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#111 : Thérapie de groupe

Holly annonce à Saul, Sarah et Tommy qu'elle veut un bureau et un emploi à Ojaï Food. Nora décide alors aussi de venir travailler à l'entreprise, et se retrouve dans le même bureau que Holly.

Kitty hésite encore à accepter le poste du sénateur, à cause de ses opinions sur le mariage homosexuel. Justin continue sa cure de désintoxication.


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Family day

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Thérapie de groupe

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Holly Harper (Patricia Wetting) rencontre Saul Holden (Ron Rifkin)

Holly Harper (Patricia Wetting) rencontre Saul Holden (Ron Rifkin)

Sarah Walker (Rachel Griffiths)

Sarah Walker (Rachel Griffiths)

Holly Harper (Patricia Wetting)

Holly Harper (Patricia Wetting)

Justin Walker (Dave Annable) se livre

Justin Walker (Dave Annable) se livre

Justin Walker (Dave Annable)

Justin Walker (Dave Annable)

Kitty Walker (Calista Flockhart) et Nora Walker (Sally Field)

Kitty Walker (Calista Flockhart) et Nora Walker (Sally Field)

Holly Harper (Patricia Wetting) propose des bouteilles

Holly Harper (Patricia Wetting) propose des bouteilles

Nora Walker (Sally Field)

Nora Walker (Sally Field)


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Après que Justin est été retrouvé inconscient, il se retrouve en cure de désintoxication. Il reçoit les visites de Nora, Kitty, Sarah et Kevin qui veulent lui montrer qu'il n'est pas seul, et qu'il a des personnes qui l'aiment. Tout le monde lui raconte les dernières nouvelles comme Holly qui veut devenir une des actionnaires de la compagnie, et en plus elle veut des bureaux dans les locaux, avec le reste de l'équipe de direction.

Dans une premier temps Sarah et Thomas sont contre cette idée, mais elle les menacent de vendre les actions à leurs concurrents directs. Ils n'ont donc plus de choix. Quand Nora apprend qu'Holly travaille activement au sein de l'entreprise, elle décide de faire pareil. Finalement, les deux femmes se retrouvent dans le même bureau. Holly est contente d'y travailler mais Nora finit par démissioner car elle ne se sent pas utile.

Kevin reproche à Kitty de vouloir travailler pour le sénateur McCallister. En effet, ce dernier est opposé au mariage des homosexuels. Kitty lui dit qu'elle n'a pas encore accepté le poste qu'on lui propose. Elle demande par ailleurs, à McCallister pourquoi il veut l'engager elle, alors qu'il la connait à peine. C'est seulement une histoire de confiance. Kitty lui avoue qu'elle préfére plus le connaître avant de prendre une décision. Il l'invite alors alors à passer une journée dans un ranch avec lui.

Au ranch, elle lui pose des questions sur divers sujets, comme le mariage homosexuel. Il lui dévoile alors que son propre frère est homosexuel, et qu'il n'a rien contre eux.

Sarah découvre que Gabe a bu de la vodka, elle en parle à joe qui minimise son action. Elle commence alors à le prévenir de ne pas prendre la situation à la légère s'il ne veut pas rendre visite à son fils dans un centre de désintoxication, dans quelques années, comme elle vient de faire avec son frère.

Au sujet de Justin, toute la famille doit se réunir pour lui faire part de leurs sentiments à son égard et inversement. Mais Justin n'a pas réellement le temps de parler car tout le monde en profite pour régler leurs comptes. Justin ne veut pas de traitement de faveur, qu'on arrête de lui trouver des excuses, il veut être traiter comme un membre de la famille à part entière, pour sa propre personne.


Kitty talks to Justin.

Maya : The light within me salutes the light within you. With our awareness on our breath, let's slowly exhale. Namaste.

Justin : Namaste. Wow, that was awesome, Maya. Seriously, I can hardly move, but somehow I'm completely energized.

Maya : Thanks, Justin. You're getting a lot stronger.

Justin : Listen, I'm gonna get a mango smoothie. You want one? I'm buying.

Maya : I'm allergic to mangoes. They make my lips swell up.

Justin : Well, we wouldn't want that. Um, what about a banana smoothie?

Maya : Justin, I'm on staff here. I can't date patients.

Justin : Doesn't have to be

Woman : Mr. Walker? You have a visitor.

Justin : Oh!

Kitty : Only in California would a rehab look like this. Oh! You know, when I came in, I think I saw that guy with the funny hair. You know, the one that hosts that reality show? But, what's his, uh, what's his name?

Justin : The anonymity pledge prevents me from telling you his name. But, I will tell you this. That's not his hair.

Kitty : Mm. So, how's it going?

Justin : It's good. I mean, they make me go to, like, four different kinds of therapy a day, and for the last three weeks, I've done nothing but talk about myself. So, as a matter of fact, I'm actually sick of me. How are you doing? Is that senator still chasing you down to take that job?

Kitty : Mm-hmm. He wants to meet and discuss it. But, you know, I'm just I'm not right for that. I mean, I think I'm just better at complaining about politicians than I am working for one.

