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#109 : ...Culpa

Nora continue de se souvenir des jours qui ont suivi le 11 septembre, pendant que Justin se rétablit à l'hôpital, après avoir fait une overdose.

De son côté, Kitty tente d'user de son influence auprès d'un sénateur pour éviter à son frère de retourner en Irak. Sarah, Tommy, et Kevin partent tous les trois vers les terres de leur père  et découvrent des secrets pour le moins surprenants.


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Mistakes were made - Part 2

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Nora Walker (Sally Field)

Nora Walker (Sally Field)

Kitty Walker  (Calista Flockhart), un verre de vin à la main

Kitty Walker (Calista Flockhart), un verre de vin à la main

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Julia Ridge (Sarah Jane Morris)


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Après que Sarah ait eu accès au compté bloqué de son père, elle se rend compte avec ses frères que leur père avait, juste avant sa mort, fait l'acquisition d'un terrain, 15 millions de dollars, et qu'il ne les vaut pas.

Thomas, Kevin et Sarah décide d'aller le voir pour se rendre compte pourquoi le terrain est aussi cher. Malheureusement, avant d'atteindre la bonne destination, ils vont tomber en panne ou passer leur soirée à boire dans un bar remplit de militaires. Ils arrivent finalement et se rendent compte que le terrain est vide.

En passant à la banque, ils sont informés que leur père possèdent un compte. Un papier atteste alors que le terrain doit être vendu à l'armée pour 30 millions de dollars. Il y a aussi une lettre d'amour pour Nora.

De son côté, Nora interviewe le sénateur McCallister. Il vient juste de divorcer et cela à fait la une des magazines. C'est pourquoi tout le monde demande à Kitty d'essayer de le faire parler de la raison du divorce, A t-il eu une aventure avec la nounou de ses enfants? Mais Kitty ne lui demande pas.

Les mauvaises langues disent qu'elle a demandé une faveur au sénateur, empêcher son frère d'aller en Irak. Kitty avoue sa faute en plein direct. McCallister lui propose alors que si elle est virée, elle est alors engagée pour sa campagne électorale.

David vient rendre une petite visite à Nora. Ils décident alors de rester simples amis.

Leur du repas de Thanksgiving, Thomas et Julia annoncent à toute le famille réunie, qu'ils vont devenir papa et maman.


Previously on "Brothers & Sisters

Kitty : Just getting in from your date?

Sarah : Rebecca is my father's daughter.

Holly : She's not.

Sarah : Then why did adding her initials to ours unlock the accounts I have been trying to open for months?

Holly : If he knew I was having his child, he would be compelled to leave you all, and I couldn't have that. So I told him it was someone else's.

Justin : Kevin, I just got a registered letter from the army.

Kevin : What does it say, Justin?

Justin : They want me back.

Kevin : Not going back is a felony.

Justin : I don't care. I'm going to Mexico.

Kevin : Justin!

Man : What do you need?

Justin : Uh, the usual.

Tommy : Justin, wake up!

Nora : This is all my fault.

Tommy : It's his own fault.

Kitty : We need an ambulance right away.

Nora : No, Justin. Justin. Oh, Justin, please.


The dinner.

William : We're in your hands, Lord. Look after us. Amen.

Tommy : Here, will you pass that? Hold your plate.

Nora : Justin, what's the matter?

Justin : Uh, nothing's the matter.

William : You want to say something?

Justin : I, uh...I enlisted today.

Nora : Enlisted in what?

Justin : In the military.

Tommy : Is this like that time you wanted to be a roadie for Linkin Park?

Kevin : Yeah, or open the brewery?

Tommy : Or the karate school?

Kevin : Oh, dude, it's called a dojo.

Justin : Guys, I'm serious. I went to the recruitment office today, and I joined the army.

Kevin : As in the army, the actual army, the guys with missiles and tanks?

Tommy : Yeah, look, it's--it's too soon to be making jokes.

Kevin : Yeah, it is.

Nora : He's not joking.

Justin : Look, the recruiter says we're getting a lot of volunteers, and, you know, we can--

Nora : No. No, I'm sorry, but no.

Justin : No what, Mom?

Nora : You're not going.

Justin : Dad, will you just explain to her

William : I understand wanting to serve your country. It's a noble instinct.

Justin : Look, it's not an instinct. I'm doing this, okay? No one's gonna stop me.

Nora : The hell I'm not. I will not have a child of mine putting themselves in harm's way just because they're caught up in some nationalistic fever.

Justin : Look, I may be your son, but I'm not your child anymore. I mean, I'm an adult, and I can make my own decisions.

Sarah : Come on, Justin. You don't even carry your own credit cards. You really think you're old enough to carry a gun?

