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#117 : Pièce rapportée

Nora invite la fille illégitime de son mari à se joindre à eux pour le dîner. Mais la soirée tourne au désastre lorsque Kevin arrache un cheveu à Rebecca pour faire tester son ADN.

De son côté, Kitty rencontre les enfants de Robert. Leurs relations plus que mouvementées déstabilisent son couple.


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All in the family

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Pièce rapportée

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Sarah Walker (Rachel Griffiths) et Nora Walker (Sally Field) dans la cuisine

Sarah Walker (Rachel Griffiths) et Nora Walker (Sally Field) dans la cuisine

Rebecca Harper (Emily VanCamp)

Rebecca Harper (Emily VanCamp)

Nora Walker (Sally Field) craque

Nora Walker (Sally Field) craque

Rebecca Harper (Emily VanCamp), Justin Walker (Dave Annable) et Kevin Walker (Matthew Rhys)

Rebecca Harper (Emily VanCamp), Justin Walker (Dave Annable) et Kevin Walker (Matthew Rhys)


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La révélation de l'existence de Rebecca, n'est pas sans conséquences : depuis Nora ne parle plus à Sarah et Kevin, évite Saul. Pour y remédier, Nora se rend chez Holly et lui propose de venir avec Rebecca, dîner chez elle. Holly pense que c'est une très mauvaise idée, mais accepte d'en parler à Rebecca. Celle-ci, trouve au contraire, que c'est l'occasion de rencontrer le reste de sa famille.

Malheureusement le dîner ne se passe pas très bien. Le pire moment et lorsque Kevin arrache, par surprise, un cheveux de Rebecca, afin de faire un test de paternité, pour savoir si elle est vraiment la fille de William... Rebecca s'en va en disant, qu'elle n'a jamais vue une telle famille de cinglés...

Quand elle rentre chez elle, elle dit à sa mère qu'elle peut être rassurée : elle ne fait pas partie de leur famille et n'en fera jamais partie. Elle reproche néanmoins à Holly, de l'avoir empêcher de grandir avec ses frères et soeurs.

Quand à Sarah et Nora, elles finissent par se réconcilier.

Chad doit se rendre à l'avant première d'un film. Il dit à Kevin qu'il ne peuvent pas y aller ensemble, et qu'il va y aller avec une amie actrice. Kevin lui dit qu'il n'en peut plus de se cacher, et Chad change d'avis : lui aussi en a assez, et quoique les gens peuvent dire, ils vont y aller ensemble. Mais peu après, Kevin est contacté par l'agent de Chad, qui lui dit que s'afficher ensemble est une mauvaise idée, car si Chad est prêt à prendre ce risque, c'est que leur histoire devient vraiment sérieuse. Kevin prend peur, et lui dit qu'il n'est plus sûr de vouloir y aller avec lui. Chad s'énerve, estimant que Kevin ne sait pas ce qu'il veut. Finalement Chad se rend à l'avant première, avec son amie actrice.

Nora prend des cours à la fac. Quand elle lit ses essais (qui racontent les malheurs d'une certaine Dora dont la vie ressemble étrangement à la sienne), les autres étudiants s'ennuient totalement. Elle peut heureusement compter sur le soutien de son professeur "Mark", qui semble apprécier ce qu'elle écrit.

Kitty rencontre les enfants de McCallister "Jakeé et "Sofia". Ce dernier propose qu'ils dînent tous les quatre dans leur restaurant habituel. Kitty accepte, mais elle doit pendant le repas, supporter les remarques de Sofia. Et quand une serveuse prend Kitty pour la mère des enfants, Sofia s'emporte. McCallister l'enguirlande, mais Kitty lui dit qu'elle a raison.

Après Kitty avoue à McCallister, quelle trouve que les choses vont un peut vite entre eux, qu'elle a l'impression qu'il veut vite fonder une nouvelle famille avant de devenir président. En entendant dela, McCallister remet en question leur couple et déclare qu'ils doivent se laisser un peu de temps, pour savoir ce que chacun veut vraiment...


Previously on "Brothers & Sisters"...

William and Holly had a daughter.

Oh, god. You could discover your father has another child and not tell me?

We want to use your sperm to get Julia pregnant.

I'll help you, Tommy.

Fill out these forms.

And we'll never know which one of them it is?

That's the plan.

Are these your kids?

That's Jack. He's 8. And Sofia, she's 10.

I'm looking for Holly Harper.

Do I know you?

I'm her daughter Rebecca. You said that Bill was just your friend and just kinda left out the part about him being my father?

We're getting a serious gay vibe from the daytime doctor.

We need to lay low.

If you're expecting tears from me, you can forget it.

I don't expect anything. I just wanted to meet you.


Nora read her short story.

Nora : Every morning, there were these few precious milliseconds before reality set in, before Dora remembered where she was, who she was. Then it would all come flooding back. Each day seemed to bring some new disturbing revelation, some bomb that would make her reconsider her entire existence.

this last explosion had caused the most damage.

Sarah : Hey, ma, it's me. I just, uh, wanted to tell you to turn on channel 7. They're doing a whole tribute to Betty Friedman. Anyway, I guess I'll, um, talk to you soon. Bye.

Nora : Family dynamics were strained

Saul : Okay, here you go.

Kevin : That's it? Great.