Justin : Yeah, but, like, isn't this your chance to sort of play the game instead of doing the color commentary? And he's good-looking, and he's Republican. I don't know much, but I do know that is super rare.

Kitty : I don't know. I just I can't figure out why me?


Kiity and Robert are in his office.

Robert : You're perfect for this job.

Kitty : I have zero experience in national politics.

Robert : That didn't stand in the way of our president.

Kitty : Oh, well, I'm not sure that he's your best example.

Robert : You didn't spin the story about asking me to keep your brother out of Iraq. You took responsibility. The party needs more honest people like you.

Kitty : Still, it doesn't make any sense. Why me?

Robert : You know, I'm beginning to think you have either alarmingly low self-esteem or you're relentlessly fishing for compliments. You can't possibly be that blind to your own value. Thank you.

Kitty : We've talked twice once on-camera for about probably 20 minutes. I don't even buy shoes without walking around in them longer than that.

Robert : You see these shoes? I bought 'em on the Internet, sight unseen, never had a problem. I'm a very good judge of quality, Miss Walker, and how things are gonna fit.

Kitty : Did you just compare me to shoes?

Robert : You started it. The point is, you don't know me well enough to offer me the number two spot on your team. All right. Come up to my place in Santa Barbara. I'll take a crash course in Kitty Walker.

Kitty : Right, and we'll start with how I don't date potential employers, especially those who are going through a divorce.

Robert : Well, I think we just ruled out low self-esteem. You'll have lunch and a professional conversation. If you consider that a date, then your social life must be pretty lame.

Kitty : It is.

Robert : That I can't help you with.


Kevin and Kitty are talking about her job with Robert.

Kevin : You can't be serious.

Kitty : Kevin, I didn't say that I was gonna take it. I just said that I was considering it.

Kevin : Why you?

Kitty : Well, what the hell does that mean?

Kevin : Because it's completely absurd. You can't work for this guy.

Kitty : Why? Why, Kevin? Because he's a Republican?

Kevin : No, because he's against gay marriage.

Kitty : There are lots of people in the world, Kevin, for instance, me, who have no problem with gay people, but still believe that marriage is fundamentally a religious institution that has nothing to do with the state, and that does not discount civil unions or domestic partnerships or anything that you

Kevin : Oh, come on, Kitty. That's just a cover that people like you provide for people like him who hate people like me.

Kitty : Oh, Kevin, please. Let's not make it personal.

Kevin : I'm s personal? Kitty, in ten years in 20 years, when I'm finally mature enough to sustain a committed relationship, I would like to settle down and get married. That's personal.

Kitty : That's improbable.

Kevin : Don't take this job, Kitty. I'm warning you. It'll cause a great deal of pr--

Kitty : Wait a minute. Wait, wait, wait. Wait a minute. You're you are warning me?

Kevin : No, I'm just saying

Kitty : Well, don't. Don't say anything. Because I don't want to hear what you have to say.


Sarah and Justin.

Sarah : Kevin and Kitty had this huge fight, and they never fight, ever.

Justin : You know, actually, uh, I met Senator McCallister once. He came to Afghanistan to talk to the troops. I mean, dude's like a war hero.

Sarah : Oh, well, Kevin says he's a political gay basher. Plus there's the nanny scandal. Personally, I think he's gorgeous, so it clouds my judgment.

Justin : Well, you can always tell Kevin he put on an apron and cooked blueberry pancakes for the entire base. That might help.

Sarah : No, no, no. You know what? I'm staying out of it. You know, I've got enough on my hands with Ojai.

Justin : I thought you hit, like, paydirt.

Sarah : Yeah, we did, literally. The land's worth twice what Dad invested, but the dirt also pays Holly, and as one of the beneficiaries, she's suddenly rich. She put half back into the company long story, don't ask leaving her one of our larget single shareholders. She's coming in this afternoon, which should be about as much fun as a root canal. Oh, Honey, I gotta go. You look good. Hang in there, Babe.


Holly comes to Ojai to work.

Holly : I want an office here at Ojai. I don't want to be a passive stockholder. I want to be a part of this company.

Sarah : Well, that's just not possible. You can vote at the stockholder meeting.

Holly : Well, possibly I made a- a mistake. Um, maybe I should sell my stock.

Sarah : OK.

Tommy : Yeah. That might be the best. I hate to break this up, but we have a meeting to go to.

Sarah : Oh, yeah, that meeting.

Saul : Can we talk about this later?

Holly : I think Westco Food might be interested in buying them, or one of your other competitors. And that would make your stockholder meetings pretty interesting.

Sarah : Why don't you tell us what you have in mind?

Holly : I have a number of projects that I have been considering.

Sarah : "Projects." That's so cute. It's adorable. It's not how business is done. There's a process. Everything is vetted.

Holly : Do you think it is possible for you to listen to anything I say objectively?

Sarah : Um, we'll find you an office. Just try to stay out of the way.


Nora and Justin.

Nora : She's working there?

Justin : I thought you knew.

Nora : No.

Justin : Everybody's coming here and telling me stuff, OK? It's--It's making me really tense.

Nora : Don't. No, honey, honey, honey, honey, honey, don't. Don't get tense. I-- are they feeding you enough here?

Justin : Ma, you know, I gotta go. I'm gonna be late for arts and crafts.