Justin : Look, I'm three years older than Dad was when he joined the army.

Kitty : Justin, that was a completely different time.

Justin : You know what, Kitty? We talked about this. I mean, you said yourself that we need to do something and that we're not safe.

Kevin : Justin, she's a radio personality. Half of what she says she doesn't mean.

William : You're serious about this?

Justin : Yeah, I bought a plane ticket, and I'm reporting to Fort Bragg next Friday.

William : Then god speed.

Sarah : What? Dad! You can't

Kitty : What?


They are in the hospital with Justin.

Kevin : Mom ?

Nora : What?

Kevin : Are you okay?

Nora : Yes. I'm just making my market list for Thanksgiving.

Kitty : Thanksgiving's a week away.

Nora : Yes, I know. But when I'm nervous, I like to make lists.

Kitty : Oh, Mom, he's he's gonna be fine.

Nora : I know.

Tommy : Doctor's here.

Doctor : He'll be okay.

Nora : Really?

Doctor : We pumped his stomach, gave him some medicine called naloxone. It's gonna keep him pretty out of it for the next 24 to 48 hours, but, uh, he should make a full recovery.

Nora : Thank you, doctor. You you are a doctor, aren't you? You look so young.

Kevin : Well, he looks

Doctor : I'll discharge him tomorrow. Uh, what's his living situation like?

Kitty : Uh, he's gonna come home with us.

Doctor : Good, good. You're gonna want to keep a close watch on him for the next few days. Also, I'm recommending the following rehab facilities.

Sarah : Thank you very much.

Nora : “New Horizons” ? "Sunset Acres", "Bradley Ridge Detox & Spa"

Sarah : Maybe we can get a family rate.


To Ojai Foods.

Jordan : Using the password, we discovered your father's account at Ricklean & Cabot contains 50 shares of a holding company.

Tommy : Holding what?

Jordan : A 60-acre parcel of land near Furth, Nevada. Basically, it's in the middle of the desert. We're estimating its market value at less than $1.2 million.

Sarah : If the land's only worth a million, where's the other $14 million my father borrowed?

Jordan : The land is worth $1.2 million, but it looks like your father paid someone $15 for it.

Kevin : Great. So he'd have been better off buying swampland in Florida or a bridge in Brooklyn.

Saul : Thank you, Jordan, for your diligence. Why don't you step into my office, and I'll give you a check for your services?

Sarah : With any luck, it won't bounce.

Kevin : Thank you.

Tommy : Yeah, thanks.

Kevin : Well, I know a firm in Nevada. Maybe they could recommend a good realtor.

Sarah : Give them a call.

Tommy : No. I don't want to sell it, not yet. Look, whatever Dad might have been, he wasn't stupid. He knew land. He bought the orchards up and down the west coast.

Kevin : Well, maybe his judgment failed him when he moved his investments inland.

Sarah : Right.

Tommy : I'm not signing off on any sale until I see it. I'm sorry.

Kevin : As V.P., he does have to consent the conveyance of any corporate asset valued over a million.

Sarah : Well, I'm a mother of two, and I'm responsible for the candied yams at Thanksgiving. I don't have time to road trip to Nevada.

Tommy : Sarah, it's five hours each way. We'll leave early tomorrow. We'll be back by dinner.

Kevin : And as company president, you do have a fiduciary obligation to make an informed decision.

Sarah : No, I don't.

Kevin : Yeah, you do.

Sarah : Stop saying legal things just to piss me off. Okay. If I'm going, you're going.

Kevin : Fine. I love road trips.

Sarah : And you're driving.

Kevin : Still love them.

Sarah : Both ways.

Kevin : I hate road trips.


Kitty have to make an interview with Senator, Robert McCallister.

Jack : You gotta box him in. You gotta ask him about U.N. sanctions for North Korea.

Woman : Stem cell research.

Warren : You gotta ask him about--

Kitty : You guys know that this is only a 15-minute interview?

Warren : You better ask the senator about his divorce.

Kitty : What is this, interview by committee?

Warren : It's McCallister's first interview since splitting from his wife, and he shouldn't get a free pass just because he's being interviewed by a fellow California Republican.

Kitty : Divorce is not news.

Warren : Messy divorces are news, and this one was messy. I mean, the guy's the best-looking man in a 20-square-mile radius of D.C., and his wife left him for his chief of staff.

Jack : After she found him in bed with the nanny.

Woman : Yeah, so she says. The nanny denies it.

Warren : See? News.

Kitty : He's a decorated vet of the first gulf war, 2-term senator and, not to mention, front-runner for vice presidency. Yes, of course, I'm going to ask him about his divorce.