Saul : What, that's it? You're leaving? You barely stayed for three signatures. How are you, Kevin?

Kevin : I'm fine. I'm just a little busy, Saul.

Nora : The fallout could be felt for miles.

Holly : Don't try you on your way out? Just trying to make conversation.

Rebecca : Well, don't.

Holly : You want to have some eggs? They're mostly whites.

Nora : This last remaining surprise had threatened to destroy a family she had never been allowed to know Dora’s family.

Well? What do you think ? Yeah.

Woman : Pedantic comes to mind.

Man : What a soap opera. I was waiting for, like, an evil twin to appear or for someone to get amnesia or something.

Nora : So what, you thought it was over-the-top? I mean, this is coming from a very real place.

Man : Relax, Dora. Don't get defensive.

Nora : It's Nora, Joel, and your story about incest at the white house was not exactly subtle. I mean, it didn't come from any

Teacher : Nora.

Nora : Yes?

Teacher : You seem to have a lot to say, which is good. But you don't have to say it all at the same time. You've packed a lot of incidents in here, which makes it all a bit, uh disconnected.

Nora : Well, it's terrible then, isn't it? It's terrible.

Teacher : No, it's not terrible, but it's the emotions behind the incidents that matter. What are these people feeling? What is Dora really going through?


Justin and Nora are talking about Rebecca.

Nora : School sucks. I am going to make myself a huge chocolate sundae and eat the whole thing, and then if I don't feel better after that, I will drop out, too, right after I stick my finger down my throat.

Justin : Why are you using Sarah's knapsack from high school?

Nora : I needed a book bag.

Justin : Oh, look. It still has a Bob Marley badge on it. And I don't know it's such a good idea after your little "incident" to be walking around with a pot leaf on your bag, mom. She called again, by the way.

Nora : Don't worry. I'll call her back.

Justin : Good, because everyone's gonna have to start talking at some point.

Nora : About what?

Justin : About Rebecca, mom. I mean, she's real. She exists. And you know what? She lives, like, 20 minutes from us.

Nora : What are you saying, that I should take a bunt cake over there and introduce myself?

Justin : I met her. I talked to her.

Nora : You talked to her? About what?

Justin : Well, things, I don't know. You know, we, we, we hung out a few times.

Nora : A few t...you hung out a few times? I can't believe this.

Justin : You can't get mad at me. You were the one that said we should do what whatever we felt we needed to do in this situation.

Nora : So, so what you needed to do was go hang out with her a few times without tell behind my back?

Justin : I knew you'd react like this.

Nora : How do you expect me to react? My husband kept a daughter from me, and now you hang out with her?

Justin : Did you honestly think I wouldn't meet her? She's my sister!

Nora : Damn it, you already have sisters.

Justin : She's not going away, mom. I mean, she's here whether we like it or not, okay?


Chad can't go with Kevin to Palm Spring for the weekend.

Kevin : Oh wow. More movies. I swear, since you decided we can't be seen in public, you've driven up the company's stock at least 20%. Did you order "Dirty Harry"?

Chad : Yeah, I never saw it.

Kevin : Wow, you really are bisexual, aren't you? I guess we'll save "singin' in the rain" for palm springs.

Chad : Um, Kevin, about this weekend

Kevin : What. no, no, no, no! Come on, I've already made reservations at the Parker, and you already said yes.

Chad : It's not that. Something came up. I have to go to this premiere on Saturday. It's a big director, and he's interested in me for a movie. It's really important that I be there.

Kevin : And I suppose you're taking your mom, right?

Chad : No.

Kevin : No.

Chad : I'm taking a friend, an actress.

Kevin : An actress. Great. Whose idea was that?

Chad : My manager's.

Kevin : Your manager. You do everything your manager says?

Chad : Well, I'm here right now, so I guess not.

Kevin : You know you know, uh, I'm sorry, Chad, but I have officially O. D. 'D on secrets. My family's imploding because of secrets that wouldn't go away. So I tell you what, you know your little friend, this little actress? Take her to the premiere, but that's it, I'm sorry. That's that's my line in the sand. We're done.

Chad : Kevin ?

Kevin : What?

Chad : You're right.

Kevin : About what?

Chad : I can't live my life like this anymore either. We'll go together.

Kevin : Are you kidding?

Chad : No. I'm about to go undercover on the show. I am sick of doing it in my real life.

Kevin : Are are you sure?

Chad : It's not like we're gonna hold hands or anything. Let 'em think what they want. Saturday night, we're on. Let's not watch dirty Harry.

Kevin : No, let's not.


Nora invite Holly and Rebecca for a dinner.

Nora : Holly, I apologize for just showing up here so late. This has been a very difficult time. Your daughter

Holly : Becca.

Nora : Rebecca the whole situation has caused a lot of tension in my family. I mean, we have fought before, but never anything like this. Kevin is not talking to Saul. I'm barely speaking to Sarah

Holly : Well, if it's any consolation to you, Becca's barely speaking to me.

Nora : Well, then you agree that something needs to be done.

Holly : What do you suggest?

Nora : I want you and Rebecca to come over to my house to dinner on Friday.

Holly : That is the worst idea that I have ever heard. I, I mean, the thought of Rebecca sitting at your table surrounded by the Walkers?

Nora : Well, she and Justin are already hanging out together.

