would forget you're married to my friend who happens to be sitting across the table from us?

Harry : I just thought

Nora : I doubt that, Harry. And if you did, you thought very, very, very wrong.

Harry : I guess I just misinterpreted a signal.

Nora : A signal? I sent no signal, Harry. None. And I did not go out on a date. The only resemblance it had to a date was how disastrous it was!

Woman : Darling? Nora? Is coffee ready?

Nora : Coffee's ready.


Saul learn that William had another account but it's protect by a password.

Man : So, I studied the records you sent me. William Walker sold his stock to the company pension fund at an inflated price of $15 million. Proceeds from that sale went into his personal bank account for less than 24 hours.

Saul : Right, and then the money was wired out. I could never find out where, leaving us at a dead end.

Man : Because you're not a forensic acountant. The routing number on the outgoing wire transfer is registered to Prescott National, and that's a bank in Nevada.

Saul : And does William have an account there?

Man : No, the money went into an account held by Ricklean & Cabot. It's a small brokerage firm at Prescott.

Saul : So, let me guess, nobody at Ricklean & Cabot knows anything about William or if they do, they're not talking?

Man : The best that I could do was determine the number of the account at R&C. That's it. There. Now, they've got a website so clients can view the accounts remotely. Unfortunately, the trail stops at a password between 5 and 8 characters long with over a billion possible combinations.

Saul : In other words

Man : In other words, the odds of you ever seeing that money again are dependent upon one thing, Mr. Holden

Saul : What's that?

Man : How well did you know your brother-in-law?


Nora says to Sarah that she wants her children to the benefit.

Nora : The man fondled me under the table!

Sarah : Are you sure he didn't graze you?

Nora : Cows graze! This was a millimeter from heavy petting and what have I done to make every member of this family think I'm a psychosexual hysteric?

Sarah : Apart from misinterpreting a dinner invitation from an employee as a date?

Nora : You can't listen to Kitty. Republicans don't share a close relationship with the truth. OK, where the ad for the program? I have the printer saving an entire page for Ojai.

Sarah : Actually, Mom, Ojai's what I wanna talk to you about. It's sensitive.

Nora : Sarah, I'm your mother. There's nothing you could tell I wouldn't take completely in stride.

Sarah : Like when Kitty told you she wanted to campaign for Reagan?

Nora : That's different. She was 12. It was a security issue. Just tell me.

Sarah : OK, umm Money's tight. Sacrifices need to be made.

Nora : Well, I know $25,000 a table is very extravagant, but it's an extremely good cause.

Sarah : Acually, Mom, it's um...

Nora : No...

Sarah : It's

Nora : Listen to me, now... I know that you and your brothers would rather hammer nails into your foreheads

Sarah : mm hmm

Nora : than go to this every year, and ever year, I exert my maternal pressure to get you to go. And do you know why?

Sarah : Sadism?

Nora : Sarah, please, please, just listen to me.

Sarah : OK.

Nora : One night every year, I get to play out this secret fantasy of mine. I get to look at you all, this perfectly imperfect family that we are all dressed up and beautiful and I get to pretend we're that Great American Family our own version of the Kennedys.

Sarah : You know how that ended, right?

Nora : All right, it's a dumb fantasy. OK, but it's my fantasy and I don't know with everything that's happened this year, I just I just need it.

Sarah : $25,000 for the table?

Nora : Well, last year, the company gave $30,000 I was thinking $40,000 this year.

Sarah : $35,000, not $40,000.

Nora : $35,000 is good.


Tommy sees his doctor and he is sterile.

Doctor : Tommy.

Tommy : Hey. How are you doing, Doctor?

Doctor : Sorry to keep you waiting.

Tommy : Yeah. Hey, why'd you need to see me in person? Is everything OK?

Doctor : Please have a seat. When you came in here for your routine physical and requested we take a semen sample, what was your reason?

Tommy : What do you mean?

Doctor : I just wondered if there were symptoms and you were hesitant to tell us. A lot of the time, men don't like to talk about it.

Tommy : We want to have a baby. I figured, we have sex, a lot and I thought it would've taken by now. So, before I go ask Julia if she can get tested, I just, I wanted to make sure it wasn't me, you know?

Doctor : As it happens, Tommy, your body isn't producing any sperm. There's no easy way to say this, Tommy. You're sterile.


Kitty talks to Nora about the benefit.

Nora : You let him rattle you too much.