Nora : All right, all right, all right. Love you!


Nora is talking to Sarah and Saul about Holly.

Saul : It's not as if we have much choice, Nora.

Nora : What's she planning on doing here?

Sarah : We're not exactly sure.

Nora : I want an office, too.

Sarah : Mom, if you're trying to drive me crazy, I can walk from here.

Nora : I can counteract her.

Sarah : Who counteracts you ?

Nora : Despite what you might think, in between changing your diapers and reading "The Velveteen Rabbit" 13,000 times, I actually helped your father build this company from a 200-acre farm to what it is today.

I worked in budgeting and-and hiring. And-and a lot of other things. It's like riding a bike.

Sarah : Right off a cliff.

Saul : Look, Nora, the situation is awkward enough for me without you

Nora : I look forward to seeing you both here tomorrow morning bright and early.

Saul : Oh, someone accept my resignation, please.

Sarah : Oh, stop it, Saul. If anyone's resigning, it's me. Just take a breath.

Saul : You tell me what we're supposed to do and I'll decide whether I should breathe or not after that.

Sarah : We'll do exactly what they both want us to do.

Saul : What does that mean?

Sarah : We'll give them enough rope to hang each other.


Nora works to Ojai too.

Nora : Good morning. I realize this is a bit awkward, but with the company in such a positive place, I figured it was time for me to step up to the plate.

Holly : Have you decided ?

Nora : Yes. I'm going to be working here.

Holly : Excuse me if I seem a little shocked.

Nora : Just so you know, it was not my idea to double up, but we're so short on office space around here.

Holly : Yeah, Sarah mentioned that.

Nora : Well, shall we get to work?

Holly : Yeah, it's very exciting. I am having the best time.

Nora : I'm so glad. I took the liberty of bringing you a latte.

Holly : Great. Great. OK, I'll get back to you at the end of business.

Nora : Oh, Oh, OK. I I didn't I Wow. They make those little headsets so tiny. I I didn't know you were talking to somebody else.

Holly : Just vendors.

Nora : Ah.

Holly : Thank you.

Nora : It's non-fat, but don't be insulted. I just order out of habit.

Holly : Very considerate of you.

Nora : I like to stop and pick one up every morning. If you would like, I would pick you up one, too.

Holly : Yeah, only if you let me pay for yours.

Nora : Oh, nonsense. We'll start a coffee fund. That way, whoever's buying the coffee, they just. You look very busy.

Holly : Just rolling calls.

Nora : Oh, are you roll. You're rolling calls.

Holly : I gotta take this. Holly Harper.

Nora : Have to take that.

Holly : Hey, Paul!

Nora : I feel like an idiot. I have nothing to do. And I refuse to just sit there and watch her while she seems to be running a multinational corporation. I'm just twiddling my thumbs.

Sarah : Well, I've gotta get to work. Tommy, why don't you sort it out? Find something for Mom to do with her thumbs.

Nora : God, this office is drab. Hasn't anyone ever thought about hanging some curtains?

Tommy : You want to be in charge of that?

Nora : No. Nice try, though.

Tommy : OK. OK, fine. Do you know how to create invoices for the shipping department?

Nora : I'll learn.

Tommy : All right. Let's go.


Sarah is at home with Gabe and Paige.

Sarah : Hey, ho.

Paige : Hi, Mommy!

Sarah : Hey, Sweet Pea. Thanks for walking the kids home, Gabe.

Gabe : No problem.

Sarah : Oh. Would you mind taking the trash cans out to the curb?

Gabe : Now?

Sarah : Please.

Gabe : All right.

Sarah : OK. Thanks, Babe. Paige?

Paige : Yeah?

Sarah : Who opened this bottle? It's OK, you can tell me. Was it Gabe? Oh, honey. Run upstairs. I'll be right up to give you your shot. Gabe?

Gabe : Yeah?

Sarah : Where's the vodka?

Gabe : It's in my backpack.

Sarah : Get it. Now. Thank you.

Gabe : I'm sorry. I was just I'm sorry, ok? Just please don't tell my Dad, OK? Please. Please.


Kevin wants to talk with Kitty about her job with Robert.

Kitty : Hey. What did you do, relocate your office?

Kevin : You accused me before of taking things too personally. So,I've compiled some research on McCallister's voting record.

Kitty : Oh, my God, Kevin. You are unbelievable.

Kevin : You know, I just thought we should talk about this.

Kitty : You know what? This is not talking. This is litigating.

Kevin : I'm actually talking. It would be nice if you listened.

Kitty : This reminds me of the time when you thought I stole your Walkman, and you cross-examined me for an hour.

Kevin : It wasn't a cross-examination. You weren't under oath.

Kitty : Oh, that's right. Lawyers are not made, they're born. OK, fine, Counselor. Talk.

Kevin : This is a copy of the Republican-sponsored constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, which your boss voted for.

Kitty : He's not my boss. You know what? You and I have argued about these issues for years. We have agreed to disagree a hundred times. You've never had a problem before.

Kevin : That's because before it was just rhetoric.

Kitty : No. No, it's never been "just rhetoric."