Jack : Knock them dead.

Warren : You okay? There's been some talk around these parts of you finally acting like a Republican.

Kitty : Oh, you mean bitchy?

Warren : You said it, not me.

Kitty : It's my brother, Justin. They called him up, and they're sending him to Iraq this time.

Warren : Oh, God, Kitty. I'm sorry. Is there anything I can do for you?

Kitty : Yeah, you can find a way to withdraw from Iraq.

Warren : Come here.

Kitty : Oh, thanks.

Amber : Kitty, Whit wants you to ask Senator McCallister about his... I can wait.

Kitty : Amber, it's


Nora and Justin come back at Nora's home.

Nora : I'll go to your loft and get you some clothes. Matter of fact, I think I'll take everything. From the looks of things, they haven't seen the inside of a washer or dryer in months. I could stop by the video store. You want me to pick you up anything?

Justin : Yeah, "Black Hawk Down."

Nora : Nice to see attempting suicide has not hurt your sense of humor.

Justin : Look, I didn't "attempt" anything, Mom. It's called an overdose because I overdid it. Why don't you just tear my head off and get it over with?

Nora : Go upstairs. Lay down. When you feel better, then I'll tear your head off. I promise.

Justin : Mom ?

William : Nora...

Nora : I hate it when you do that. You're not the final say in this house, not when it comes to my children.

William : His mind is made up.

Nora : No, it's not! You have to talk to him. He's not ready for this.

William : Neither was I!

Nora : William, he is not you. He doesn't have your strengths. He doesn't have your capability.

Justin : I'm doing this. I'm going, Mom, and there's nothing you can do to stop me.


Kitty and Nora talk about Justin.

Kitty : Whoa! When did Ojai Foods get into the pie-making business?

Nora : What do you think, these pies bake themselves every year? No, I do the baking today, and then the cooking, stuffing and potato mashing on the day of. Besides that, I just wanted this to be a special Thanksgiving. It's the first one without your father and the last one before Justin. I just wanted to bring my "a". Something.

Kitty : Game. So I have an interview with Senator McCallister, but then when I come back, I'd--I'd love to help.

Nora : Oh, Kitty, Sweetie Pie, I don't know how to say this delicately, but I'm not cremating anything.

Kitty : You know, I am an excellent cook. In fact, some people even call me a chef.

Nora : Some with a really good sense of humor.

Kitty : So, you're okay? We're okay?

Nora : I'm okay, and we're more than okay. Just go do your McCallister interview, and don't forget to ask him if he slept with the nanny.

Kitty : Oh, Mother, not you. It's not news.

Nora : No, no, no, but it's very interesting.

Kitty : Interesting ? Aw, Mom. You don't always have to be strong.

Nora : I'm not. They're gonna take my my boy. They're gonna take my boy.

Kitty : No, no. We're gonna do something. Kevin's gonna Kevin's gonna do something.

Nora : No, he came by earlier this morning, about four pies ago, and there's nothing he can do to keep Justin out of it.

Kitty : Are you sure?

Nora : Yes. He has to report in in two weeks, or they're going to arrest him. I don't know how I can do this again. I was afraid to answer the phone. I was afraid they were calling to say that, I don't know. God, how many times will I have to lose my boy?


Tommy, Kevin and Sarah are in Kevin's car.

Tommy : Oh, this is ridiculous, country, light country, and static.

Kevin : Pick the static.

Tommy : What CDs do you have?

Sarah : Kevin, you are such a cliche.

Kevin : What did you expect Ludacris?

Sarah : Okay, "Apocalypse Now."

Tommy : Is that a band?

Sarah : Cinema. Last man standing gets to control the dial for the whole trip.

Tommy : Uh, "Whale Rider." "Apocalypse now" ends with a "w," so "Whale Rider." A movie that starts with "r," Kev, go.

Kevin : I know the rules, Einstein.

Tommy : Oh, just go.

Kevin : "Rambo: First Blood Part II."

Sarah : No sequels. How am I gonna come up with a movie that begins with a "2"?

Tommy : "2 Fast 2 Furious"

Kevin : "2001: A Space Odyssey"

Sarah : What's that smoke?

Kevin : I don't think that's a movie, and it certainly doesn't start with a "2."

Sarah : No, there is smoke pouring out the front of your hood.

Kevin : It's okay. I have this under control, If only to prove to you two I'm not a cliche. No one panic.

Sarah : I'll stretch my legs. He's gonna get himself killed.

Tommy : He's pouring water into the radiator. He'll be fine.

Sarah : I'm talking about Justin.

Tommy : He can handle himself. He's not a baby.

Sarah : I didn't say he was.