Kitty : Oh! Right yeah thanks.

Nora : Don't be sarcastic. Sarcasm is the refuge for people who know they are wrong and are on the ropes.

Kitty : I'm not on the ropes, Mother.

Nora : We have to go shopping. You need a dress for the benefit.

Kitty : Oh, you know, I have to get to work in a half an hour and I don't need a dress because I'm not going to the benefit. Oh, Mother, please don't look at me like I just confessed to a killing spree! Nobody is going to the event, nobody

Nora : All your brothers and sisters have confirmed.

Kitty : They did? Sarah did? She did?

Nora : She was the first one. She bought the table. Kitty, listen to me, if you're going to insist upon being this anti-social, non-participating, sad person all the time, people will think you're aloof.


Kitty phones to Sarah who accepted to go to the benefit.

Kitty : Sarah, Mom totally nailed me! Whatever happened to sticking together?

Sarah : I am so sorry. I just, it-it was so hard she, she started going on about the Kennedys and it was all over.

Kitty : Oh, she did not use that Kennedy fantasy on you? And you fell for it? You schmuck.

Sarah : She's used that before? Oh, God, she's good.

Kitty : You know what? You're gonna help me find a dress and, you know what? I'm tempted to make the company pay for it.

Sarah : No, you won't.

Kitty : Yes, I will

Sarah : Tommy, are you OK?

Tommy : Yeah, I'm fine.

Sarah : Oh, Saul, you have to sit with Mom tomorrow night. You're the only person who can handle her at this thing.

Saul : Well, I would, but...

Sarah : Oh, no, you cannot get out of this, OK? It is your brotherly duty.

Saul : Yeah, well, I'll be sitting at a different table this year.

Sarah : No, don't tell me.

Saul : I've asked Holly Harper to attend and I will forego your editorial.

Sarah : Editorial? Saul, you're dating my father's mistress. I can't imagine she's worth it.

Saul : I happen to believe that she is very much worth it.


Kitty invites Warren to the benefit. He sees someone.

Amber : It's not just that you're smart, you're cool. Like that thing on the Geneva Convention in a moral universe? Wow.

Jack : She's right, War. You skewered Kitty like a piece of chicken.

Kitty : I'm sorry, hello, hi. It's Kitty.

Jack : Hey, how are you?

Kitty : Did you say "piece of chicken?"

Jack : I meant a tough, insightful chicken. I have to go do, the uh something.

Amber : I thought you were both fantastic. Have a great weekend, Kitty.

Kitty : You, too. Actually, I was looking for you.

Warren : I was, ah, I was looking for you, too.

Kitty : Really?

Warren : Yeah.

Kitty : Do you wanna go first?

Warren : No, I think you should.

Kitty : OK. Um are you free tomorrow night? Well, there's this-this event that my mother is organizing, It's dreadful. It's full of old monied people.

Warren : And you want me to work the door?

Kitty : No, I want you to come with me.

Warren : As in be your date?

Kitty : As in a platonic, no hand on my knee, I'll open my own door, placeholder kind of date, but yes my date, nonetheless.

Warren : It wouldn't be appropriate.

Kitty : I'm sorry. Did you just say that it wouldn't be appropriate?

Warren : I've started seeing someone.

Kitty : Really? Oh..wow.

Warren : The point is, even if we went and had a good time, I wouldn't be able to sleep with you.

Kitty : Oh, no, that's not the point, Warren, because I didn't ask you to sleep with me. I just asked you to a stupid benefit. And you know what? I take it back. Hey, hey! How are you? We are gonna rock the house, Girlfriend!


Kevin invites Scotty but Scotty work there.


Kevin : You know, it-it's kind of stuffy, and pretentious but, um, the drinks and free, and um, it's an excuse to dress up.

Scotty : Sadly, I can't. I'm, I'm actually working that event.

Kevin : You're kidding.

Scotty : I wish I were.

Kevin : Well, can-can you get someone to fill in?

Scotty : It's not that. It's, It's kind of a lot of money, Kevin.

Kevin : Oh, OK. How much do you make on a night like that? Two, three hundred max? You know, I-I could reimburse you for lost wages.

Scotty : I'm truthfully a little insulted.

Kevin : Oh, oh, come on, that's, that's not what I meant, You know, it's it's it's just kind of a big deal for me, you know? My whole family will be there and I would, I would like to have you sitting next to me, you know, not serving ajai on toast.