Holly : Well, then let'em have dinner together. I mean, and forgive me, but I don't trust Sarah to be within 2 feet of Rebecca, and, and I don't think it's being overly protective to say that spending a night with your family is not in the best interest for me or my daughter.

Nora : I was hoping that you would ask her. Will you?


Robert introduces his kids to Kitty.

Robert : This is the worst frost we've had since '98. We've lost 80% of our citrus crop. I know the utility deferment plan protects the farmers. What about the people who pick the fruit? They're cold. They're tired. They haven't been paid.

Kitty : Hi. So, um, we're being inundated with calls demanding to know whether you're changing your tune on immigration.

Robert : Changing my, I am merely pointing out that we're gonna continue to incure huge costs, medical and otherwise, if we don't fix this.

Kitty : Oh, an economic initiative. That's a relief. And here I was so worried that you were being socially minded.

Robert : Just spin it. It's what I hired you for.

Kitty : No, you hired me because of my cute bu... I thought it was a mouse. I'm like-there's a very small person down there.

Robert : Yes, I know. Jack, you've been found. Kitty, my son jack.

Kitty : Jack. Well, hello.

Jack : Nice to meet you.

Kitty : Nice to meet you.

Robert : It's spring break.

Jack : It's your turn to hide now.

Kitty : Oh. Okay.

Jack : One one thousand, two one thousand, three one thousand

Kitty : Oh, oh, you mean, you mean you want me to hide now? You know what? No, no, no. The, the, um, the deadline on my press release

Robert : Oh, just multitask.

Sofia : Dad, the soda machine in the kitchen's jammed.

Kitty : Hi. Hi. Um, you must be Sofia. I'm Kitty.

Kitty. Like a cat?

Robert : Sofia.

Jack : Come on, you're supposed to be hiding.

Sofia : You work for my dad, right?

Kitty : Yeah.

Sofia : Can you fix the soda machine?

Robert : Sofia, Kitty's my communications director and my friend.

Kitty : Friend, yeah. Um hmm. And I, uh, I better, um, get back to work.

Jack : Hide and go work.

Kitty : Hide and go work.

Robert : Let's go we finish this in your office.

Kitty : Sure, A small child under your desk, very J. F. K. of you.

Robert : I was gonna warn you, but I've been a little busy.

Kitty : No, you know, no, no. It it's fine, I, except I did reference my butt front of, your 8 year old.

Robert : Oh, Jack loves a good butt reference, and boogers. That's a big one. So do you want to have dinner with us tomorrow night?

Kitty : Did you just go from "boogers" to "dinner"?

Robert : There's a great steak house in Montecito. Kids love it. They have amazing sides snap peas and who exactly do you want me to be at this dinner?

Kitty : Do you want me to be your employee/friend who you happen to take for steak 80 miles north of L. A.?

Robert : Just be yourself. I mean, they'll be asleep before the whole room thing is an issue.

Kitty : Oh, they're gonna figure it out way before "the room thing". I mean, kids aren't stupid.

Robert : Look, I'm new at this. I just thought it would be a good idea for us all to have dinner together, and I was gonna say something to Sofia beforehand.

Kitty : You were? I mean, because it's not because I've, I've I don't want you to do that now.

Robert : You mean you don't want me to?

Kitty : Well, no, no, I do, but, um, just only if you want to.

Robert : Wow, you are so much articulating when you're talking about politics. You're gonna love the steak.


At Julia and Tommy's house.

Julia : I don't want to do it. There are risks involved with amnio.

Tommy : Yeah, but the doctor said we should at least talk about it. Look, we're having twins. You're a higher risk pregnancy.

Julia : Everything's fine. I mean, I gained, like, 8 pounds in the last three weeks. Something's thriving besides my appetite.

Tommy : Your cleavage?

Julia : Cute.

Tommy : I'm just saying, we have an opportunity to get some really valuable genetic information.

Julia : Genetic information? This is about paternity, isn't it?

Tommy : This whole Rebecca thing, it's just making me think.

Julia : That's a completely different situation. She never had a father growing up. Our kids have you.

Tommy : I know, but maybe they should have a clear sense of where they came from. Look, my brothers did this amazing thing for us. I just, I want to talk to them, see if they want to weigh in.

Julia : They aren't gonna be weighing in when it comes to potty training. I just really hope it starts to hit you soon that we're the parents here, just you and me.


Kevin and Chad's manager are talking about Chad's coming out.

Kevin : Hello?

Woman : Is this Kevin Walker?

Kevin : Yes, it is.

Woman : Mr. Walker, please hold for Donald Dudley, Chad Barry's manager.

Kevin : Sure. Donald ? I'm Kevin Walker

Donald : Kevin. Have a seat.

Kevin : Thank you. So why do I feel like my life is in danger?

Donald : Relax. You want something to eat?

Kevin : No.

Donald : Good, this place serves dog food. Listen, I'm sorry to bring you here, but I need to be a little clandestine about this. If he found out I was talking to you, he'd probably fire me.

Kevin : With all due respect, maybe he should.

Donald : You're very direct. You're a lawyer. I used to be a lawyer. It's a god awful job.

Kevin : Donald, listen, I don't know what you want to talk about. To be honest, I'm not sure why I agreed to come here.