Tommy : But you treat him like one. You all do. You all complain, and you worry, and you don't see that you're responsible.

Sarah : How am I responsible?

Tommy : We all are. I mean, every self-destructive thing he's ever done, including enlisting in the military, he did to prove that he's not the baby of the family.

Kevin : Cliche that.

Tommy : You were saying?


Kitty meet Senator McCallister.

Kitty : Excuse me. Um, Senator McCallister, hi. I'm Kitty Walker.

Robert : Call me Robert.

Kitty : Really?

Robert : Hell, no. I campaigned through a primary and a runoff so people would call me "senator." Guys, could you give me the room?

Kitty : I just came in to introduce myself before the interview, and is there anything else we can get you?

Robert : Three more votes on my bill to stop federal funding of stem cell research.

Kitty : Oh, well, it's already been stopped for the last six years, except the existing cell lines.

Robert : You're one of those Republicans.

Kitty : Why? Because I happen to support federal funding for stem cell research?

Robert : Because you support federal funding of issues which are not federal. You know, there's a reason the other guys keep saying our spending habits are out of control.

Kitty : Why is that?

Robert : They're right. I mean, why can't the states who are in favor of it fund it themselves? It's what we did in California.

Kitty : Well, I'm not sure that America is ready for us to run the country like we run California, not even Californians.

Robert : See? Isn't this much more fun than asking me about my divorce?

Kitty : I don't know. I haven't asked you about your divorce yet.

Robert : Okay. I have an idea. How about instead of grilling me on my private, and intensely painful, public divorce on national television, I take you out for an espresso?

Kitty : An espresso?

Robert : Look, this is my first on-camera since Courtney and I split. If I can get by here, it allows me to establish myself as a senator and not an ex-husband.

Kitty : Right, but you are a senator and an ex-husband. You should talk about both.

Robert : And I will. But I promise you my thoughts on immigration won't be the pull-quote from the A.P. Or the clip downloaded on YouTube. It'll be whatever you get me to say about Bridgette.

Kitty : I'm assuming Bridgette is the nanny?

Robert : You've never been divorced, have you?

Kitty : No.

Robert : Believe me, there are days when you wake up feeling like a failure at the one thing you've worked your hardest at in your whole life, and today's one of those days.

Kitty : Sorry.

Robert : Come on, isn't there anything I can say to persuade you?


Kevin, Sarah and Tommy are waiting for their car.

Kevin : It's the weirdest thing. It it just died.

Tommy : It didn't just die. It overheated. You did something to it, and then it died.

Man : You guys drive this thing into a lake or something? Engine's flooded with water.

Tommy : With Evian.

Man : Must have put it in the fill hole.

Kevin : No gay jokes.

Tommy : You poured water into the oil pan?

Sarah : How long is this gonna take to fix?

Man : Three, four hours, tops. Gonna have to flush the engine. There's a sandwich shop nearby. They make a mean patty melt.

Kevin : Oh, come on. That was an innocent mistake.

Tommy : You still love road trips?

Sarah : Hey, Joe. It's me. I'm gonna be a little longer than I thought. Will do.


Kitty and Warren are in the studio after the interview.

Kitty : Thank you very much. That's all we have time for.

Man : And we're out.

Robert : So when does this air?

Kitty : Tomorrow night. Don't worry. You were great. Thank you very much.

Robert : Thank you. Take care.

Kitty : You too.

Robert : Good luck to your brother.

Kitty : Thank you.

Warren : What was that?

Kitty : What was what? I thought it was great.

Warren : Yeah for him. Did you completely forget about the divorce? And "good luck to your brother"? How does he even know about your brother? Oh, Kitty. Tell me you didn't.

Kitty : Didn't what?

Warren : Tell me you didn't ask the senator for a favor concerning your brother. Tell me you didn't jeopardize your integrity and the integrity of this program all in one fell swoop.

Kitty : Warren, that is

Warren : Just tell me you didn't.

Kitty : I didn't. I didn't.


Kitty and Nora are in the kitchen.

Kitty : What is this?

Nora : It's a letter I downloaded off the internet.

Kitty : "After much consideration, I have decided to withdraw my choice of enlisting." Justin has decided to withdraw his enlistment?

Nora : All he needs to do is send that letter in before reporting for active duty.

Kitty : But he actually hasn't sent it in yet.

Nora : He won't do it if I ask him, Kitty. But he will if you ask him.

Kitty : No. No, Mom.

Nora : Please.

Kitty : No, I- I won't do it.

Nora : Please, please, please. He's making a terrible mistake.

Kitty : Well, I actually don't think that he is making a mistake. I and if he is, well, then it's his mistake to make.