Scotty : Now I am officially insulted.

Kevin : Oh, stop being so

Scotty : Stop being so what? You offered to pay me to be your date.

Kevin : It's not even your primary job, Scotty.

Scotty : Whether it's my day job or my night job doesn't matter. I'm a cater-waiter. You're going out with a cater-waiter. And unlike you, I actually take it seriously.


Joe talks to Nora about Ojai's financial situation.

Nora : Paige, Cooper, I'll be right back.

Paige : Don't do that! Ow! Stop it!

Nora : You kids alright?

Paige : Fine. Sorry, Grandma.

Joe : Hey, Nora. Wow, you look great.

Nora : Thanks.

Joe : They give you much trouble?

Nora : No. I like it when they destroy things. It reminds me not to be too attached to material objects.

Joe : Has it been that bad?

Nora : They're my grandkids. I don't take care if they take the roof off.

Joe : Appreciate it. The going rate for a sitter's $20 an hour, so...

Nora : Look, Joe, anything I can do to help. Sarah told me about the money issues.

Joe : Well, if anyone can keep Ojai out of bankruptcy, it's your daughter.

Nora : Bankruptcy?

Joe : Yeah I thought when

Nora : What's going on, Joe?

Joe : I think that you should wait to hear from Sarah.

Nora : Whatever you're afraid of Sarah doing to you, I'm her mother. It stands to reason I'm the one who taught her how. How bad is it?

Joe : It's pretty bad.


Justin invites his boss, Tyler to the benefit.

Justin : Payday. Sun is shining and I'm here for my moolah.

Tyler : See what happens when you show up to work sober?

Justin : Listen, ah, I have to go to this crazy family benefit thing tonight.

Tyler : Sorry, you're on the schedule. You're working, dude.

Justin : Ah, Julian's covering for me.

Tyler : Then, why'd you bring it up?

Justin : I was wondering if ah you know, now that I'm, like, a little less of a bonehead, if maybe you found me more attractive?

Tyler : Is that your way of asking me to go with you?

Justin : Maybe. Oh, they have great food, and it's kinda weird and cool.

Tyler : This is sorta last minute, Justin, and I

Justin : You're the boss. I mean, you're the man. You can take off whenever you want, right?

Tyler : Is it super formal?

Justin : No, it's L.A. Nothing is formal. I mean, you'd look great in a toga. You'd look really great in a toga. Look, it's for a great cause, I mean, it's a kids' hospital. It'll be rockin'...

Tyler : It's a date.

Justin : Great. Ah, so, I'll, ah, I'll pick you up at seven.


Discussion between Nora and Kitty.

Nora : Write the cheque. Everyone else has stepped up. Do you want me to tell the committee you're tapped out because you bought a picnic boat? $25,000. Yes. Yes. Ah, you're the best, Carla. Thank you.

Kitty : Does anybody ever tell you to bugger off?

Nora : We have to talk.

Kitty : You hate the dress?

Nora : It's about Ojai. Something horrible is going on with the company and Sarah is afraid to discuss it with me.

Kitty : How did you know?

Nora : How did you know? And why am I the very last person in this family to find out everything?

Kitty : Well, because Mother, you're so chill. Look, money is tight, and they're maybe going to sell one of the divisons or something, but I talked to Sarah and everything is going to be fine.

Nora : Joe made it sound a whole lot worse than that.

Kitty : Joe told you?

Nora : He let it slip, but I can't get him into trouble, so you have got to talk to Sarah and find out what is going on and get her to come to me. Remind her how understanding I can be. What?


Discussion between Tommy and Julia about a baby name.

Tommy : Wow! Somebody likes shopping.

Julia : All right, before you look at the price tags, I want you to know, I'm not keeping them both, so? What do you think?

Tommy : It's fine. Just like the other six black dresses in your closet.

Julia : Are you gonna be like this all night? It's just one evening and it's really important to your mother. Unzip me, please. I thought of a name today: Henry. Henry William. What do you think?

Tommy : Could be rough on a girl.

Julia : Girls' names are harder. Even the classics sound so trendy. Emily, Olivia, Alexandra, I want something unique. Maybe something with an "N" for your mother. Tommy? What is it?

Tommy : You look gorgeous, that's all. I'm gonna hop in the shower.


The Walkers arrive to the dinner.

Kitty : Oh, hi. Hi, Joe.