Donald : Even the coffee here stinks. Okay, Kevin, here's the thing when I met Chad Barry, he was working construction. He was taking the bus 30 miles a day. My wife took pity on him. She found him a used car. I care what happens to him.

Kevin : Oh, and I don't?

Donald : I just want to make sure your intentions are honorable.

Kevin : I'm not marrying him, Donald. I'm going to a movie.

Donald : You see, that's when you are wrong. What he's about to do for you, there's no turning back from that.

Kevin : Okay, he's not doing anything for me, right? He's doing it for himself.

Donald : Please. Semantics. We wouldn't be sitting here if it wasn't for you. You're the first guy that's ever gotten this far.

Kevin : Did you bring me here to tell me that?

Donald : Listen, people find out about Chad, I got a big office, I'm gonna be fine. And believe me, I won't miss waking up every morning wondering how many rumors I'm gonna have to bury that day. And I'm telling you, he comes out of the closet for you, it's like being with a virgin. He's yours for life, kid.

Kevin : He's not coming out of the closet for me.

Donald : Keep telling yourself that. But if you walk down that red carpet with him, you might as well be walking down the aisle. I, uh, I gotta take this one. Why'd they close that deal without telling me? No, that's not the way I do business.


Holly talks to Rebecca about the dinner with the Walkers.

Holly : Uh, do you have a second ? I wanted to run something by you.

Rebecca : Yup.

Holly : It's about tomorrow night you probably already have plans.

Rebecca : Probably.

Holly : Then forget it. It's not important.

Rebecca : I'm meeting Maureen and Caris at Spaceland. Do you want to stop being so cryptic and just tell me what's going on?

Holly : Nora Walker she came by.

Rebecca : She did? That's kinda sketchy of her. What, are you guys, like, friends?

Holly : No, we're, we're not friends. It's just that she invited us to dinner at her house with the family.

Rebecca : You're kidding.

Holly : No, I know. It's ridiculous. I'll just tell her to forget it.

Rebecca : No, they're curious to meet me. What's so ridiculous about it? You don't want to go ? Do you ?

Holly : I, I just think that it would be uncomfortable.

Rebecca : Well, you work with Tommy Walker. Is that uncomfortable?

Holly : Well, that's different, Becca. It's business.

Rebecca : So you don't have to go, but I'm kind of psyched to see the house. Justin says it's totally palatial. Mom, you look shocked.

Holly : No, it's just not the reaction that I expected.

Rebecca : Why not? They're the ones who made us millionaires. How often do I get to meet my benefactors? If they want me to go over there they can all pet me, it's the least I can do.

Holly : Okay then, we'll go.

Rebecca : You know what? I think I'd actually prefer to go alone.

Holly : Becca.

Rebecca : What, you want to come along so you can protect me, like you've protected me for the past 20 years? I think I got it from here.


Nora invites Kitty for the dinner with Rebecca.

Nora : Somebody slept in.

Kitty : It's 8:00 in the morning. Mom, what are you doing?

Nora : I'm marinating the meat, not me. Please tell me you're free tonight.

Kitty : I'm not.

Nora : Oh, really?

Kitty : Oh, mom, please don't sound shocked that I actually have plans. I'm, I'm having dinner with Robert and his kids.

Nora : Ooh. That's a very big step.

Kitty : No. No, They, they just happen to be in town. It's, it's nothing.

Nora : Oh, well, good. Can you do it another night?

Kitty : I thought you just said that it was a very big step.

Nora : It is a big step, but I think we have another big step to deal with. I'm having a dinner tonight, and I would really like it if you would all be there.

Kitty : Mom, you know, I have been so good about my family dinner attendance. I just think that I'm entitled to a personal day.

Nora : This is different. I invited Rebecca to dinner.

Kitty : No, you did not.

Nora : Yes.

Kitty : Mom, mom, are you insane?

Nora : I think it would be nice if we just all got to know each other.

Kitty : Why?

Nora : Because, because she exists. Because the unknown is always so much more disturbing than the reality. I think we have to confront this, normalize it.

Kitty : Normalize it?

Nora : Yes.

Kitty : Oh, like the time that you invited dad's mistress over, and then you outed her in front of everybody? No, no, no. That, that kind of normal?

Nora : Kitty, you know what? That's not fair. That's just not fair. Your father had just died. I was in shock. All right, I was mean and vindictive. But this time I'm trying very hard to do the right thing.

Kitty : Listen to me. Just because she has some shared D. N. A. with your kids you don't know anything about her. You don't know what she's like. Seriously, mom, don't. You, you are just trying to control an uncontrollable situation.

Nora : I'm not trying to control anything.

Kitty : You are hosting a "meet the illegitimate daughter" dinner. I'm sorry, but even if I were free, I wouldn't come.

Nora : Fine. Fine, fine, fine, fine, fine. I thought you would have problems with it.

Kitty : What is that supposed to mean?

Nora : Your relationship with your dad.

Kitty : Okay, so, Freud, do you think you're really ready for this? I mean, do you think you're really gonna be able to handle this? Because once she walks through the front door, you can't take it back. She's a Walker.

Nora : Kitty, she already is.


Robert is talking about Kitty to Sofia.

Robert : We need food network distribution, utilities assistance. All right, I'll call him right now. I am so sorry, Sofe. One more call, and we are out of here.

Sofia : It's okay. I feel bad for those workers.