Nora : You can't actually agree with him going off to war where he might get himself killed

Kitty : Oh, Mom, we are not at war yet.

Nora : Oh, please. We were attacked. This country's gonna bomb something. It's the American way.

Kitty : That's right, we were attacked. And now it's time to strike back, and I, for one, am very proud of Justin for being so patriotic that he wants to be a part of that.

Nora : Kitty, this isn't your radio show. This is your brother we're talking about.

Kitty : How do you know that enlisting isn't actually going to be what he needs, Mom? Dad is always talking about how the army taught him discipline.

Nora : And what good is discipline if you're not alive to have it?

Kitty : Mom, this might just be what Justin needs to turn his life around. There's a reason the greatest generation was a generation of veterans.

Nora : It was different, Kitty. You said so yourself.

Kitty : How is it different? Our way of life is being attacked. Justin is just trying to protect and defend all of those rights that you taught us to value in the first place.

Nora : I know what's right for my son.

Kitty : Well, I'm sorry, but I don't see it that way, and more importantly, neither does Justin. He just wants to be a part of something, Mom.

Nora : He is a part of something. He is a part of this family, and even if you don't appreciate that, he does.

Kitty : Right. Right.


Kevin, Sarah and Tommy are waiting for their car.

Sarah : Is it hopeless?

Kevin : Justin or the car?

Sarah : Both.

Kevin : There's a fix for the car.

Tommy : What about one of those rehab resorts? I thought we were taking him there. Isn't that the plan?

Kevin : Well, yeah, it was, until I found out the military insists on treating Justin themselves.

Sarah : While angry insurgents fire at him. That's how he got into trouble in the first place. It doesn't make sense.

Kevin : Oh, and when this war starts making sense, be sure to let me know.

Man : Good as new. I even changed your spark plugs for you, free of charge.

Sarah : Okay. 400 $, right?

Man : Oh, cash. We're we're cash only here.

Tommy : Oh, God.

Sarah : Why didn't you tell us this four hours ago?

Man : Well, you weren't paying four hours ago. Besides, the signs the signs have been here the whole time.

Sarah : Do you have an A.T.M?

Man : Nearest one's in Ruby Valley, but I wouldn't recommend walkin'. The car rental place down the road takes credit.

Tommy : Wait a second. You can use a credit card to rent a car, but not to get back the car that you own?

Man : They take credit.

Kevin : You know what you should

Tommy : Shut up!


Kitty is in her boss's office.

Kitty : Hey, Whit, I really don't want to do a piece on what Thanksgiving means to Republicans.

Whit : That's not what I want to talk to you about. Amber has brought a matter of some concern to my attention.

Kitty : Okay. What's the concern?

Whit : That you went easy on the senator in return for a personal favor.

Kitty : Okay, well, Amber, can you tell me where and from whom you got that idea?

Whit : Are you saying you did?

Kitty : No, I'm saying that it's not professional and it's not responsible to make accusations without any proof.

Amber : But you didn't ask the senator about his divorce.

Kitty : When you conduct the interviews, Amber, you can decide what gets asked, but I mean, do you have any knowledge of McCallister throwing me any favors?

Amber : No, but I know that

Kitty : No, no. Then I'm a little confused as to what we're doing here then.

Whit : Sorry, Kitty.

Kitty : Can I talk to you for a minute, please? Two hours? Two hours, and you have to go tattle to your little girlfriend?

Warren : What are you talking about?

Kitty : Whit called me on the carpet. He's accusing me of bribing McCallister to help Justin.

Warren : Kitty, I didn't tell Whit anything.

Kitty : You told Amber.

Warren : I told her what I thought. I didn't think she'd say anything.

Kitty : Oh, oh, really? "Little Miss Blonde Ambition?"

Warren : Besides, you denied it. You told me you didn't do anything. Are you telling me something different now?

Kitty : All right. When Justin went away, I went away. I went back to New York, and I missed all the holidays without him. I missed all the meals without him. I missed all the fights that my mother and my father must have had when they were worried sick, and that was when we were winning the war.

That was when the when we knew what we were fighting for. But now it's more dangerous than ever over there, and he's going back, and I'm here, and my mother, my mother, who is so strong she is so heartbroken. So, yes. Yes, of course, I asked McCallister to help me, and he said no. So I thought that if I did him a favor and didn't ask him about the divorce that maybe he could help me. I thought maybe he would change his mind. And you know what? I don't care if it was wrong. I did it for my brother. I did it for my family. And you know what? I would do it again in a heartbeat. I'm just, I'm.


Sarah, Kevin and Tommy go in a bar.

Tommy : We got a problem.

Sarah : What?

