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#108 : Mea...

Justin décide d'arrêter de prendre de la drogue, mais une lettre du gouvernement lui annonce qu'il doit  rejoindre l'armée et partir en Irak. 

Kevin tente de surmonter ses craintes pour récupérer Scotty, mais il essuie un nouvel échec. Nora se prépare pour un rendez-vous galant. Sarah découvre des informations choquantes sur l'entreprise familiale.


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Mistakes were made - Part 1

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Kitty Walker (Calista Flockhart)

Kitty Walker (Calista Flockhart)

Nora Walker (Sally Field)

Nora Walker (Sally Field)

Les membres de la famille lèvent leurs verres

Les membres de la famille lèvent leurs verres

Kevin Walker (Matthew Rhys), Tommy Walker (Balthazar Getty) et Justin Walker (Dave Annable) célèbrent

Kevin Walker (Matthew Rhys), Tommy Walker (Balthazar Getty) et Justin Walker (Dave Annable) célèbrent

La famille s'enlace

La famille s'enlace

Les Walker observent des photos

Les Walker observent des photos

Sarah Walker (Rachel Griffiths) joue au billard avec son frère Tommy Walker (Balthazar Getty)

Sarah Walker (Rachel Griffiths) joue au billard avec son frère Tommy Walker (Balthazar Getty)

Sarah Walker (Rachel Griffiths) et Tommy Walker (Balthazar Getty)

Sarah Walker (Rachel Griffiths) et Tommy Walker (Balthazar Getty)

Kitty Walker (Calista Flockhart) sur un plateau télé

Kitty Walker (Calista Flockhart) sur un plateau télé

Kitty Walker (Calista Flockhart) et Robert McCallister (Rob Lowe)

Kitty Walker (Calista Flockhart) et Robert McCallister (Rob Lowe)


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Justin demande conseil à Kevin, après avoir reçu une lettre lui disant qu'il devra se rendre, avec l'armée, en Irak dans moins de deux semaines. Il décide aussi de ne rien dire à sa petite amie. Avec le contrat qu'il a signé avec l'armée il n'a pas d'autre recours que d'y aller. Mais il préfére s'enfuir au Mexique plutôt que d'aller faire la guerre. Kevin lui explique alors que s'il le rattrape il encours vingt-cinq ans de prison pour désertion.

Joe part pour le week-end avec son ex-femme. Sarah doit alors s'occuper seule de son beau-fils Gabe, ce qui est plutôt difficile d'autant plus que celui-ci n'aime pas Paige et Cooper.

De son côté, Kevin s'inquiete car Scotty ne l'a pas rappellé depuis le week-end au ranch. Il demande conseil à Kitty. Elle lui dit alors de lui demander pardon à genoux.

Au travail, Sarah se rend compte que son père a mis de l'argent sur un compte bloqué. Après avoir essayé tous les prénoms de la famille comme mot de passe, elle demande de l'aide à Holly.

Nora a son premier rendez-vous gallant avec David et Kitty la taquine à ce sujet. Quand à Kevin, alors que Scotty passe à son bureau pour lui remettre un chèque, il arrive à le vexer définitivement.

Justin, en pleine panique, recontacte son dealer et lui demande un faux passeport. Tyler le retrouve alors complétement défoncé dans son appartement et en plus il est avec une autre fille. Elle rompt avec lui et le vire par la même occasion.

Sarah cherche toujours le mot de passe. Elle essaie alors toutes leurs initiales. Mais sa ne marche pas. Elle essaie avec le R de Rebecca et arrive à débloquer le compte. Elle va alors voir Holly pour lui demander des explications. Cette dernière lui explique que William n'était pas au courant. Saul apparaît alors. Sarah lui demande de choisir son camp.

Kitty annonce à Nora que Justin doit partir pour l'Irak. Elles décident d'aller le voir chez lui avec Thomas. Ils le retrouvent incontient et doivent l'amener d'urgence à l'hôpital...


Tyler and Justin in the bedroom.