Joe : Hello, Gorgeous.

Kitty : OK, Sarah, real quick, I've been trying to call you all day. Mom told me that the company is in real trouble.

Sarah : She what?

Kitty : Yeah, apparently, Joe told her.

Sarah : Joe told her what?

Kitty : Well, he didn't mean to. He didn't know that you hadn't spoken to her yet, and you can't be mad at him you know just, let's

Sarah : Joe?

Kitty : Hi, Amber. Wow.

Amber : Kitty, isn't this so exciting?

Kitty : Yeah. No, it is. It is exciting. What are you doing here? Are you bringing me research or something?

Amber : You're so funny, Kitty. No, I was asked, at the last second.

Kitty : Asked? Asked by whom?

Amber : Um...

Warren : Oh, hello Kitty. You look wonderful.

Kitty : Oh, thanks. Thanks, Warren.

Nora : Warren, Warren, thank you, thank you. Thank you so much.

Kitty : Why are you thanking him and why are you kissing him?

Nora : Howie Mandel dropped out yesterday, I had to ask Warren to be our M.C. and he stepped in like the white knight that he is. Really

Kitty : That's great.

Nora : Kevin! Kevin! Sarah, Joe? Look at my children. You look so beautiful! I think it's time. Shall we make our entrance?


Discussion between Nora and Kitty.

Warren : Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the 20th Annual Pasadena Children's Hospital Fund Benefit. I am your M.C., Warren Salter, and even thought I play a pundit on TV, tonight we're here not for politics, but for the children.

Kevin : For the children? That would explain why he brought one.

Warren : Last year, Nora Walker and her tireless...

Nora : Look at it all! We did it!

Warren : ...raised over $200,000 dollars.

Nora : I'll talk to you later. Kevin, Scotty's here. He's working. You should talk to him.

Kevin : Yes, I will. Thank you, Mom. Excuse me.

Warren : Tonight, we plan on doubling...

Nora : You have to get your sister to talk to me.

Kitty : No, I am not doing you any more favors, Mom. How could you ask that man to host? How could you do such a thing?

Nora : I had no choice. He's the only D level celebrity I know, other than you, with all due respect, Honey, you can't be mad at people for who they bring to this, It's such a great cause.

Saul :Nora, Hi. Ah, you look so pretty.

Holly : Hello, Nora, Kitty You both look so stunning this evening.

Warren : Let's go back to Broadway.

Nora : Oh? Time to sit already? Well, I don't wanna be rude.

Saul : All right, well, I'm sure we'll see you later.

Kitty : Well, Mother, you can't be mad at people for who they bring to this. It's It's such a great cause.


Justin and Tyler arrive.

Tyler : No...Please tell me you didn't, Justin...Justin, it's a black and white ball. Are you color blind or just a total moron? I can't stay here. Take me home, now, please.

Justin : Wait, wait a second.

Tyler : We're sitting at the wicked table. I'm in green. They'll think I'm the Wicked Witch of the West.

Justin : Wait...just don't worry, OK? Here, put this on.

Tyler : Nice moves. You see that in some movie?

Justin : Yeah, the one where the guy gets the girl.


Scotty : They look hungry at Camelot.

Kevin : Could we please talk for a second?

Scotty : I'm actually working right now. And you don't wanna get caught talking to the help.

Kevin : OK, you're still mad, I get it.

Scotty : Well, at the moment, I have to make sure that everyone at Pippen gets their drinks. We'll talk a little bit later, OK?

Kevin : Well, can I have one?

Scotty : I'm not your waiter. Get it yourself.


The Walkers moved to their table.

Sarah : I can't believe you told Mom.

Joe : All I know is that you told me you were gonna tell her.

Sarah : Well, one might be more careful when one casually drops a word like bankruptcy.

Kitty : Sarah, you know, you have got to talk to Mom.

Sarah : Kitty, it's not that simple.

Amber : Oh, goody! There are you, Kitty. Warren said we're dining with you.

Kitty : Oh? Oh, that's great. That's great. You know, you can yeah, there's a seat right over there for you. Did she just say "goody"?

Sarah : Yeah.

Tommy : Hey, everybody.

Julia : Hi.

Sarah : Oh, Julia, you look beautiful.

Justin : Hey, everyone, this is Tyler. She's my boss.

Tyler : But, tonight, I'm just his inappropriately-dressed date.