Kevin : You know, when people ask me, How can you let your sister spew all that right-wing garbage on television and not disown her?

Kitty : Oh, nice.

Kevin : I tell them it's because I know she loves me. I know she wants what's best for me and what's best for this country. But the day you start working for that guy, It's not about what you believe in anymore. It's about what he does, and there's not one single thing in all this legislation, all these speeches, that suggests he will do what's best for me. In fact, there's a lot of evidence to the contrary. All I'm asking is that you consider that before saying yes to this offer. That's all.

Kitty : Fine. I will.

Kevin : Really?

Kitty : Mm-hmm, really. Well, you know, why is it that this family thinks that I am incapable of rational conversation?

Kevin : Well

Kitty : Uh, uh, mm-hmm. Court is adjourned.


Kevin and Justin.

Kevin : I mean, you know, I think I got through to her, But I, I can't be sure. Has she said anything to you about McCallister? Are you not able to talk? Is this some kind of therapeutic exercise? Would you like to pass me notes?

Justin : Look, I'm not telling you anything, OK? Every time I open my mouth, someone in this family has a fight. Look, I need you to do me a favor, all right? Thursday is Family Day. Spread the word. You guys are up.

Kevin : Up for what?

Justin : I-it's part of group therapy, all right? They call on our families, and you guys participate in group.

Kevin : And when you say participate, you mean

Justin : I mean you share your feelings. The-the whole family does.

Kevin : Have you told them about our ? I-I mean, warned them about our family? Hey, what if I bring back, like, just say two of us, me and Tommy?

Justin : No, look, it has to be everyone. This is non-negotiable, Kevin I need everyone there.

Kevin : OK. OK. I guess we could use a little therapy.


To Ojai with Nora and Tommy.

Nora : Ojai Foods, always fresh. Please hold on. Ojai Foods, always fresh. Please hold on. Ojai Foods, may I help you? I understand. You need accounting. Oh, I'm sorry. I gave you the storage room. Yes, please hold on. Sir, there is no need to shout, and there is certainly no need for you to shout so loudly. Please hold on.

Tommy : Gladys, is there something wrong with the phones? People aren't getting through.

Nora : Yeah?

Tommy : Ah. Well, this makes sense.

Nora : I'm filling in.

Tommy : Please, until Gladys gets back from the bathroom, right?

Nora : Ojai Foods. Please hold on. Ojai Foods, always fresh. Please hold on. Uh, her son is playing in a basketball game today very important game.

Tommy : He's 10. How important can it be?

Nora : Ojai Foods, always fresh. Please hold on. Tommy, I'm surprised at you. And you're gonna be a parent soon? Ojai Foods. What?

Tommy : Doug? Doug! We could use a hand with the phones.

Nora : Please hold on. Oh, OK. Doug, listen to me. If they start to shout, just hang up. There's no reason for you to put up with that kind of behavior. Yeah.

Tommy : Don't hang up on them, all right? Mom, the shipping department never got their invoices this morning.

Nora : Well, I got a little backed up.

Tommy : Well, just get 'em down there ASAP.

Nora : Tommy, let me just tell you this. You could improve performance all around if you use the word please every now and then.

Tommy : Oh. Yeah. Whoa! What the hell is this?

Nora : It's a puppy. What a good puppy. Oh! Hi! Ho, ho, ho, ho. I thought it might be nice if people brought their dogs to work occasionally.

Tommy : You nice?

Nora : I sent an email.

Tommy : You did what ?

Nora : I read this wonderful study about it. It relaxes people, lowers blood pressure, not to mention depression. Office productivity soars.

Tommy : Office productivity soars? That's great. Doug!


Kitty and Robert are talking in Robert's office.

Robert : After my dad died, we gradually scaled back the cattle business. Now I just keep a few horses, and the kids have their ponies and ducks and rabbits and a goat named Millie.

Kitty : Are these your kids?

Robert : Yeah. That's Jack. He's 8, and Sophia, she's 10 going on 40. The kids haven't been out since Courtney filed for divorce, but I'm hoping they can come out soon.

Kitty : Oh, well, they're beautiful.

Robert : Thank you. Here you go.

Kitty : Ah, thank you.

Robert : All right. You, uh, suggested that I was rash, that I wouldn't have offered you a job if I knew you better.

Kitty : You wouldn't.

Robert : What disqualifies you, apart from your lack of experience?

Kitty : Well, isn't that enough?

Robert : Nope.

Kitty : Well, frankly, I just don't think I know you well enough to know that I want to work with you.

Robert : Now we're getting somewhere.

Kitty : You know, I'm sorry. Really, let me, let me just put that another way.

Robert : Well, no. It's you want to get to know me better. That's reasonable.

Kitty : What's the gun for?

Robert : We're Republicans. It's foreplay. I'm kidding.


To Ojai.

Sarah : No. We just need to her find a niche.

Tommy : But, uh, but in the basement behind locked doors?

Kevin : What's going on? It's like a pound out there.

Tommy : Oh, what, they don't allow dogs where you work?

Kevin : Are you kidding me? They bite, Tommy. It's a litigator's nightmare.

Tommy : It's Mom. She's

Nora : Come on, kids. We're gonna be late for the board meeting.