Tyler : Justin. This word has too many letters. Is that a "q"?

Justin : A "q"? You suck at this.

Tyler : No, I don't. That--that is an "a." I know that. Is the word "California?"

Justin : Nope.

Tyler : The way they do "carpenter."

Justin : Yeah, I'm spelling the word "carpenter" on your back with my tongue because it's such a sexy friggin' word. God, you are the worst "guess the lick word" player I've ever played with.

Tyler : No, I'm good. Yeah. It's just that your tongue has bad penmanship.

Justin : Okay, this is your last chance. You ready? Now close your eyes and concentrate. Now it's something in the room right now.

Tyler : Can you eat it?


Sarah with Paige Cooper and Gabe in her house.

Sarah : Okay, that's enough, Tommy Lee.

Paige : Cooper, go eat breakfast. Don't make us late for school again.

Cooper : I'm wailin' on my skins!

Sarah : Did your dad teach him that phrase?

Paige : No, I did, and I regret it.

Gabe : How come I have to stay here when my dad's not even around?

Sarah : 'Cause you can't stay alone when you're mom's away and your dad's out of town. So, let's not have that conversation again, okay? Plus, last time I checked, your little brother and your sister and I like to see you.

Gabe : Half brother and half sister.

Paige : Hi!

Sarah : Hey. There's frittata there if you want some. It's the only thing Coop will eat for breakfast lately.

Gabe : No, I'm okay, thanks.

Sarah : You guys love it when your big brother comes to stay, don't you?

Gabe : Half brother.

Cooper : I made my own plate. Paige did, too.

Gabe : Those are cool.


Kitty and Kevin are in a bar.

Kitty : So how are things with Scotty?

Kevin : Honestly, we haven't spoken since the Ojai thing.

Kitty : Well, call him.

Kevin : I have, Kitty. He won't call me back. He's either still mad at me or on an Arctic expedition.

Kitty : Well, my guess is, is that he's still mad, given the way you told him to shut his fat face in front of the entire family.

Kevin : Don't get like that with me.

Kitty : Don't get like what with you?

Kevin : As if you're some relationship genius. You're the lying whore of the family.

Kitty : And you're the stuck-up bitch.

Kevin : I am so not a snob.

Kitty : Yes, Kevin, your little outburst at the table was just the tip of the iceberg. You talked to him the whole weekend like he was the help.

Kevin : I did?

Kitty : Yes, you did. And at the hospital benefit, you, you tried to pay him to be your escort.

Kevin : Oh, come on. I just, I just wanted to see him.

Kitty : So you offered to purchase him? Oh, Kevin. You don't want a boyfriend. You want a blender.

Kevin : A blender?

Kitty : Some--something that can be bought. Well, you know what I mean.

Kevin : No. He's coming into the office later today. We won the case he, he was involved in, and the plaintiffs are giving him a reward for being a whistle-blower. So, what do I do?

Kitty : Oh I, you know, I am no genius when it comes to relationships, remember? But if I were you, I would beg him on bended knee to take you back.

Kevin : Bended knee? Cool. Whore.

Kitty : Bitch.


Holly is in Sarah's office.

Sarah : I am sorry. Holly, thank you for coming into the office.

Holly : Of course. What can I do for you?

Sarah : Well, it's about Dad...and the company.

Holly : I'm listening.

Sarah : When my father died, he left this company in a bit of a financial predicament.

Holly : Okay.

Sarah : A substantial amount of money is missing.

Holly : How much?

Saul :$15 million.

Sarah : We managed to track the money to a brokerage account in Nevada, but the account needs an access password, and nothing we've tried works. Nothing having anything to do with this family as we know it has worked, and we're at the end of our rope.

Holly : Well, I'm--I'm sorry, but I don't know what I can do to help.

Sarah : You're a big part of my father's life, Holly. Can I ask you, is this a picture of your daughter, Rebecca?

Holly : Yes.

Sarah : We need to know, is Rebecca Dad's daughter?

Holly : No. No.

Sarah : Because the future of this company could depend on it.