Robert : Me, too. I'm sorry you and your brother are stuck in here all day.

Sofia : It's fine. I'm very self-sufficient. That's what Mrs. Allen put on my report card. Oh, and, uh, industrious. Apparently, I'm very industrious.

Robert : Sofe, I need to talk to you.

Sofia : Am I in trouble?

Robert : No! No sweetie. God, we've made you neurotic. So, um, I've invited someone, uh, to T. M. G. 's with us tonight.

Sofia : But that's our dinner. Oh,

Robert : I know, and it still is. But do you remember Kitty?

Sofia : As in "meow"? Yeah, I know about her.

Robert : You do?

Sofia : There was a picture of you and her a magazine. You were at restaurant, and she was wearing this red dress that mom thought looked cheap. Is she your girlfriend?

Robert : Well, I guess you could call her that. I, I would call her that. Are you okay calling her that? Not that you have to actually call her I, I wish your mother hadn't have shown you that photo.


Tommy and Kevin want to do a D N A test on Rebecca.

Kevin : Really? A paternity test?

Justin : Look, I don't know, dude. I mean, we went into this thing thinking that we weren't gonna know that, right?

Kevin : I know, and the last thing I need right now is a kid, Tommy two kids. I can't even handle a relationship.

Tommy : Relax. I'm not asking anyone to be more involved in their lives.

Kevin : But if it comes out they're courtesy of me, I know I'm gonna feel this extra pressure you know, to deliver on birthdays, holidays, go to all the games.

Justin : Tommy's got the games covered. Why don't you stick to, like, bake sales?

Tommy : Can we have a serious discussion about this before Rebecca gets here and the whole nightmare begins?

Kevin : Yeah, that's whose D. N.A. We should be testing.

Justin : What?

Kevin : Well, what, we're going on Holly's word? How reliable is that?

Tommy : Holly wouldn't make this up. She didn't even want Rebecca to find out.

Kevin : Yeah, that's what she told us. She may have lied for the money. Come on,don't you want to know beyond a reasonable doubt before we bring her in here like she's one of the family?

Tommy : Did you bring your D. N. A. kit with you? You're gonna swab her over salad?

Kevin : I could get a stray hair.

Tommy : No, that's not gonna work. You have to get it from the root.

Justin : What are you, Columbo?

Tommy : I watch all the crime shows.

Kevin : I'll take her water glass into a lab.

Tommy : No, no. That's not gonna work either. The glass will get corrupted.

Justin : Look, are you both high? You want your D.N.A test right here. She's hot. I feel nothing.

Kevin : Oh, god.


The dinner.

Justin : Hey.

Rebecca : Hey.

Kevin : Hi, I'm Kevin. Come on in.

Rebecca : Hi. Cool. It's a nice house.

Tommy : Thanks. Mom? This is Rebecca, mom.

Nora : Yes, of course. Hello. Welcome.

Rebecca : Thank you. It's nice to meet you.

Nora : Nice to meet you, too, Rebecca. I can't believe you spent all that time in Chicago. I mean, it's freezing there, isn't it?

Rebecca : Mm, yeah, it's really cold, but the summers are gorgeous.

Nora : Oh. And where were you, the, uh, university of Chicago?

Rebecca : Northwestern. I was a drama major.

Sarah : Oh, an actress like your mother?

Rebecca : Uh, barely. I, that's one of the reasons why I dropped out. I just don't see a future in that stuff.

Sarah : What were the other reasons you left?

Justin : It's not a job interview, Sarah.

Sarah : I'm just I'm interested.

Rebecca : It's cool. Um, I had a pretty devastating breakup. I sort of spiraled, and then I, I just started painting all the time.

Kevin : Oh, you paint? Are you any good? 'Cause we're all pretty bad when it comes to the arts.

Justin : That's not true. Sarah used to draw.

Sarah : Yeah, when I was 10.

Nora : I write a little bit.

Rebecca : I read about you.

Kevin : Me?

Rebecca : Someone sent me a link to "the Skinny Minnie". Are you really dating Chad Barry?

Kevin : Uh no. Yes. Yeah, I, uh, I, I know him.

Justin : Yeah, like Romeo knows Juliet.

Sarah : Or like Siegfried knows Roy.

Nora : This whole family loves to kid.

Rebecca : So, uh, where's the other sister? Kitty? She didn't want to meet me.

Nora : Oh, no, no, no, not at all. She, she, she had a date. It's with senator Mccallister.

Rebecca : Oh, yeah, I read about that, too.

Nora : Apparently all my children have made the goss columns. I'm not so sure I should be proud about that. How about seconds? Anyone?

Julia : I do. I'm eating for three.

Rebecca : Do you have any more iced tea?

Kevin : Yeah, I'll get it.

Justin : I'll get it. Um, I'll get the drinks.

Kevin : Okay, I'll help.

Nora : They are both very polite.

Kevin : Give me the glass.

Justin : You need a time- out, Kevin.

Kevin : Humor me. I'm a lawyer. I like to know the facts. Fine, walking away.

Nora : So Justin tells me you, you went to Marshall.

Rebecca : Uh, yeah, except for one year um, when my mom moved us up to Ojai.

Tommy : You're kidding.

Rebecca : No. Why? Thanks.

Kevin : We have a ranch in Ojai.

Rebecca : It's so boring there, isn't it?