Sarah : Did anyone notice how she made a board meeting sound like a trip to the zoo?

Kevin : Oh, speaking of family outings, tomorrow's Family Day at Justin's clinic.

Sarah : Family Day?

Kevin : Mm, yeah. It's a it's a group-sharing thing. Where you share things in a group. Anyway, he wants us all there.

Nora : Is he all right? This is not because he slipped?

Kevin : No, no. He's fine. They do this with all the families.

Sarah : Hmm. With this family?

Nora : Well, now don't start. If your brother wants us there, then we're going to be there. End of discussion.

Tommy : Hey, Mom, listen to me. This is your first board meeting, So, just take it in, you know? You don't have to say anything. It's OK to be quiet.

Nora : Why would I say anything? Tommy.

Saul : Let the record show that this board has heard from the Audit Committee, the Compliance Committee, and the Compensation Committee, and due to the fact that there's no more relevant business, the board holds.

Holly : Excuse me. If it's all right, I would like to present something to the board.

Saul : Very well. The Chair recognizes shareholder Holly Harper.

Holly : Thank you. First of all, I would like to thank everyone on the board for such a warm welcome. It means so much to me, being here today. If you could just take one, please, and then pass it on? It is my understanding that one of the goals of Ojai is new investments. As you will see, in this case, this is a vineyard called Greendale Vineyards. At its full capacity, the winery will produce 5,000 cases annually. Tim, if you will, please? Um, could you direct your attention, please?


Kitty and Robert are talking about politics.

Kitty : All right. Hmm.

Robert : Why do I get the feeling you've never touched a gun?

Kitty : Well, I've never served in the army, and I've never had to defend my house against an attack by soda cans.

Robert : You might be surprised by how much you enjoy it. Here. I'll show you.

Kitty : I used to watch my dad shoot when I was a kid, but he never let me touch his rifle. Oh, let's see.

Robert : Right in here. Right there, and just squeeze the trigger gently.

Kitty : He just gave me my own rifles to play with. I guess when you did my background check, my NRA membership didn't turn up.

Robert : Apparently not.

Kitty : I'm also, uh, on a council to prevent handgun violence.

Robert : So am I.

Kitty : What about immigration?

Robert : All for it, as long as it's legal.

Kitty : Mm. Family values?

Robert : Against. Families are ruining this country. Divorce is the bedrock of this great nation.

Kitty : That's funny. What about gay marriage?

Robert : Non-issue.

Kitty : Really? Then why vote in favor for the ban on gay marriage?

Robert : Because it was never gonna pass anyway, and I needed to do something to pacify leadership to get my education bill into committee.

Kitty : I see.

Robert : I get it. You don't want to work for a hypocrite. I vote for a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, and meanwhile, I can't keep my own marriage afloat. Is that what you think?

Kitty : No. My brother, whom I respect very much, is gay. That's what he thinks. He also thinks that you hate gay people.

Robert : He's right about the vote. I learned a tough lesson. I wouldn't do it again. But I'm not a hypocrite, and I don't hate gay people. As for my own marriage, my wife of 16 years, and the mother of my children, cheated on me. She accused me of cheating on her so she could get a better divorce settlement. And she knows I won't fight it.

Kitty : Because you're a public figure?

Robert : Because I'm a father, and airing our dirty laundry in the media, no matter how false the dirt is, is only gonna end up hurting the kids. And that's a situation that's gonna go on as long as I'm getting a divorce, and since that's being handled by divorce attorneys, that could be a while. I need someone on my staff who understands how the media thinks, someone who can help me deal with the endless gossip and innuendo that people are spinning as the truth. Know anybody?


The board meeting to Ojai.

Holly : This is something that William Walker believed in. He felt very strongly that Ojai Foods should be in the wine making business. So I hope that his wisdom survives in this board's decision.

Saul : Yeah, thank you, Holly. That's very impressive indeed, and we will give it a lot of serious thought. On that note, I would like to say

Nora : Saul, I, too would like to address the board.

Saul : You you would?

Nora : Yes.

Saul : OK. Of course, Nora.

Nora : William and I also talked about many, many things when we were married, and I would like to share some of my thoughts with you. Oh it was on "Oprah." I, they have this avocado where they've taken the fat out of it. It's it's a, uh SlimCado. SlimCado! It's a SlimCado, and it's really very, very good and I can't help but think that it might be a gold mine for us. I think we should consider seriously investing in it.

Tommy : What did I say before we went into that meeting?

Nora : You told me not to speak.

Tommy : I told you not to speak. Do-do you have any idea why?

Nora : Because you didn't want to be embarrassed.

Tommy : Listen, Holly being here is the price of keeping this place afloat. Mom, you you're you're just making things worse.


Joe and Sarah are talking about Gabe.

Joe : Hey. Am I running late for Justin's rehab confab?

Sarah : No, you've got time. I've been reading all these books on addiction for Justin.

Joe : Yeah? Learn anything?

Sarah : Yeah, that it's a mistake to overlook the early warning signs.

Joe : Mm. You're about ten years too late for that.

Sarah : Yeah, not really. Listen, Joe, I I screwed up with Gabe.

Joe : Why did yo do it, Gabe?