Holly : Truly, Sarah, she's not. I'm sorry that I can't be of more help, but she's not.

Sarah : Well, uh, just in case my father misunderstood, would you mind staying and helping our forensic accountant, provide him with details pertaining to Rebecca social security numbers, pet names, things like that? I appreciate this is very awkward. I'm sorry. I'm, I'm just trying to save our company.

Holly : I'll give you all the information that I can.

Saul :Thank you.

Holly : Sure.

Sarah : Thank you.


To Nora's kitchen.

David : You know, if you hate it, you can tell me.

Nora : No, no, no. No, I love it. Um, I'm just not so sure I can afford it. Turns out I don't have as much money as I thought did.

David :That really true, or is it something else?

Nora : Other than the fact that we've kissed, and would find it wildly complicated to go on kissing the contractor who comes here every day and builds things.

David :Are you ok?

Nora : Yes, yes, I'm I'm fine. I'm just sorry. All your work

David :Oh, no, no. I-I love designing things. It's okay, Nora. And seeing as how I'm not going to be the contractor who builds things, maybe we could...actually go on a date.

Nora : All right. Good.


To Justin's apartment.

Justin : God, you forget how good fruit tastes when you're loaded all the time.

Tyler : Oh, this is good. Who's that? Are you expecting someone?

Justin : No.

Tyler : At 8:00 A.M.?

Justin : God! Thank you. Oh, my God.

Woman : If you could just sign this, son, I'll go.

Justin : Thank you.

Tyler : What did you get? Publisher's clearing house?

Justin : No, it's just some bureaucratic government stuff.


Justin is in Kevin's office.

Kevin : Yeah? Put him through. Hey, stupid, what's up?

Justin : Look, Kevin, I just got a registered letter from the army.

Kevin : About what? What does it say? Say what? What does it say, Justin?

Justin : They want me back.


To Nora's House in the past.

Woman : Hola, Justin. Por favor...

Justin : Sure. You got it.

William : Hey, you're up a little early, kiddo.

Justin : Yeah, I saw Surfline. There's a good break at Zuma. You want to come?

William : Actually, I've got this thing I gotta do called work.

Justin : Dad, they're 6-foot swells. You can show up to the office all windswept and salty. It'll be great. I mean, chicks dig it.

William : What a picture.

Nora :Oh, go out surfing with him, William. You haven't been out in a long time, and the chicks will dig it.

Justin : See? Chicks dig it.

William : Thank you very much.

Nora :Look at this. The Hollywood Bowl has Gershwin tonight. I think we should all go.

William : Oh, that sounds just great, darling.

Justin : Come on, Dad. You always say today is the first day of the rest of my life. Well?Let's friggin' surf.

William : Oh... you...

Justin : What? What are you looking at me like that for?

William : 'Cause you remind me of me when I was...younger.

Justin : Like all handsome and good-looking?

William : Yeah, something like that. Yeah, come on, let's do it. Let's...go out there and do it!

Nora :Wait. Wait, look at this. Oh, my god. Kitty lives, like, 6 blocks from there.

William : Call her.

Justin : Oh, my God. What the hell do you think happened?

William : I don't-- I don't have any idea.

Nora :The circuits are all down. Oh, my God.


Kevin and Scotty are in Kevin's office.

Carly : Now if you can sign here, Mr. Wandell?

Scotty : There you go.

Carly : And there you go.

Kevin : Great. Thanks, Carly.

Carly : Anytime, Mr. Walker.

Kevin : So do you have any plans for lunch?

Scotty : Lunch--us?

Kevin : Yeah, I thought maybe we could celebrate with lunch. You could even buy now, since you're so flush, since we're sort of equals.

Scotty : Me having money makes us equals?

Kevin : Only in terms of money.

Scotty : I-- I thought what made us equals is we're human beings. But, oh, yeah, that's right. You're not a human being. I remember now. You're a Martian.

Kevin : Oh, come on. Scotty, I was...