Sarah : I'm sure your mother didn't find it boring. It's our company name. It was our father's favorite place

Rebecca : Right, yeah, I'm, I guess that explains that. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to

Nora : No, no, it's fine. Sarah is just being rude.

Sarah : My apologies, but this meal has reached a new level of weirdness.

Nora : Sarah, we all know what happened. That's why we're here tonight. I would like us all to get to know each other.


Robert and Kitty are eating in the restaurant with Jack and Sofia.

Kitty : Here's the check from the table. The snap peas are really good.

Sofia : They were better last time.

Robert : So, Sofe, when Kitty was your age, she was a spelling bee champion, too.

Kitty : No, your, your dad's bragging about me. I was really just the runner up. So what was your hardest word?

Sofia : I don't remember.

Robert : Come on, Sofe.

Jack : Oh, I know one! "M-I- s- s- I- s- s- I- p- I".

Kitty : Hmm, very good. That is very impressive, Jack.

Jack : Thank you.

Sofia : No, it's not. Everyone knows how to spell that.

Robert : I don't think many 8 year olds know how to spell it. Jack, good job.

Jack : Thanks, daddy.

Kitty : So, uh, Sofia, do you like the, uh, cheetahs?

Sofia : The who?

Jack : I think it's the cheetah girls.

Kitty : Oh, that's right. Oops. Yeah, it's the cheetah girls. I, I knew that.

Sofia : What, did you, like, Google 10 year olds?

Robert : Sofia, that's a warning.

Woman : So how's everyone doing over here?

Robert : Good. I think we, uh, could use some dessert.

Jack : I want the turtle sundae.

Woman : Okay.

Robert : And, Sofia, do you

Sofia : I'm not hungry.

Kitty : Oh, well, you know what they say. Even if you're full, dessert is a separate compartment.

Sofia : No one says that.

Woman : Does your daughter. Like ice cream?

Sofia : I'm not her daughter!

Robert : Sofia Mccallister.

Woman : I'll get some napkins.

Kitty : No, no, no, it's okay.

Robert : No, it's not. You sit down right now and apologize to Kitty.

Sofia : For what? She's not my mother! And just because you're in a picture with my dad does not mean you're anything to me.

Robert : Sofia!

Kitty : No, it's okay. She's right.

Robert : No. No, it is not.


Rebecca leaves the house.

Rebecca : So you said for "three". Are you having twins?

Julia : Yes, we are.

Rebecca : Boys or girls?

Tommy : One of each.

Julia : Yeah.

Nora : So, uh, how long are you planning to stay at your mother's house?

Rebecca : Oh, I don't know. I'm just sort of, um like I said, I'm on the rebound from this guy in Chicago. So I just wanna take it easy. You know, chill out for a little bit? You know, see where it all goes. Ow! Did you just pull my hair?

Kevin : Did I?

Rebecca : You just pulled a hair out of my head.

Kevin : Oh, I'm sorry.

Rebecca : Oh, my god, why would you do that?

Kevin : I'm sorry. You know what? I saw a split end. It's just something I do with my sisters.

Tommy : That's not why you did it. Tell her why.

Kevin : Actually, you got me started with all your talk of D. N. A.

Rebecca : D. N. A.?

Kevin : Yeah.

Julia : Tommy, enough about whose D. N. A. It is. You're the father.

Tommy : She just found out who her father was at 20 years old, and look how well that turned out. I just, I don't want that to happen to our kids, all right?

Justin : I think she turned out fine, Tommy.

Tommy : I'm sure she's great. I'm just saying there's been a lot of fallout, all right? I mean, Kevin doesn't even believe her.

Rebecca : You pulled a hair out of my head to get my D. N. A.?

Kevin : Look no, let me explain

Nora : I'm gonna kill you!

Rebecca : Okay, I gotta go. I, I gotta go.

Nora : Rebecca, please wait.

Rebecca : You guys are whack. I mean, seriously, you just pulled a hair out of my head? Oh, my god, you are the most insane group of people that I have ever met! And don't bother with the test. He's not my dad. He might've been your dad, but he was nothing to me. He's still nothing.

Nora : Rebecca

Rebecca : I appreciate this dinner, but I'm not a part of this family. I never will be.

Nora : Rebecca, please. You can be a part of this family regardless how you got here. He may not have been your father in any way you knew, and clearly he wasn't any kind of husband either. It wasn't your fault, Rebecca. And it wasn't your mom's. It's his.


Kitty and Robert are talking about their relationship.

Robert : Well, they're down. That meal was a success. What, are you trying to make a quick getaway?

Kitty : Uh, look, Robert

Robert : Don't go. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have snapped, but Sofia knows better. She's never behaved like that.

Kitty : Maybe she didn't have a choice. I mean, you can't tell somebody how to feel or how to react, especially a kid.

Robert : She's very mature for her age.

Kitty : She's 10. And I couldn't stomach having dinner with, with that Rebecca person, and I'm a grown up. Lucky for me, my parent couldn't make me go.

Robert : You think this is my fault? 'Cause I did everything I was supposed to do here.

Kitty : I know.

Robert : I talked to both kids. They had plenty of time to process and prepare. I took 'em to their favorite place. Come on, let's just look on the bright side. At least we've broken in the "g" word.