Gabe : 'Cause these guys were having a party, and I wanted to go. It was stupid.

Joe : Well, we're all in agreement there.

Gabe : I'm sorry.

Sarah : We appreciate your apology, Gabe, but it's not gonna cut it, not by a long shot. We can't let you break the rules of this house, not to mention the law.

Gabe : Break the law? Are you kidding me?

Joe : Wait a wait a second. Let's just chill for a second, OK? It's not like she's gonna call the cops or anything.

Sarah : That's not what I meant, Joe. What I'm saying is that Gabe needs to realize there are lines he can't cross without facing the consequences.

Joe : OK, fine. Let's just not get carried away. So, uh, Gabe, you go upstairs.

Sarah : Joe, you're not helping him by ignoring this.

Joe : Gabe, go upstairs. I'll talk to you later.

Sarah : I can't believe you would undermine me in front of him like that.

Joe : Oh, don't overreact. It's not gonna help to come down on him like a ton of bricks right now. I know my own kid, Sarah. I'll handle it later.

Sarah : This is so classic. Don't you see it? First, he convinces me to team up against you, now he's got you teamed up against me.

Joe : OK, we got Justin's thing. Let's suspend the psychobabble until after I shower.

Sarah : I am trying to be a good mother to him. I know that's what he wants when he's here.

Joe : He has a mother.

Sarah : Yeah, but she's not here, is she, Joe? And I am.


Justin talks to everybody about his problems.

Claire : You guys make me sick, OK? Just let me be who I am. I'm not like you. Why would anyone want to be like you? I mean, look at yourselves. What's wrong with you, huh? Or have you all had lobotomies?

Woman : Can we at least thank your family for coming here today, Claire?

Claire : I would rather eat glass.

Woman : All right, why don't we stop there?

Nora : Poor kid. Of course, I'd shoot you if you talked to me like that.

Kevin : What does that mean?

Woman : Justin, you want to come up now?

Justin : Uh, yeah, sure.

Woman : And bring your family, please.

Justin : Guys, that's you.

Nora : OK. Come on up. That's us. Everybody, sit down. Where's Julia?

Tommy : Morning sickness, but it's all day.

Nora : Oh. Well, Kitty, you come over here and sit next to me. Kevin, you just stay down there and sit with your brother.

Justin : Mom.

Kevin : Yeah, thanks, Mom.

Nora : OK.

Woman : Why don't you introduce yourself to the rest of the families?

Justin : Sure. Uh, I'm Justin Walker, and uh, this is my family.

Everyone : Hey.

Woman : Thank you for coming. All this is a really important part of Justin's recovery, and just you guys being here is a really healthy gesture. So, how are you feeling?

Justin : Uh, totally weird. A little panicked, surrounded, but otherwise, great.

Woman : Part of what this is about is accountability, which we talk a lot about here. So I think Justin has some things to say to you. Go ahead.

Justin : Well, I'd like to apologize for some things Um, a lot of things.

Nora : It's OK. We all love you so much.

Justin : Yeah, I'm the most lovable person in the world, Mom.

Woman : That sounded cynical. If you're upset, tell your mom why you're upset.

Justin : Look, I've done some things any human being would be ashamed of and I know that's hard for you to believe, Mom, but in order for this to work, I need to make amends, OK? So just...

Nora : OK. But whatever you've done, it's fine. I know you didn't mean it.

Tommy : Mom, just let him talk, please.

Woman : Who do you want to apologize to first, Justin?

Justin : Uh, Kevin. Um, remember when we were cleaning out the attic after Dad died and you couldn't find your princess Leïa "Star Wars" figure? You know, the one with the slave girl outfit?

Kevin : Well, yeah. Yeah, yeah. Why?

Justin : I sold it to the kid at the video store to buy drugs.

Kevin : What? Justin, I had that since that thing was in mint condition. It's in the original packaging. It's worth $300 bucks.

Justin : I sold it for $50.

Kevin : Well well, w-why didn't you just ask me for the money?

Justin : What, to buy drugs, Kevin?

Kitty : Just accept his apology.

Kevin : Excuse me, I think this is his amends to me. I think you can talk when you get your own amends.

Justin : Speaking of which, Kitty, I'm sorry that you had to find me half-dead.

Nora : Well, I was there, too. We found him together.

Tommy : Mom.

Nora : Tommy, stop Momming me. If you had your way, I would never speak at all. OK, easy.

Justin : I'm I'm sorry for that morning, OK? It's pretty much the worse thing I ever could have done to you guys, and I'm sorry.

Nora : Sweetheart, you had just found out they were calling you back to the war.

Justin : Look, I'm not asking for your forgiveness, Mom. I just want you to understand that I know what I did, OK?

Nora : OK.

Justin : Can I finish?

Nora : Yes.

Justin : Sarah and Joe, there was a time, uh, I don't know if you remember, I promised to babysit, and I called you and said my car had broken down.

Joe : Yeah.

Sarah : Right.

Joe : You were high.

Justin : Yes. I was in Vegas. I could barely speak, so I can't believe the car story worked.

Sarah : I can.

Joe : How did I become the problem here?

Nora : Oh, don't worry. I'm the one everybody's gonna blame.