Scotty : You know, I usually don't like to admit things like this, Kevin, but I was completely wrong about you.

Kevin : What are you doing?

Scotty : Give the plaintiffs my regards, but tell them I don't want or need their reward.

Kevin : Come on. You

Scotty : It took me a long time to figure out how much I'm worth and how it has nothing to do with money or anything people can point to. It's taken you, let's see, two months to make me feel worthless. Congratulations.


In Sarah's office.

Sarah : No luck in cracking the code to the account?

Jordan : Nothing worked.

Sarah : Can I ask what you tried?

Jordan : Everything Miss Harper told me uh, Rebecca's birthday, her social security number, her favorite color, her blood type all those things mixed up and smashed together 50,000 different ways using the 3 best password-cracking programs available. Nothing having to do with this girl Rebecca seems to be the key to opening this account. I'm sorry.

Saul :Yeah, well. Tell me, is Ms. Harper still in the office?

Jordan : No. She left as soon as we were finished. She wasn't happy.

Sarah : Excuse me. Hello? No, it's his stepmom. Who is this? Uh, yeah, I'll come and pick him up. Thank you.


Kevin try to help Justin.

Justin : Look, tell me. Tell me what to do.

Kevin : Okay, drink some water and breathe.

Justin : Breathe? Kevin, just get me out of this.

Kevin : I'm not sure I can, Justin. It's called a stop-loss. It's basically a backdoor draft.

Justin : Look, I know. Get me out of it.

Kevin : You signed a clause when you enlisted saying they could do this. You agreed to it.

Justin : So I'll just say I never got the orders.

Kevin : Well, you've already signed for the letter.

Justin : So you can't do anything? There's nothing you can do for me?

Kevin : No, that's not the case at all. We can apply for exemption, but they're mostly only giving them to people who are in school or supporting families.

Justin : So because I'm a bellboy, I have to go to Baghdad? You know what? No. I'd rather take my chances in Mexico or Canada and bum around.

Kevin : No.No. Okay, first of all, the Canadians will turn you around at the border. Second, Mexico? You're looking at 25 years in jail.

Justin : If they come after me, if they even find me. Which they will.

Kevin : They're going after people, Justin, diligently.

Justin : You know what? I'll take my chances.

Kevin : Justin, please don't

Justin : Don't what, huh? Don't what? I can't watch any more people die! I'm not goin' back!

Kevin : I underst-- I totally understand. But I'm saying this as your lawyer not going back is a felony.

Justin : I don't care. I'm going to Mexico.

Kevin : Justin!


Kitty and Nora are in the kitchen.

Nora : This is so healthy.

Kitty : What--what exactly is in there?

Nora : Wheatgrass, psyllium, flaxseed oil, protein powder.

Kitty : Mother, I asked for a banana smoothy, and you're brewing some swamp creature. It's chunky.

Nora : You're gonna thank me when you're my age and you still have all your faculties intact.

Kitty : Why are you so peppy this morning?

Nora : Can I ask you something? It's a dating question.

Kitty : Aha, I see. I see the light. Okay, go for it, Yogini.

Nora : All right, I have a date tonight with David Morton. Yes, it is a date, and I was wondering if you thought it was too soon.

Kitty : Too soon for what exactly?

Nora : Well, I don't know. If if if we were to become attached or a regular thing. I know the recent revelations have not left much of your father's memory to be careful about, but there might still be a few husks around.

Kitty : Well, if there were, I'm sure that they're in the smoothy. Don't have sex with him the first time out. Just my advice.

Nora : Kitty, I do not require a lesson in sexual propriety from someone who conducts her personal life as if she were in a French game show. I I I just don't wanna shock my children too much.

Kitty : Mother, if you were to meet someone, anyone if, you, um, met someone, you know, anyone, even a-a street person even upon whom you could regularly, uh, unleash your enthusiasm and your poopy emerald smooths, I think there is nobody in this family who's going to complain.

Nora : Here, drink this. It might make you nice.


Sarah want to talk to Gabe.

Gabe : Just leave me alone.