Kitty : This is not a treaty that you're negotiating. We're talking about your kids. And I just think that it might've been too much too soon. I mean, going out for dinner the first week that they come here and shoving me with my stupid hobbies down their throats?

Robert : No. I didn't shove you down their throat. And by the way, if you didn't wanna come, you didn't have to.

Kitty : I didn't say that. I'm just saying that I think maybe they're not ready yet.

Robert : Them're you? Would you please put those keys down? Look, I, I know this isn't easy. It's complicated. I'm complicated. But I want my kids to have the same rules they've always had. I wanna make things normal for them.

Kitty : Oh, god, you and my mother. You know what? You can't do that. You can't make things normal. They take time. And look at you, look at you! You go at warp speed. I don't know, I mean, it's like you're trying to rush through everything.

Robert : What am I trying to rush through?

Kitty : Everything me, us. I mean, I don't know, maybe that's the way you are. I mean, look at your career. You go careening from one achievement to the next and that's great, but you just came on so strong. And nobody likes me that much that fast. And I just can't help wondering if, if maybe you're just looking for a farely to stand up with you at the podium.

Robert : Is that what you think?

Kitty : I don't know. I don't, you know what? Maybe I'm just freaking out. It's late.

Robert : No, no, I think you're right. I think you should go.


Sarah and Nora are in the kitchen.

Sarah : Oh, my god,

Nora : It's okay, Sarah, I've got it.

Sarah : Oh, come on, mom, let me help.

Nora : No really, I think you should just go on home.

Sarah : I gotta hand it to you, mom. That was quite a party. How is it that you're able to do that? I mean, even with dad and his whole republican personal responsibility spiel, you always managed to show us how important it was to give.

Nora : The world's not fair. You do what you can !

Sarah : That's exactly what I mean. I am often astounded at your compassion. I just, I don't understand why it doesn't extend to me.

Nora : That's not true.

Sarah : Isn't it? I mean, tonight, I'm still in the doghouse, and yet, unbelievably, you managed to include someone who, by all rights, you could've gone your whole life without talking to. Don't you think that's a little unfair? Mom, I didn't come here tonight because of Rebecca. I came here because I want things to be better with us. I need you to care about me the same way that you care about the world.

Nora : Well, of course I love you.

Sarah : Then stop punishing me.

Nora : I'm sorry. I'm so, I'm sorry. I'm just so mad. Your father's dead, and I need someone to be furious with. It's so hard to tell somebody who isn't around anymore to go to hell.

Sarah : Oh, mom.


Rebecca tells Holly about the dinner.

Rebecca : What?

Holly : I didn't say anything.

Rebecca : Well, if you're gonna look at me like that, just ask.

Holly : I didn't look at anything.

Rebecca : It was fine, okay? Just fine and awful.

Holly : I'm sorry.

Rebecca : No, you're not, mom. You're relieved.

Holly : You're angry, I know. So I'm just gonna be here. And if and when you feel like talking or venting or whatever.

Rebecca : There's really not much to talk about. I started with the beet salad, and then Kevin pulled my hair.

Holly : He what?

Rebecca : You heard me.

Holly : Well, like in a playful, brotherly kind of way?

Rebecca : No, more like a, uh forensic scientist kind of way.

Holly : What?

Rebecca : Yeah, don't ask. They just they have their own sibling thing going on. You know, it's like they're yelling and fighting and talking over each other. It's completely dysfunctional, like they're this, this big crazy clique. And I am so clearly not a part of it. But this is how you set it up.

Holly : Don't say that.

Rebecca : Oh, but it is. I mean, you didn't just deprive me of a father, mom. You deprived me of an entire family.

Holly : Honey, you have a family. You and me, we're family.

Rebecca : I could've had so much more. I could've had brothers and sisters all of these years. I could've had this, this busy, chaotic childhood that you that you fantasize about as a kid, but you didn't let me.

Holly : I'm sorry. I did my best. I worked with what I had. You don't know how it was.

Rebecca : No, I, I know how it was. It was exactly the way that you wanted it to be.


Tommy and Julia in bed.

Julia : I get it now, you wanting to find out. I didn't really understand the impact of Rebecca until tonight. Tommy, if you need to find out, we can.

Tommy : It's fine. I'm dropping it for good. But me wanting to find out, it wasn't just about Rebecca. I mean you're carrying the babies. My brothers supplied the seeds. I'm just like this useless bystander. I just, I thought if I could find out more about them, I'd, I'd feel more connected, less out of control.

Julia : Tommy, we're having twins. There is no control.

Tommy : Worse, we're having a family. I mean, you saw dinner tonight.

Julia : What have we done?


Kevin don't want to go with Chad at the premiere.

Chad : You pulled her hair out?

Kevin : No, no, I pulled one hair. I pulled one strand. I know. I should be put away. I scared myself tonight.

Chad : And I thought you asked me to be over here to talk about tomorrow night. Which, strangely enough, I am totally not nervous about. Look, not even shaking.

Kevin : Actually, I, I do wanna talk about it. I've been thinking and, um, maybe you're right. You know, maybe, maybe tomorrow night's not such a good idea.

Chad : You're kidding, right?

Kevin : No. Chad, I just, I just feel what you're about to do is this major change. And, you know, it affects us in, in ways, it's not fair, but, you know, it's forcing us to go faster than we normally would.