Joe : Gabe is my kid. Don't criticize how I parent him.

Sarah : He's my child, too, now, OK? Wake up, Joe. Look around. Do you really want him here in five years?

Nora : What's wrong with Gabe?

Sarah : He got into the vodka this week, Mom.

Joe : This is none of their business, Sarah.

Kitty : You know what? When we were young, we all did our share of experimentation, all of us.

Nora : What are you saying, that I just sat around while my children got sloshed?

Tommy : Mom.

Nora : Tommy, we're not at work now. You have to stop shushing me.

Sarah : You two need to stop arguing. It's been going on all week.

Tommy : You put me in charge of her. What did you expect?

Sarah : To find her something to do, Tommy.

Nora : I had no idea I was such a big burden, while your father's mistress is such a big asset.

Kitty : Look, look. Wait a minute. Wait a minute, you guys. We are here to talk to Justin.

Kevin : So, yeah, come on. Let's get on with it. I'm sure Kitty's running late for her new job.

Kitty : Oh, Kevin.

Nora : I didn't know it started till next week.

Kevin : I-I kn Oh, God, I knew it. What happened to weighing it?

Kitty : I weighed it, and I took it.

Sarah : Kitty, you took the job?

Kitty : I did.

Sarah : Oh, congratulations! He's so hot.

Kevin : Yeah, sure. Congratulate her on helping strip me- of my constitutional rights as an American.

Kitty : You know what? Marriage is not a constitutional right, and as you pointed out, maybe you'd better wait for a guy who actually wants to marry you.

Kevin : Oh, well, maybe if I cheated on my fiance, and played musical chairs with my career, I'd get a little more play.

Nora : Oh, this is exactly what I was afraid would happen. Really, they're usually much better behaved than this.

Tommy : Mom.

Nora : Stop Momming me, Tommy!

Kitty : Why don't you shut your mouth?

Woman : Excuse me. Hey. Hey! Come on! OK. Well, I think it's clear what this family dynamic is all about. Justin, you wanna say something?

Justin : Look, I love you guys very much, but I am so sick of all your problems. You guys are always fighting and arguing and making up with each other, and that's the way you like it. And you liked me because I was the one person you didn't fight with, you know? Because I was the cute one. I always had a smile on, so you didn't see me like I really was. And, Tommy, you have lately, and I thank you for that. Look, if you guys love me, you'll just stop taking care of me. And you'll call me out on my crap, and then and then we'll fight the same way you guys fight.


Kevin wants to talk to Kitty about her job and their relationship.

Kevin : Good morning.

Kitty : Oh.

Kevin : I have coffee.

Kitty : Kevin. What are you doing here?

Kevin : I wanted to stop by on my way home from the gym.

Kitty : Why do you all you gay people work out so early?

Kevin : All you gay people? It's cause after 6:00, all the treadmills in front of the mirror are gone. So can we talk about the job?

Kitty : I couldn't not take it because you didn't want me to. I it it's what I want, Kev. I'm not gonna argue with that.

Kevin : Wow.

Kitty : This is working.

Kevin : Will you please just promise me one thing?

Kitty : Hmm?

Kevin : That you will argue with him every time he's wrong?

Kitty : I promise.

Kevin : Thank you. Go back to bed.

Kitty : I also promise to argue with you whenever you're wrong. Wow.

Kevin : What?

Kitty : You you you really have been working out.

Kevin : Can can you really tell?

Kitty : Yeah, you you look good.

Kevin : I know I need to work my pecs a little more.


Joe is agree with Sarah about Gabe's education.

Gabe : It's not fair. She's not my mother.

Joe : Yes, she is. In this house, she is your mother, and I've seen for myself how fiercely she loves you. So, trust me, Pal, she is a lioness protecting her cub.

Gabe : By what, grounding me?

Joe : Yeah. That is what we decided together.

Sarah : OK, Gabe, so for the next month, on the nights that you're here, no Internet, no iPod, and no television.

Gabe : Well, what the hell do you want me to do then?

Joe : Um, you could try hanging out with us and your brother and your sister.

Gabe : Fine. Can I go now?

Sarah : Sure. I think I succeeded in making him hate me.

Joe : Hey, he hates us both now. You happy?

Sarah : No. I need a drink. You think there's any vodka left?

Joe : Don't make me ground you.


Nora is leaving her job in Ojai.

Nora : This is yours. I switched to decaf. I got too jittery this week.

Holly : Thank you. What are you doing?

Nora : I'm packing up my desk. Do you need any extra Post-its?

Holly : Why are you leaving?

Nora : I've had some bad ideas in my life, but thinking I could work here and share an office with you, is one of the worst no offense.

Holly : None taken. I shouldn't have brought up William at the board meeting. It was insensitive and

Nora : Passive-aggressive?

Holly : I was very nervous, and it wasn't exactly a friendly audience. Anyway, I'm sorry.

Nora : The truth is, you and I had very different relationships with...him. I'm not surprised he talked to you about his work.

Holly : Well, it was all we could talk about. He kept his family private, and I I didn't really want to know anyway. But being here, around all these Walkers, watching you all together, well I never had that a family. You always want what you can't have, I guess.