Sarah : Gabe, what did he say?

Gabe : It's none of your business.

Sarah : Yes, it is. I just had to leave a very busy day at work to get you out of school. Tell me what set you off. People don't just punch each other in the face in the middle of a soccer game.

Gabe : It was nothing! It was stupid.

Sarah : Okay, fine, so it's stupid. Tell me what he said.

Gabe : Why do you even wanna know?

Sarah : Because you're part of this family, Gabe.

Gabe : I'm not part of anyone's family. There. See? That was easy. Your busy schedule just opened up.


Saul and Holly are in Holly's garden.

Justin : Damn it!

Holly : I don't think you get it. I don't wanna ever see you again. You or any member of William's family.

Saul : It's not what you think.

Holly : You don't even know what I think. How could you? You're so focused on your family and your precious money. Well, I don't know where your money is.

Saul : I know.

Holly : Then why did I just have to sit through all that humiliation? God, I-I feel like an idiot.

Saul : Why?

Holly : Because here you are sniffing around, looking for clues and I was actually beginning to fall for you.

Saul : I've already fallen for you

Holly : No, no, no, see, no more lies.

Saul : This is not a lie, Holly. Please listen. It started way before the money went missing, before William died. And believe me when I say this. I'm on your side. Holly I am.


Kevin talk to Kitty about Justin.

Kitty : Does Mom know yet?

Kevin : No, no, I haven't told her yet because

Kitty : Because you think there might be a way to get him out of it?

Kevin : No, because I don't know how to tell her yet, okay? Look, I don't want to tell anyone yet. Kitty, you have to talk to him.

Kitty : Oh, and tell him what, Kevin? Tell him to go away and fight in a war where he'll probably die or come back in in pieces?

Kevin : Okay, if he goes through with this crazy Mexico idea of his, he will go to jail for a long time.

Kitty : Which I'm not sure that that wouldn't be better. Safer, at least.

Woman : Five minutes!

Kevin : Fine, but you'll go up there and say it's a good war, right?

Kitty : Kevin, I have never I have never once in my entire life said that this war is good. Kevin, no war is good, but some wars are necessary, and when this one started, it was. I believed that. And whether it's necessary now or or even moral, I don't know, but at this point, it's world history and it's happening. Mom already blames me for sending him away to die once before, and that fight nearly cost me my entire family, and I won't do it again, not to me and I won't do it to him. I have to go.

Kevin : Okay, Kitty, I understand. But will you please just talk to him?

Kitty : Well, yeah, yeah, I'll talk to him, but I'm not gonna tell him what to do.


Justin want to get a new passport.

Man : Been a while, Mr. Walker.

Justin : Yeah. Uh, yeah.

Man : How's Fawn?

Justin : Uh, we, uh, we actually broke up.

Man : Ah, that sucks. What do you need?

Justin : Uh, the usual. Thank you. Hey, uh, uh, Shawn? Yeah? If I wanted to get, like, a, uh...if I wanted to get a passport...

Man : You'd go to the post office.

Justin : No, I mean, like a, uh, a fake one. I mean, all I gotta do is get into Mexico and not be me.

Man : I can get you one. The money's gonna be, uh...

Justin : Money. I'm not worried about the money. Just get me a friggin' passport, okay?

Man : Okay.

Justin : All right. Thanks.

Man : I'll be in touch.


Nora and David are in a restaurant.

David : Uh, it's a little stuffy, but, uh, the are nice, and they can cook.

Nora : That's what matters.

David : Yep. You're missing your husband.

Nora : Yes.

Nora : Do you ever miss, um...

David : Cheryl.

Nora : Cheryl?

David : Yeah, sometimes.

Nora : What happened? Can--can I ask?

David : Well, to tell you the truth, I'm not really sure. I waited a long time to get married because well, I'm not really sure of that either.

Nora : You were playing the field.

David : Not that much, actually. I just never met the right person, that person who makes you feel like you'd better hurry up, like there's never gonna be enough time.