Chad : I don't understand.

Kevin : Okay, look, I just came from a dinner that never would've happened if my father just thought about things first. And I don't want you to make a flippant decision about this.

Chad : Flippant? I'm 34 years old.

Kevin : Okay, so why now? Why all of a sudden can you make this decision now?

Chad : Because we met at the right time. Who knows?

Kevin : No, I don't please don't do this for me. I'm not ready to settle down, Chad, not remotely.

Chad : Settle down? Who said anything about settling down?

Kevin : If we do this, if we do this, I know I'll feel this pressure to be this perfect boyfriend. Otherwise you'll feel like you've done it for nothing.

Chad : I can't even believe this.

Kevin : I know, I know I give off mixed signals.

Chad : Mixed signals? It's like multiple personalities.

Kevin : I just don't wanna do something that's gonna make things harder for us.

Chad : Believe me, this is making things harder for us.

Kevin : You know what? Fine, forget it. Forget it. We'll go tomorrow. It's fine. It's absolutely fine.

Chad : Well, don't do me any favors.

Kevin : Look, I'm just I, I got scared, that's all. It's not about you. It's me.

Chad : That's the first honest thing you've said all night.


Kevin is at Ojai with Saul.

Kevin : Hey, come on in. I'm almost done. Uh, these are the quarterly tax things. They just need your signature and then we're done.

Saul : Okay. How's your mother?

Kevin : I don't know. She, she works in mysterious ways, Saul.

Saul : She does. I hear it was a memorable night.

Kevin : Yes, it was. You know what? You should call her. I'm sure she could use a big brother right now.

Saul : Yeah, I call her every day, Kevin. I'm talking about you. Did you really pull her hair?

Kevin : Yes, I did, okay? Yeah. I readily admit it was not my finest hour. Actually, it's not been my finest week.

Saul : What about us? How are we doing?

Kevin : What do you mean?

Saul : Well, as I recall, the last time we spoke you were furious with me.

Kevin : About? Oh, that? That's water under the bridge. We have a 24-hour-a-day news cycle around here, Saul. I thought you read the crawl. By the way, you did the right thing. Rebecca was never gonna stay hidden.

Saul : No.

Kevin : We were nuts. We were just trying to keep it a secret like him. You know, sins of the father?

Saul : And the mother. Holly? She won't speak to me anymore. Look at us I'm in my 60's, and we're like in high school at a slumber party.

Kevin : Does high school ever end, uncle Saul?

Saul : No, Kevin. It's like taxes. We're doomed to repeat it, year after year oh, great.

Kevin : Well, on that note. Please sign here. Or I'll be late for algebra.


Robert wants to think to his feelings about Kitty.

Robert : Thank you very much.

Kitty : Morning.

Robert : Good morning.

Kitty : Your kids get back okay?

Robert : Yeah, they're already back at school.

Kitty : Good. I mean, not good that they're not here anymore Obviously.

Robert : Is there anything else?

Kitty : Uh, no, we're, we're all set for the press conference on the federal funding that we secured.

Robert : Yeah, I got the email. Sorry, if there's anything else? I just have a lot of reading I've gotta catch up on.

Kitty : Okay, look, I know that I spewed a lot of stu at you the other night. And I don't know, call it relationship growing pains, but if you would like to spew back at me now you accused me of being shallow and using you to get ahead.

Robert : Well, I wasn't necessarily accusing you.

Kitty : I was just raising concerns.

Robert : Kitty, the thing is, you were right. I did move fast. I am fast. Wouldn't be here if I wasn’t. I get more done by 8:00 A. M. Then most people do by 8:00 P. M. And I'm proud of it.

Kitty : No, I, I know that.

Robert : And I've been married. And I have kids. I don't have time for games. And maybe you do I me, god knows, if I'd have looked at your relationship track record, I would've run for the hills, but I didn't, because I thought there was a connection. It felt right. And I thought you were right there with me.

Kitty : I was. I am.

Robert : It doesn't feel like it.

Kitty : Robert, people fight. And maybe it was just time for us to. I mean, yes, you're right, we have different speeds. We have different temperatures, but I had to tell you what I was feeling and where I was at.

Robert : All right. Well, now I gotta figure out where I'm at.

Kitty : Okay. Well, if that's it?

Robert : Yeah, that's it.


Nora is reading her short story.

Nora : What she finally had to admit was that she was angry. No, furious. Anything would set Dora off a cordless phone that wasn't fully charged, the cupboard door that refused to stay closed. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, this is really stupid. I never had a chance to read it through.

Teacher : No, no, no, no, keep going.

Nora : She was even angry at her kids just for being like her stubborn, inhuman and always refusing to let things go.

Paige : It's grandma.

Nora : She was especially angry how they got their own way "risking happiness by shutting out the ones they loved the most.

Kevin : So nice picture of you online. You give good photo. Surprise, surprise although, your friend Layla looks a little buzzed for my taste. Hope you didn't ply her with mojitos all night. Anyway, enough of my cattiness. Call me?

Nora : Of course, Dora was furious at someone far more difficult to face. Someone they had trusted, someone who had loved them and let'em and finally betrayed them all. When a husband dies, you're supposed to be able to mourn your loss. You're supposed to grieve, but she could not. He had robbed her of that option. So instead, Dora did the only thing left to do. She said goodbye."

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