Sarah : No, don't tell me. Someone forgot to tell you it was a black and white event? Oh, Kevin, did you see? Scotty's here.

Kevin : Yeah, I know. I know. Thank you.

Julia : Oh, no, I'd better not.

Kevin : Are you sure? You may need it for the live auction.

Sarah : Is there something you guys wanna tell us?

Julia : No, not yet.

Tommy : Honey...

Sarah : Have you guys finally decided to start trying?

Julia : I'm hoping to be pregnant by Christmas.

Sarah : You know, Paige was asking for a cousin just last week.

Julia : Really?

Nora : This is wonderful news! Wonderful! I think it calls for a toast. Everyone, please raise your glasses. To Tommy and Julia, who are finally going to start to fulfill their end of the bargain and give me lots of beautiful grandchildren.

Sarah : To Tommy and Julia.

Everybody : Cheers!

Tommy : Yeah, cheers. I gotta I gotta go to the bathroom.

Julia : OK.

Amber : You must be Mrs. Walker. I've heard so many great things about you.

Nora : From Kitty?

Amber : No, Warren.

Kevin : Ah, Amber, you wanna dance?

Amber : Sure. I love old music.

Warren : Where did Amber just go?

Kitty : Oh, you know, they just opened up the kids' buffet.

Warren : That's funny. Come on, if you're going to insult me, at least do it on the dance floor.

Kitty : Well, I can do that.


On the dancefloor.

Kevin : Look, I know we barely know each other, but could you could you please be honest with me?

Amber : Sure. I'm a bad liar, anyway.

Kevin : If you were kinda dating this guy and he said he would pay for you not to come as a catering waiter to this event tonight, but as his date, is, is that so bad?

Amber : Yes.

Kevin : OK, let me rephrase that. If a guy you were kinda dating

Amber : You can't buy someone's time. It's all tied to pride and the work ethic, like Sigmund Freud said.

Kevin : What did Freud say?

Amber : He said, "Love and work are the cornerstones of our human-ness."

Kevin : Wow. Do people underestimate you a lot?

Amber : It goes with the hair.


Justin : Yeah, I mean, I just met her Mom, she's So, are you having fun? You seem a little are you all right?

Nora : Yeah.

Harry : May I cut in?

Nora : No, I'm so sorry, Harry, I'm trying to catch up with my son.

Justin : We're all caught up. Go for it, Mr. D. Enjoy.

Nora : Harry, I'm telling you, if you make a fool out of me, I'll cut your nuts off.


Warren : I think we should try something.

Kitty : Oh? What would that be? A menage?

Warren : No, it's called a truce.

Kitty : When did she happen? How did she happen?

Warren : I know she's younger...

Kitty : No "~er." Drop the "~er." Ugh, I can't believe I broke up with him. I ended an engagement only to find out that you're dating Malibu Barbie.

Warren : You broke up with Jonathan because of what was wrong with you two not because of what was right with us. Don't spin it now that you're available, and I'm not.

Kitty : Oh, OK. You're right.

Warren : I am?

Kitty : Yes, and I'm sorry.

Warren : You are?

Kitty : Is is that hard to believe that I have the capacity to acknowledge that I might be wrong about something?

Warren : Do you want me to answer that?

Kitty : No. I just want you to keep on dancing.


Tommy says to Julia he is sterile.

Julia : Been looking for you.

Tommy : Hey, sorry, I just, I was getting claustraphobic.

Julia : I didn't mean to embarass you. I just having a baby is all I think about, I thought you'd feel more comfortable if you saw your family's reaction. You're just not ready, are you?

Tommy : Is that what you think, Jules? I want this baby so, bad.

Julia : Tommy?

Tommy : Can Can we Can we go somewhere more private?

Julia : Yeah.

Tommy : You have no idea how badly I wish I could fix this, do something

Julia : How long have you known?

Tommy : Since yesterday. I am so sorry I let you down. I'm sorry.

Julia : It's not your fault. Tommy having children with you would make me the happiest woman in the world, but, I don't care how we have them.

Tommy : God, I love you.

Julia : I love you. Tommy?

Tommy : Yeah?

Julia : What are we doing?


On the dancefloor.

Kevin : So, it was a bad idea, offering to pay?

Tyler : Not if the person you offered to pay is a hooker.

Kevin : Yeah, you're right. Oh well, "La Bamba" is my cue to leave any dance floor immediately. Sorry. Go, Twinkletoes.