Nora : William made me feel like that. It's been its own perfect little hell, finding out about all his betrayals, but when it was good, he made me feel like this whole world like this whole big, beautiful world was lucky to have me. Little me. Some trick, huh?

David : Not at all.

Nora : Sometimes it hurts so much to remember.

David : I think it would hurt even worse to forget.


In the past.

Nora : Oh it's been the longest four days of my life.

Kitty : Oh, Mom. Hi! I'm home.

Nora : Oh, God. Baby, you're home. Thank God.

Kitty : It's okay. It's okay.

Nora : Thank god.

Kitty : Hi, Daddy.

William : Oh, Kitty, thank God you're home.

Sarah : Do you know how much I love you? Do you? Do you know?

Kitty : I do, I do. I love you, too.

Tommy : Hi, honey.

Kitty : Hi. I'm good.

Nora : How was it, the flight?

Kitty : Nobody got up, nobody said anything, not a word for six hours. Silence across America.

William : That's hard to imagine.

Kitty : Yeah, the, um, the plane was was really very empty, and, uh, I don't know, maybe there were, like, six of us or and somebody said to the flight attendant, "We're here for you," and she started crying. It was weird. Just just it flew right over my building. I was having coffee. A roar I look up, a shadow passes and not even two seconds later, the sound when it hit.

Justin : You want a drink?

Kitty : I don't even remember much when it actually happened. A few hours after, I I was trying to get off the phone with Mom and Dad, and I kept saying, oh, please, Please just let me go. But they wouldn't let me go, and they kept saying, You're safer inside, and I kept saying, Please just let me go, people are jumping. 'Cause I could see 'em, you know, from my window. And Mom Mom said, No, it's paper, not people. You know, 'cause, of course, she couldn't see it. You know, because they weren't showing that on TV.

Justin : You'll be okay.

Kitty : There's these three hours there's three hours that I just, I've I've I've just I've lost. I and I walk uptown to walk Hudson Street, and, oh, oh, everybody is covered in ash and I'm thinking to myself, my God, what is that? Why why are they all covered in white? I just I didn't I couldn't get it. And then, you know, you see these people, they're crying like kids, and and there there are all these people, just they're going down downtown. They're going against the crowd. They're they're going downtown because, you know you know they're going downtown because someone they know is missing, and and I I'm thinking to myself, my God. My God, I'm so lucky. I'm I'm fine.

Justin : Well, you are. You're home now.

Kitty : I don't know if I can go back.

Justin : To New York?

Kitty : To anywhere to all of it, to life. I just don't think that I can live in a world where that could happen again every day, Justin. I'm I'm I'm so scared! I I'm so scared. I thought that I was never gonna see you guys again. I really thought that I was never.

Justin : You're home now.


Tyler find Justin with Fawn.

Tyler : Justin!

Justin : Hang on a second.

Tyler : Justin!

Justin : Hang on a second! Hey! I'm fine, I'm fine.

Tyler : I didn't ask how you were.

Justin : How was work? You look beat.

Tyler : I thought you weren't gonna do this anymore.

Justin : Come on, everybody who stops thinks that. It's just what you say, right? I'm all good.

Fawn : Hey.

Justin : Uh, that's Fawn. Um she was just having a bad day.

Tyler : Yeah, it's been going around.

Justin : Look, Tyler

Tyler : I never wanna see you again.

Justin : Well, I guess that means I'm fired then, huh?

Tyler : Yeah, that means you're fired.

Fawn : Who was that?

Justin : Just some girl.

Fawn : You guys were a thing?

Justin : Get out.

Fawn : What did I do?

Justin : You didn't do anything.

Fawn : What about Acapulco? Are you deaf?!

Justin : I said get out! Look, please just get out.

Fawn : Okay.


Sarah want to talk to Gabe, he is in his bedroom.

Sarah : Gabe? Gabe? Can I have a word?

Gabe : Sure, it's your house.

Sarah : Listen, I've been thinking a lot about what you said about not feeling like you're part of anyone's family, especially this one.