Tommy : No motels in this town. No motels, no hotels. The closest thing is 60 miles away.

Sarah : That island on "Lost" has more civilization than this place.

Kevin : Where are you going?

Sarah : Well, if I'm gonna sleep in a rental car, I'm not gonna do it sober.

Kevin : No. Whoa, Sarah! Now is not the time to get your buzz on. Oh, wow. This is straight out of "A Few Good Men."

Sarah : More than a few. Three beers, please.

Tommy : I thought you wanted to get wasted. Three bourbons, too. Thanks.

Sarah : To William's folly.

Tommy : Oh, come on. Could you show some respect?

Sarah : I'm sorry, Tommy, but parentage isn't a free pass to cheat and steal.

Tommy : Look, I know, but--

Kevin : He was also our dad. To William. Cheers.

Man : Excuse me, madam. We don't get too many civilians in here. Are you lost?

Sarah : I might be.

Tommy : She's not.

Man : Sorry, man. You’re her boyfriend?

Tommy : No, her brother. Plus she's married.

Kevin : Uh, Tommy, in case you hadn't noticed, there's, like, the entire 82nd Airborne in here. So, um, I'm sorry, he gets a little protective of her. Has done since puberty.

Man : I just wanted to see if the lady might be interested in shooting a little pool.

Sarah : Actually, the lady would. Don't worry, Tommy. It's only a game of pool. My virtue will remain intact.

Man : Don't worry about that, man. Dan's just happy to see a woman out of uniform, you know? Life on the base is pretty much a 24/7 sausage fest.

Kevin : That sounds pretty horrible. That that sounds pretty horrible.


David is in Nora's house.

David : Hey.

Nora : Hi.

David : You're alive.

Nora : Are you?

David : Oh, this. I-I had a run-in with some siding. The siding won.

Nora : David, please come in. This is a surprise a very nice one, but unexpected.

David : Well, I'm sorry to just drop by like this, but things were left a a little unresolved.

Nora : I know. I'm so sorry, David. I am so sorry. It was a lovely, lovely evening, but things happened with life happened, and I got distracted.

David : Yeah, I get that. Life happens. Why don't you tell me what's going on?

Nora : I've got five grown children and two grandchildren and a house full of problems I can't quit thinking about.

David : Well, then maybe you're not supposed to.

Nora : You're so sweet, David. I really think you should run screaming from me as if you were on fire.

David : No, no, no. You're not gonna get off that easy. I don't ditch my friends just because they're going through a rough patch.

Nora : Friends ?

David : That's what you want, isn't it?

Nora : Yes. Yes, I truly do.

David : Great. So we're okay now?

Nora : Yes. Yes, we're great. David, please don't be a stranger. I don't want you to feel like every time you come here you're always required to nail something. I didn't say that right, did I?

David : Sure you did. I'll be around, Nora.

Nora : I hope so.


In the past.

Justin : Hey, you're back. So, uh, where'd you put the letter?

Nora : What letter?

Justin : The form letter. You know, the one you were trying to get Kitty to get me to sign. Yeah, you're busted, Mom. She told me.

Nora : I'm sorry, Justin.

Justin : Look, it's cool. I just want to see it, that's all. Been doing some rethinking.

Nora : That's great. I threw it out. Kitty told me you wouldn't be interested, so I went and threw it out.

Justin : You sent it in already.

Nora : I knew you would eventually change your mind. What are you doing?

Justin : I'm gonna call the recruiter and tell him to ignore that letter.

Nora : Justin...

Justin : I shoulda done this a long time ago. I mean, Kitty knew. She knew that was the only way she was gonna have a life was to get as far away from you as possible.

Nora : I want you to have a life. That's the whole point. Please. I don't want you to do something I know you will regret!

Justin : That's right. You know, right? You know what I should do and how I should do it, Mom.

Nora : Because you're my whole life.

Justin : No, Mom, I'm your son. I've got my own life.


In the bar.

Man : Where'd you learn to break like that?

Sarah : Three brothers and a dad.

Tommy : Uh, are you done having...Fun yet?

Sarah : I love this song. Dance, Tommy.

Tommy : Couldn't you just kill me instead?

Man : Your sister has how many kids?

Kevin : I honestly don't know anymore.

Man : How about you?

Kevin : No, I-I don't have any kids. And I don't envision that happening anytime soon 'cause for one thing, I'm gay. So an unplanned pregnancy isn't really a risk for me. For another, you kinda need to be in a long-term relationship, and my my boyfriend just broke up with me so.

Man : So you're single. I was hoping you'd say that.

Kevin : Good news. No, great news. I've got a line on a place for us to crash tonight.

Sarah : You're incredible. We come to an army bar, and he gets laid.