Tyler : I think your brother is getting very drunk.

Justin : I know, and it's so cool it's not me, right? Whoa! Not too bad!

Nora : Harry, I really got to go, I got I got

Holly : I don't think your sister is happy.

Saul : Well, give her time.

Holly :I don't mean it that way. She looks afraid for her life.

Saul : She's dancing with Harry Packer. She should be.

Nora : Oh, Harry. Harry, you are on thin ice and you're jumping up and down.

Harry : Ooh, I like it when you're stern with me, Nora.

Nora : Ooh! Harry!

Woman : Harry!

Nora : Margaret. Margaret, I'm so sorry you had to witness that.

Woman : So am I. One of my very best friends making a pass at my husband!

Harry : Margaret, I can explain this--

Woman : Shut up, Harry. We're going home.

Nora : Margaret--

Woman : I defended you. llana Sparrow told me. She said that without a doubt you'd go after someone else's husband before Christmas.

Nora : What?

Woman : I just didn't think it'd be mine.

Tommy : Mom?

Julia : Oh, God, Nora.

Nora : Tommy!

Woman : Like mother, like son. No sense of decency. Is that my mink?


Scotty forgive Kevin.

Scotty : On a professional level, I'm asking you, please leave me alone right now.

Kevin : Look, all I wanted to do was take you a nice dress-up party with my family and now it's just turned into a quagmire.

Scotty : We'll talk about this later when you're sober and I'm not at work.

Kevin : I never get like this, OK? I never lose control over anyone.

Scotty : Am I supposed to be flattered?

Kevin : Yes, so could you please forgive me so I can stop getting drunk? I promise, I'll never offer to pay for anything ever again, not a dinner or a movie, or not even a parking meter.

Scotty : OK. Enough. I forgive you.

Kevin : Really?

Scotty's boss : Scotty Wandell. That's it, you're fired.

Kevin : It's OK. Wait here. Even wasted, I can handle this one.

Boss : Stations 4 and 5 need bussing. Look, I am sorry to fire your little boyfriend back.

Kevin : Scott's not just my little boyfriend, he's also my little client. I'm an attorney.

Boss : Look, don't make this into a gay thing. I'd have done the same thing if you were a chick.

Kevin : Would all your employees, past and present, confirm that? I'll tell you why, because first thing tomorrow morning, we'll be asking all of them. I'll do that after scheduling the depositions and I'll leave yours till last 'cause you'll be way too busy answering the mountain of interrogatories we'll be serving you.

Boss : Maybe I should've given Scott a warning first. My fault.

Kevin : Maybe, but speaking as a guest, Scott's a really hard worker, so if I were you, I'd give him a raise.


Discussion between Saul and Holly.

Saul : I can't tell you how beautiful you look tonight, Holly. Really. Look at this. Everybody is staring at you.

Holly : I hope that's not because...

Saul : Oh, no, no, no, please. Don't be silly. You're gorgeous.

Holly : I'll be right back.

Saul : OK.

Holly : I'm gonna go powder my nose.

Saul : Who's this? Is that your daughter?

Holly : Yeah.

Saul : What's her name again?

Holly : Her name's Becky.

Saul : Becky. That's right, Becky. She's in college, right?

Holly : She was. She's now doing an Independent Study if you know what I mean.

Saul : Beautiful.

Holly : I'll be right back.

Saul : OK. Rebecca Rebecca


In the bathroom with Nora and Holly.

Nora : Darn it. Have you got a bobby pin? I thought I put one in here.

Woman : Sorry.

Nora : Take more than a bobby pin to fix this evening. Have you got children?

Woman : Four of them. All grown now.

Nora : So are mine, but not tonight, they're not. No, no, no tonight they're not grown. They're monsters. That's what they are, and you wanna know why? Because their father was a fornicating cheat who kept a harlot for years. And now they're furious. You wanna know what else? The fornicatress is amongst us tonight, brought by my brother. How do you like that?

Woman : My brother married my sister-in-law after she had married my uncle and they all ended up in jail in Galisteo, New Mexico for selling the mushrooms.

Nora : Holly

Holly : Nora, here. If you're really in a pinch, you won't mind sharing.

Nora : Oh, I think I've shared quite enough with you already.

Holly : I don't know what the etiquette is in our situation, but at what point am I allowed to be rude back?

Nora : You'll forgive me if I don't know what to do about you!