Nora : Isn't that funny? I never did. Well, that's about it. Really didn't accumulate too much. I really want to wish you luck. You obviously have a knack for this.

Holly : I'm just, uh, an old working girl who seems to have gotten lucky.

Nora : I thought all you actresses had it easy. You have assistants to do all the mundane things for you.

Holly : Assistants? I was practically unemployable in Hollywood. I went from temp job to temp job. How do you think I learned how to type?

Nora : I really don't know the first thing about you, do I?

Holly : Well, who knows? Maybe we'll be friends someday.

Nora : Maybe. But not today.

Tommy : Mom, where are you going? Wait, wait.

Nora : You can't boss me around anymore. I'm totally useless here. I know that. But you know what? It wasn't always that way. I was once an executive secretary.

Tommy : You were?

Nora : Yes, I was, to a wonderful man, Mr. Stanley Elliott. He was the president of a big manufacturing company. He used to say to me every day, Nora, one day you're gonna run this place and he meant it.

Tommy : What happened?

Nora : Sarah was born, and then Kitty and you and Kevin and, and last but not least, Justin.

Tommy : You don't have any regrets, do you?

Nora : Well, I should have, the way you guys treat me!

Tommy : Mom.

Nora : No. No. No. But, Tommy, you know, I read Mr. Elliott's obituary in the "Times" not too long ago, and I felt so sad, because I realized, there wasn't anybody left who knew me the way I was then, the way he knew me, whatever else I could have been in this life, was buried with Old Stanley. I made my choices. I just forgot for a minute they were the right choices. I've gotta go. One more thing, Ojai should buy that vineyard. It's obviously a very good deal.


Kitty starts her new Job.

Robert : Would you excuse me for a minute? I've got the L.A. Times on the phone. They want to know why I want to keep my divorce proceedings sealed. Got any ideas?

Kitty : Hi, this is Kitty Walker. Who's this? Benny, Hi. How you doing? No. No, I work here now. No, I'm not kidding. Listen, about those, uh, divorce proceedings, I'm gonna call you back tomorrow with a full statement. I'll talk to you tomorrow. Good morning, Senator.

Robert : Good morning, Miss Walker. Oh, um. What full statement were you referring to just now?

Kitty : The one that I'll be writing today as your new communications director. You know, the one where you tell the truth about your divorce, about how you never had sexual relations with that nanny.

Robert : You're kidding.

Kitty : Mm-hmm. Every time you hold back or try to conceal something, you're just giving them another story. The story is Senator McCallister is still concealing something from his constituents. You are going to have a chronic, incurable character problem that will follow you into your next campaign unless you tell the truth now. And, yes, there will be a fair amount of unpleasantness, but I'll be here to get you through it. That's my job.

Robert : And how will my kids get through it?

Kitty : Well, that's your job.

Robert : And your brother? Is he okay with you working here?

Kitty : He'll survive. Just don't go voting for any more constitutional amendments to ban gay marriage.

Robert : Don't worry. My own brother wouldn't let me do that ever again.

Kitty : Wait, wait a minute. You have a gay brother?

Robert : Yeah, and a cute one, too.

Kitty : Well, why didn't you tell me that when we were

Robert : My brother's sexual orientation doesn't usually come up in a job interview. But you're, you know, a staffer now.

Kitty : Well, is he single?

Robert : Kitty, do you want both of our brothers to kill you?


Nora and Kitty are with Justin.

Claire : I got this towel when you guys were still married. The lead singer of the Rotting Monkeys threw it in the audience, and I caught it. It smells like ass but it reminds me of when we all used to be a family. I love this towel.

Woman : Thanks for sharing, Claire. That was great. OK, Justin, you want to come up now?

Nora : Why does he always have to follow her? It's not fair.

Justin : Whew. Hello. Um, I was supposed to think of something that would help me stay clean, so, uh, this is it. My mom sent me, uh, this tape when I was in Afghanistan. They say when you're a drug addict, you're supposed to think of something that you want to live for. Um, and I've thought a lot about that, back then, too, and, uh, the thing I live for is, is my family. They kind of had a bad day here yesterday. That's not really who they are. This this is who they are.

Nora : Hi, Sweetie. How are you? I was gonna write you another email, but Mrs. Silver told me that I should send a tape, which I thought was such a good idea. Not as high tech, but you get to hear my voice. Lucky you. Actually, I have some amazing news, so let me lead off with that. Joe and Sarah are pregnant again. She just told me two nights ago. Can you believe it? I really can't think of a better mother than your sister, and she works. She's like this supermom. Tommy, Mr. Newlywed, is doing so well at Ojai, Dad's giving him more and more responsibility. It's a family business, after all. And speaking of work, Kevin is doing much too much of it. I wish he'd take some time off. But he he is going to the gay pride parade this year. He won't let me go with him, though, which I I guess I understand. Kitty's back in New York. I listen to her radio show from time to time. I don't agree with a word she says, but it's so nice to hear her voice. And your dad couldn't be better. He carries your picture everywhere he goes. You can't imagine how proud he is of you. We all miss you beyond words, my sweet boy. You're my light. I know what you're doing takes so much courage. Please come home as soon as you can. Life is so much less without you.


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