Gabe :Yeah?

Sarah : We haven't done a very good job lately of including you in stuff. For that, I am really sorry.

Gabe : It's all right.

Sarah : No, it's not. But the point is and I mean this with all my heart, I might not be your mom, Gabe, but you are my son. When I look back at the end of my life at all the things I've done all the good and all the bad I know I will be able to say, at least I had three great kids.

Gabe : Yeah?

Sarah : Yeah.

Gabe : A kid called me a fag. I think he just wanted me to get tossed out, but I don't know. I guess I shouldn't have hit him.

Sarah : No, he wasn't worth it, but I'm glad you told me.

Gabe : Hey, Sarah. What's the deal with those, uh, plates that Cooper and Paige have? The ones with their initials on 'em.

Sarah : Oh, that was my dad's thing. When we were little, my brothers and sisters and I, Dad got tired of he and mom having to do so many dishes after every meal, not that he was ever home to do the dishes, so he wanted our plates to be our responsibility, so he had us make some and write our initials on them. He did Paige and Cooper's with them last year.

Sarah : Oh, you lying bitch.


Nora and Kitty are in the kitchen.

Nora : Oh, my God.

Kitty : Oh. What the hell? Ouch. Hello.

Nora : Hi.

Kitty : Just getting in from your date?

Nora : Oh! No, no, no. I was just out doing some early morning shopping.

Kitty : Really?

Nora : Yes, um, we needed eggs and rice and stuff like that. Staples.

Kitty : That's nice. Where are they?

Nora : Kitty, I really don't feel like being interrogated right now.

Kitty : Oh, so you are just coming back from your date, the one that wasn't supposed to shock your children. Ugh, I'm shocked.

Nora : All right, it happened. I slept with him. You want me to feel ashamed?

Kitty : Is that my only choice? Ouch.

Nora : What's wrong with your foot?

Kitty : Oh, I don't know. I stepped on some tiny little piece of glass, I guess. Did somebody break something last night?

Nora : I've always told you kids, "glass jumps." It could be from years ago or all the way across the house. It's impossible stuff. And what are you doing up so early? It's barely dawn.

Kitty : Justin got a notice from the army yesterday. He has to go back into active duty. They want him to report in two weeks.

Nora : Oh, my God. Oh, my God, is he all right? Where is he?

Kitty : I'm assuming that he's at his place. I'm gonna go over there this morning

Nora : To tell him to go? To get himself killed in this ridiculous war?

Kitty : No, no, no. No, Mother! I'm just gonna tell him that I'm here for him, and I'm I'm just gonna tell him that we're all here for him. Don't. He's got some crazy idea. He told kevin that if he goes to Mexico or something, I don't know, if he does

Nora : He'll go to jail.

Kitty : Yes, if they catch him, he will go to jail, right.

Nora : I'm going with you.

Kitty : Good. I I wish you would.


Sarah is in Holly's living-room.

Sarah : I just wanna know what the hell you're hiding.

Holly : I am not hiding anything. You cannot come in here to my house and talk like that.

Sarah : No, but you can condemn my whole family to bankruptcy and worse to stop the truth about your life coming out, but I can't call you names? Are you kidding me?

Holly : What do you know? Or think you know, because I

Sarah : I know that Rebecca is my father's daughter.

Holly : She's not!

Sarah : Then why did adding her initials to ours unlock the accounts I have been trying to open for months?

Holly : Your father was mistaken.

Sarah : No, he wasn't. You know why? I figured it out. The only reason that you would work so hard at trying to keep this from coming out when the stakes are so high is that you haven't told her either.

Saul : Sarah? Sarah.

Sarah : Don't say a word.

Holly : I got pregnant. We had always been really careful. I still don't even know how it happened. But I knew your father well enough to know that if he knew I was having his child, he he would be compelled to leave you all, and I couldn't have that, so I told him it was someone else's a director on a movie, a one-night stand. But I never asked him for anything, not a cent, not a favor and Rebecca had to live her whole life thinking her father was a nobody, a mistake. But it kept you from losing him, and it kept me with a man who still thought, in his own way, that he was a hero because he never would've forgiven himself for leaving you or deserting his daughter and I don't know I don't know how I'm gonna tell her that I have been lying all these years. I can't.