Holly : Well, stop seeing me as the woman who slept with your husband.

Nora : And what? Start seeing as you as the woman who is manipulating the affections of my brother?

Holly : Don't you want your brother to be happy? The sad thing is, Nora, neither one of us really got what we wanted.


The bids for win a travel in New Zealand. Sarah talks about Ojai.

Warren : And next up, the big ticket item. A family vacation for 8 to New Zealand, so go ahead and outbid your friends without guilt.

Justin : Speaking of guilt, how was the public sex?

Tommy : Oh, shut up.

Nora : Justin, please. It's not funny. We're literally laughing-stocks.

Kevin : Oh, come on, don't be ashamed. A good sex scandal never hurt anyone.

Kitty : Well, it's very "Kennedy," isn't it? To be part of some luridly, glamorous sex scandal?

Nora : There is nothing amusing about anything that's gone on here tonight.

Julia : Nora, I am so sorry. I am beyond mortified.

Sarah : Julia, could you please stop apologizing? Could we all just stop pretending that we're perfect people? Just for 14 seconds?

Joe : That would be great.

Warren : Just remember, it's unbelievable countryside, fine dining.

Nora : Sarah, you have no reason to be angry at your husband, I forced it out of him and I'm sure your sister, Kitty, has told you, I know everything.

Sarah : You don't know anything.

Nora : If the company is in trouble, if the two of you have done something that you should tell me..

Sarah : We've done something?

Nora : I shouldn't be kept in the dark. It wasn't just your father that built Ojai, it was me, too, raising you kids all by myself, that afforded him the luxury to build a company in the first place.

Sarah : "Company"? If we have a roof over our head in three months, we'll be doing very well.

Nora : No, no, no. If it were that bad, your father would have told me.

Sarah : Because he shared so much? The company's dying, Mom, now if you wanna blame me, blame me, or perhaps, in your all-knowing wisdom and mother-ness you could save it somehow so that we could keep coming to this wretched event year after year!

Warren : 26? Going once...Going twice.

Nora : Sarah!

Warren : Sold! To the lovely and generous Mrs. Nora Walker for $25,800.Nora Walker!

Nora : No!

Kevin : Yeah!

Kitty : Mom, Mom, you bid. No, no, you did. You bid.

Nora : I didn't!

Kitty : You bid!

Nora : I didn't.

Kevin : Well, listen, I-I always wanted to see New Zealand. No one knows us there. Maybe we could move there. No?


Nora talks to Sarah about Ojai.

Nora : Sarah. Joe, could I have a few moments with my daughter, please? You walked into it, didn't you? When you joined the company, and you didn't know what you'd walked into, right?

Sarah : Dad sold a million dollars worth of stock back to the company but he inflated the value. Ojai paid $15 million for it. $15 million we can't find.

Nora : $15 million?

Sarah : He used the pension fund to cover the short-fall. Saul tried and tried to hold it together and so did I and so did Tommy. But, we're sinking fast.

Nora : Oh God!

Sarah : Oh, Mom. I never knew anything could be this hard. We we can't catch a break. There's never any good news. I work and work and I miss my children, and I don't recognize myself anymore.

Nora : Oh, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry I wasn't there. You never asked me for anything. You act so self-sufficient all the time.

Sarah : I got that from you, Mom. I watched you power through life. You had Kitty to fight with, Kevin to admire, Justin to baby, Tommy to lean on, what were you thinking about me all that time?

Nora : What was I thinking? I was thinking I was I am in awe of you, Sarah. You became the woman I always wanted to be. And you did it all without losing your softness or your goodness. I love all my children, but I have so much respect for you, Sarah. All of that and you gave me two of the most perfect grandchildren on Earth. You're not a daughter, Sarah. You're the damn trifecta.

Sarah : You rock, Ma. You just do.


Everybody is outside and they dance.

Holly : You should go and find your sister. She needs you now. Your family needs you.

Saul : What are you talking about? I can't leave you alone like that.

Holly : I'll grab a taxi. Imagine we were in New York. You'd think nothing of it. Go on. I'll be upset if you don't.

Saul : It's been a wonderful night.

Holly : It has.

Scotty : Compliments of the management.

Sarah : Fabulous.

Justin : Hey, all, what's the skinny?

Julia : Scotty, how nice.

Joe : Would you care to dance?

Sarah : No, honey, I don't wanna go inside.

Joe : Who said anything about going back inside?


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