Kevin : Well, not yet, but I am working on it.


Nora and Kitty are in the kitchen, they are talking about Justin.

Nora : You're either about to do something very naughty, or you already have.

Kitty : What gave me away?

Nora : The night before you cheated on Mrs. Worthington's spelling test, you ate a whole pint.

Kitty : You remember every bad thing I've ever done, don't you?

Nora : I remember every bad thing we've both ever done.

Kitty : We, I've got a new one, one for the record books. I tried to bribe the senator to help Justin.

Nora : To get him out of the military?

Kitty : Yeah, I thought that he'd be able to help Justin and get him off the hook. And me, too, I guess.

Nora : It wasn't your fault that Justin enlisted. It was mine.

Kitty : What are you talking about?

Nora : I pushed him. He was about to change his mind, and I pushed him the other way. And I blamed it on you. I was too angry and scared to blame it on myself.

Kitty : No. Justin would have never enlisted if I hadn't

Justin : You're both crazy. I enlisted because I wanted to. I went back and forth about a thousand times in my head before I went, and nothing anyone said or did was gonna change my mind. It was the best and worst decision I've made in my entire life, but you know what? It was my choice. So I'm not going to fight the recall. I'm going back.


Sarah, Kevin and Tommy arrive to the land which bought by William.

Sarah : I feel like Nick Nolte's mug shot.

Kevin : That's what happens when you do jell-o shots with enlisted men.

Tommy : If we're not as chipper as you are, Kev, it's because you didn't sleep on the floor.

Kevin : Oh, that's right, Tommy. I certainly did not.

Sarah : One day, son, this will all be yours. Okay, Tommy, 500 miles, two cars later, you happy now?

Kevin : Yeah, come on, Tommy, let's go. We've got a long trip ahead of us.

Tommy : I don't get it. How could he be this stupid?

Sarah : No, how could you be?

Tommy : Oh, screw you.

Kevin : Okay, let's calm down.

Tommy : I'm sick of her cracks about him. I don't care about the mistakes that he made. I don't care.

Sarah : Fine.

Tommy : All right? He was our dad.

Sarah : Not just ours.

Kevin : Excuse me? What what ex-exactly does that mean? You just said, "not just ours"? What

Sarah : He had another kid with Holly. Remember that photo we found up at the ranch? That was her. Her name's Rebecca. Dad kept her photo.

Kevin : Of course. And, um. So does, uh, does does Mom know about this?

Sarah : No! And, Kevin, she never will, OK?

Kevin : Oh, and and have you met her? I mean are we gonna meet her?

Sarah : No and no.

Kevin : Well, we are talking about another sister.

Sarah : No, actually, we're not talking about her anymore ever again. Okay? Can we please just go home?

Kevin : I don't think we should leave until we

Tommy : Kev, Kev, Kev, just let it go, okay? There's a bank in town. We'll get cash there.

Kevin : Yeah, sure. Yeah. Let's yeah, let's let it go. Of course.


Kitty is in the studio with Jack and Warren.

Kitty : Uh, hey, Jack, if it's okay with you, I'd like to introduce the McCallister segment.

Jack : Yeah, sure. It's your interview.

Man : And we're on in three, two

Kitty : Thanks.

Jack : Welcome. Obama mulls an '08 run, election day fallout, and we go toe-to-toe on gay marriage, but first, an exclusive interview with Senator Robert McCallister, who sat down yesterday with our own Kitty Walker. Kitty.

Kitty : Thank you, Jack. In the interview that you are about to see, I asked Senator McCallister about his stem cell bill, his position on Iraq and his aspiration towards higher executive office. What I didn't ask him about was his recent divorce. Now I wish I could I say I didn't ask the senator about his divorce because of some high-minded notion of journalistic integrity, but it was just the opposite. I have a brother who served in Afghanistan and was recently called back to serve in Iraq. And I did the senator a favor in the hope that he would do me one and use his influence to keep my brother home to keep him from fighting in a war that I have defended on this very program. Senator McCallister rightly refused to help me. His integrity remains intact. But mine, however, less so. Mistakes were made. President Ronald Reagan said those words 20 years ago at a time when admitting a mistake was perceived as a sign of strength, not weakness. I made a mistake. I made a mistake in compromising the interview that you're about to see, and I made a mistake in continuing to defend a war that is in desperate need of reexamination, reexamination which cannot come until we acknowledge that the war itself was a mistake. None of this is meant to serve as an excuse for my own conduct, but I do hope that you will find in your hearts to accept my apology.

Jack : Thank you, Kitty. And now our interview with Senator Robert McCallister.

Man : And back in 15.

Warren : Kitty.