Sarah : I don't care what you do just stay the hell away from my family. You've got a decision to make, old man.


Kevin phones to Scotty.

Kevin : Hi, uh, Scotty, it's, um it's it's it's Kevin, your your least favorite Martian. Look, I I've I've been on your planet for 34 years, and I still get a lot of things wrong, like about, um, money and work and people and life and love, everything. Anyway, I I just wanted you to know I I think you're amazing and funny and cute as hell, and I just hope that someday, maybe I don't know, three Martian years from now, 'cause our years are longer than yours, maybe I could be worthy of your human love and respect, whether we're together or not. That's all.

Scotty : Hi.

Kevin : Hi. Please tell me this is the part where you let me off the hook.

Scotty : It's not.

Kevin : Okay.

Scotty : This is the part where I say, Thank you and, um... could you please send me the check?

Kevin : I already did.

Scotty :Okay, then. Bye.

Kevin : Bye.


Tommy, Nora and Kitty find Justin in his apartment.

Tommy : Jus?

Nora : Justin!

Kitty : Hey!

Tommy : He's sleeping. Hey. Hey, Jus, wake up. Come on. Justin. Justin, wake up!

Kitty : Justin.

Tommy : Hey, Kitty, call 9-1-1.

Kitty : I'm already doing it.

Tommy : Justin, Justin, wake up!

Nora : This is all my fault.

Tommy : It's his own fault, Mom.

Nora : No, it's my fault.

Tommy : What what what does that mean?

Nora : Tommy, I just know it.

Kitty : Yes, uh, we need an ambulance right away.

Nora : Justin, Justin! Oh, Justin, please, wake up! Wake up! Wake up, Justin! Oh, Justin, no!

Tommy : Look, just like that, we bomb them now back to the stone age.

William : Tommy, it's not that simple.

Nora : Tommy, stop.

Kevin : No, Tommy's making his point.

Nora : There are millions of people in Afghanistan who are not terrorists. They're just innocent people.

Tommy : Every human in those towers was innocent, Mom.

William : Carl Leiter's son was in one of those buildings. We know people.

Nora : Yes, I know, William. I know. I just don't think we should launch into an out-and-out war

Tommy : Mom, we're already at war! We just haven't started fighting back yet.

Kitty : You know I would like some wine, please.

Kevin : Sure.

Kitty : Thanks. You know, it's just that and, you know, to eat just five minutes with without.

William : Yeah, yeah, she's right, let's just, uh, stop. The world outside this house, we can't control, not with bombs, not with diplomacy and not even with love. We know that now. The best thing we can possibly do now is just appreciate one another, right here, right now, together like this. Family is the only sure thing in life. Always was, always will be.

Nora : Could we maybe pray?

William : Yes, we should. This certainly is the circumstances for it. Thank you. Thank you, God for bringing us together tonight in very difficult circumstances...

Nora : Please don't die.

William : Thank you for the blessings we have, our family, our friends, and, uh, Lord, if you're up there, please look after and comfort the souls that perished in those planes and in those buildings and their families tonight.

Sarah : He's gonna be okay.

Nora : I know.

William : We're in your hands, Lord. Help us. Amen. Amen. Okay.

Justin : Uh, guys?

Nora : What?

William : You want to say something?

Justin : I do. Look, I love you guys more than anything in the whole world, and I've been doing a lot of thinking over the past few days. I can't just sit here and let these people tear apart my family like this. My god, Kitty, they almost killed you.

Kitty : No. Justin, I'm fine. I'm here now. It's okay.

Justin : I know. Okay, but the same thing could happen tomorrow, or they could do something even worse. It--it's just not right.

Nora : Justin, what's the matter?

Justin : Nothing's the matter. I enlisted today.


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