Kitty : You were right to say something.


Tommy, Sarah and Kevin are in the bank.

Sarah : Do you realize with gas, food and the car, this trip actually cost us money?

Tommy : It's just, I never remember Dad coming out here.

Kevin : Well, he must have at some point.

Sarah : What?

Tommy : This is the only bank.

Kevin : Yeah.

Tommy : Maybe this is where Dad got the mortgage. Excuse me. Hey, uh, my father passed away recently, and I think he might have had a loan through your bank. William Walker.

Woman : Oh, uh, let me check the records.

Tommy : Look, Dad bought that land for a reason. I mean, he must have had a reason. Maybe the reason's in the loan docs.

Kevin : I agree.

Woman : I'm sorry. There's no loans to a William Walker. But, uh, he did maintain a safe deposit box with us.

Kevin : Uh, I'm I'm the executor of Mr. Walker's estate, and I'd like to see that box, please.

Woman : Well, I'll need a death certificate and a copy of the will.

Kevin : Of course. What's your fax number? No, they're just papers. It's a letter for Mom.

Tommy : What's that?

Kevin : Oh, it's an easement. It's, uh, it's kind of a free pass to use someone else's land. Look, Dad gave permission to the army to drive over the land he bought. Oh, my God.

Sarah : Don't tell me. Dad used to be a woman.

Kevin : No, no. There's a survivorship clause. Upon Dad's death, we can sell the land to the army. The sale price of the land is, uh, is, is, is liquidated. It's a set amount.

Sarah : It is it enough to pay back the money Dad stole?

Kevin : Yeah, and and and then some. William's Folly is worth over $30 million.

Sarah : No.

Kevin : Yeah.

Sarah : Really?

Kevin : Yeah.


In Nora's house.

Saul : It's your brother. I'm hungry. Uh, please warn me in advance which entrees were prepared with Kitty's loving hands.

Kitty : Uh, you guys know that I'm standing right here, right?

Justin : Good morning.

Kitty : Morning.

Justin : Wait, you're cooking?

Nora : Under the proper supervision. I can see your appetite's returned.

Kevin : Kitty, phone call.

Kitty : Uh, take a message, please.

Kevin : Sure. What should I tell the senator?

Kitty : Um, okay. Hello?

Robert : Happy Thanksgiving, and good interview. I thought it came off particularly well.

Kitty : Oh, well, that's probably because I didn't ask if you slept with the nanny.

Robert : If that's regret that I'm sensing, then for the record, no, I didn't. So how fast did they fire you?

Kitty : Well, they haven't fired me yet.

Robert : Really ? That's too bad. I was hoping you'd be back on the market.

Kitty : Excuse me?

Robert : I could use somebody like you on my communications staff.

Kitty : Y-you're offering me a job on your staff?

Robert : No, as my nanny. You don't have to say yes right away. Just tell me you'll think about it.

Kitty : Yeah, I'll think about it. Happy Thanksgiving, Senator.

Robert : You, too.

Nora : That's incredible news.

Tommy : Yeah, it is incredible.

Nora : So we're gonna be all right, then?

Tommy : You could put it that way.

Saul : We're not going into bankruptcy, Nora. That's the main thing.

Tommy : We were looking through Dad's stuff, and we found this, addressed to you. We didn't open it.

Nora : That's Dad's handwriting. I know he wasn't perfect, but still, he was a lot more than what we've been giving him credit for lately.

Tommy : Yeah, he was.

William : My dearest Nora, there's a part of me that hopes you never read this. Because if you are, it means that you've discovered some of the mistakes I've made in my life. And while I've tried to set those mistakes right, I know that I'll never be able to completely repair your trust. It tortures me to think that I've ever caused you a moment's pain. But I know I have. I only hope that you can find it in your heart, a heart which is far better and purer than mine, to forgive me my sins. Because despite my mistakes and errors in judgment, I have always loved you. I have always treasured your love and the love of our children. Each of one of them is a little piece of you. Each one is so lucky to have gotten your kind heart. And no matter what mistakes I've made or to the extent of the pain those mistakes may have caused, I know I've done at least one right thing in this life and that was to fall in love and make a family with you.

Nora : Thank you. Thank you. Thank you all so much for being here. It means so much to me especially after these past few months. We have all been through so much. And I'm I'm so grateful to all of you. Cheers

Everyone : Cheers.

Cooper : Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Everyone : Happy Thanksgiving! Cheers.

Julia : Go ahead. It's the right time.

Kitty : Wait, wait, right time for what?

Tommy : We're having a baby.

William : Because our family means so much more to me than my mistakes suggest. Our family is everything, the best thing I ever did in my entire life. With love and remorse, William.


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